Monday, September 14, 2009

Yes, I KNOW it's been a terribly long time....

I'm so sorry to make anybody worry. There's nothing really going wrong (not a heck of a lot really going right either, but....) I've just been in something of a "funk" all summer, and not really feeling like I've either got anything to post on my blog, or not feeling like what I WANT to post is appropriate to post. Mainly because my Mom and both of my sisters read my blog, and some of the ranting I'd love to do, is about one of those sisters..... And my mom and other sister have warned me off telling the one sister off, for the sake of the family. Even if I don't say it to her face, knowing that she follows my blog..... I'd post just to rant to friends, and wind up ticking off my mom & other sis. *sigh* So, for lack of "freedom" to say ANYTHING, I'm not saying anything at all, I guess.

Things here have had their ups & downs. The weeds got ahold of my veggie beds this summer and pretty well took over, despite my efforts to keep on top of things. (Didn't say my BEST efforts, but I did make AN effort.... *wry smile*) Thus, the veggies that I GOT planted didn't do as well as I'd hoped this year. Kinda a down season, I feel. Almost felt kinda burnt out on all the effort, this year.

On the home front, we had some interesting times as well. Not happily so. Things with the kiddo came to a head, and we wound up putting her in a group home. Only for a week and a half. I would have prefered to keep her there longer, but her daddy (my husband) was all flipped out by her not being "in the house" with us every night. (He's got NO problem with her spending as many nights at her best friend's house as she wants. BUT, to put her in a highly supervised "group home" situation due to bad behavior.... freaked him out. He just couldn't handle it.) Suffice it to say, after a week and a half, she came home. Some attitude changes were immediately noticable, but have decreased as time has gone on...... I truly think she'd benefit from at least a couple of months in a group home. The good news is, her ADD meds seem to be helping out. She's doing better in school this year than she has in past. *sigh* Not that she's ENJOYING school more, but her graded papers are showing better results than in past years. Partly due to the meds, I believe, but also partly due to the fact that she's repeating 5th grade this year. And she's at a different public school than she was before we attempted to homeschool her.

I'll be honest, as well..... I've been spending a lot of time on Facebook, playing mindless games. I just don't seem to "feel like" doing much else. I mean, that's not ALL I do. Obviously. I'm still working, I'm still baking & cooking most days. But, I completely fell off the Food Independence Days wagon. My garden was a sham this year. And all in all, I'm just feeling like there's not much worth posting about, or at least not much I'm able to post about. *sigh*

I've got some lovely flower pics to post, one of these days. I won't promise when. That's one area of my "gardening" that really did lovely this year. I guess 40-odd pkgs of flower seed is the trick to getting that abundance of flowers I've longed for in past years.

Sorry again to make anybody worry. I'm around, I do visit blogs sometimes, I just don't comment much at all..... We're all "fine", but in a rather blah kinda way, I guess.

Have a Blessed Day.