Sunday, May 28, 2006

Clean Windows

What a differnce clean windows & no valances makes in a room. I tried to lighten the first picture up, so that the items around the window could be seen in something other than shadow, but for some reason my blog won't post modified pictures, so this is what I get to show off.

Anyway, so much for NOT doing anything but be lazy yesterday. DH got in a cleaning mood, which doesn't happen often, but he's scary when he gets going. Anyway, he first decided to vacuum, then decided to move the furniture & vacuum, then decided to move ALL the furniture, take down the window valances, clean the windows, and vacuum. Then he decided that the living room wasn't enough, the computer room had to be done as well. Suffice it to say, spring cleaning was done yesterday. Kinda late in the season, I know, but as Alaskans we've got to wait till any mud & moisture on the lawn is dried enough to move things outside while we clean. Kinda makes for an early-summer cleaning instead of a "spring cleaning". So, back to the story. I'd been bugging DH to let me replace those nasty, heavy, dark gray & brown & black valances (came with the house, it's a modular & the stylists for modular homes have SUCKY interior decorating sense) that we've had for the 6 years we've lived here. He finally agreed a couple of weeks ago to let me make some curtains, but even so he's been hemming & hawing about my doing it, insisting he didn't see what my issue was with those valances. (I'm sorry now I didn't get a picture of them before we tossed them). Well, as he was tipping them up yesterday to bare the windows, all sorts of dust & sand from living on a dirt road for 5 years came tumbling out, and as they were tucked up he realized HOW MUCH more sunlight comes into the room without those heavy, dark things. So he took them off and said how much better it looks without curtains at all. I told him, though, that my plan is to get white eyelet fabric and make just two long simple panels (won't even have to hem the selvedges, just the top & bottom) for those windows. They'll let in plenty of sunshine still, but will be a bit of privacy as well. He said he thinks that'll be ok, esp. when I commented on how I've always wanted a little cottage with white curtains blowing in the windows. *grin* So he said that on my next paycheck I should run over to Joann's, pick up the fabric, and while I'm out of work recovering from my surgery I can sew them up. LOL Like it'll take me that long..... Silly man. So 4 yards of white eyelet, and 2 decorative drawer pulls, it is (for the curtain tiebacks on the sides).

So, the living room got an overhaul. We got rid of the dog kennel. We're going to try letting Jenny stay loose in the house during the day while we're at work. I'm kinda nervous, but DH didn't throw the kennel away yet, just stashed it in the shed in the back yard for now. Just in case. Ohhhh, I love the look of those windows without the valances.

The computer room (which is still cluttered, so I'm not showing it off) got a going over, as well. DH cleared out all the clutter & went through our storage chest (big rubbermade "toychest" kind) and closet, and tossed & weeded. He was kinda wishing we could have a garage sale & get rid of some of it that way, but realized that we don't have enough junk to have a garage sale. I've been pretty ruthless about going through our items on a regular basis (about once a year) and weeding outgrown clothes, unused toys & books (ok, not so good on the books), knick-knacks that aren't appreciated, etc, and sending them to Salvation Army, or having him take them to the spot at the dump where good quality, but unwanted goods are left, free for the taking. And freecycle is also fabulous for that. Anyway, not enough junk for a garage sale. Not entirely a bad thing, I think. But I suggested that he go ahead and hang all his racing & sports memorabilia (huge Earnhardt Jr., Packers, and Red Wings fan) in the computer room. So it's mostly decorated in his stuff now, with an Earnhardt Jr. throw tacked up on the wall, surrounded by his collectors cars (matchbox style, but collectors editions of cars driven by his favorite nascar drivers), with his "Nascar Racing Fans Parking Only" and "Packer Fan Parking Only" signs hanging on another wall, a third contains a poster of several drivers that I found for him, the fourth has a pic. of Earnhardt Sr., a Jr. callander, and his Nascar Cup Series clock. So, he was rather thrilled that I suggested turning the computer room into his sports memorabilia room, and even suggested hanging shelves for his books on Brett Favre, Earnhardt & Nascar Drivers, and his larger size model cars. LOL Tay was even insisting that he REALLY must get some Red Wings memorabilia in here, as well. He doesn't have any Red Wings "art" to hang on the walls, yet. He finally gets his own sporty space, and he's much happier, now to let me do what I want with the rest of the house. He was actually talking about painting the kitchen and the master bedroom, as well as my living room curtains.

By the time we finally got things put back together, and had dinner last night, it was about 10 (well, we took a break at 8 for dinner, then had to finish cleaning up our "mess"). We sat down and watched "The Sandlot 2", which was pretty darn cute. I remember loving "The Sandlot" as a girl, and I think "The Sandlot 2" was almost as cute as the first one. Finally finished that and got Tay to bed at about 12:30 (it's memorial day weekend, she can afford to stay up a bit late), and Scott headed to the dump with all our trash & cast-offs. Then we headed to bed, finally. What a day.

On a side note, I never did get my sourdough fry bread made yesterday. But I must have some pretty kick-ass sourdough, because I added a half-cup flour & a half-cup water yesterday morning, and last night while watching the movie, it overflowed twice (I've only got about 2 cups of the stuff in a huge pickle jar), and a third time after I'd gone to bed. Fortunately, after cleaning up the first two messes, I wizened up and put a plate under the jar, and covered it with a clean towel. So all I've got to do now is clean off the sides of the jar, and put the plate in the dishwasher. LOL No more cleaning off the stove. I'm not going to get a chance to do anything with the sourdough today either. Gotta head over to my dad's for lunch here in a couple of minutes. The Tay's got her first summer hockey practice this evening. Then back to Dad's to drop her off, as she and Dad are going on the Alaska Railroad to Denali Park for a 2 day trip. They leave at 8 am tomorrow (Monday) morning, and they'll be back sometime Tuesday afternoon. This is the second year for Tay, and the third year for Dad, and they both really enjoy trains & the ride, and the chance to spend some time together. And Scott & I sure can't say we don't like the chance for an evening to ourselves, either. LOL So maybe tomorrow I'll get to do something with my sourdough. LOL

Have a Blessed Day!

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Now that's a birthday party......

Went to a coworker/friend's Croning, last night. That was a fun birthday party. Much more than the birthday parties I remember from childhood. Mom used to try her darndest, I'll give her that. But I'm not a big party person. I hated the "who can pop their balloon first" game, and with the guests all being neighbourhood kids I didn't get along with anyway...... Naw, never been a party person. I'd rather have dinner out at a nice (incredible food) resteraunt with family (and maybe a couple of good friends), get dessert (creme brulee is my favorite birthday dessert, forget cake!), and a couple of well-thought-out gifts from loved ones.

Anyway, so my coworker turned 50, and threw herself a b-day party up at the Four Winds Foundation (a zen-ish, Alaskan-style, lodge-retreat & pagan-style "school"). A couple of her friends run the 4 Winds Foundation & teach classes there, and G. decided to have her party there. And there were only 8 of us, total. 20 people had been invited, only 8 showed up. We sat around for a bit playing the "postcard game": diving with postcards. We'd ask a question pertinent to our lives, and pick up to 4 post cards to clue us in to what the answer was to our question. My mom would appreciate that 1 of my questions was "What is in store for me this summer?" and the answering card was this perfect crescent deserted island that belongs to the Hawaiian islands. Evidently it's a fantastic snorkeling destination. Close to Molokai, I think. Anyway, when it became apparent that nobody else was coming, we had supper, which consisted of a kick-ass greens/avacado/purple cabbage/cucumber salad, tossed with fresh-squeezed lemon then "Green Goddess" dressing. Fabulous. And we had artisian rye bread spread with cheese. And home-made Ginger beer. Which I didn't like, to tell you the truth. Me and my unsophisticated tastes found it MUCH too malty. Very heavy. Maybe good in a meatloaf, but not something I could take more than a couple of sips of. UGH!!!!! LOL The birthday cake was a kick-butt carrot cake, made by another one of G's friends.

After dinner and some talk about movies & favorite strong actresses & hot actors, and some feminist talk & laughter about life & womanhood, we did the croning ceremony. We blessed a poppet that had been picked to represent G. Then we blessed her Red Hat. Then she had us pick out some pins (the sort with sassy feminist or pagan sayings) to decorate her hat with. And she opened the couple of gifts that folks had bought. Then I and 3 of my coworkers had to take off, because the other 3 had to work this morning. But, it wound up being a bunch of women, sitting around on the floor, and at the table eatting, laughing, sharing stories & just gabbing. What fun!!!!!! I want a birthday party like that!!!!! Without guys, without kids. DH and DD can take me out to dinner, but a birthday party with just a couple of close girlfriends sitting around & gabbing and having a blast & good food together. That's what a birthday party should be like.

And then today is kinda drizzly & sunny by turns. A great "stay at home" day. Not going garage-saling today. Might make up a batch of Navajo Fry bread (sourdough style) later. But just being lazy today. Of course Tay's going nuts because it's drizzly, and all her friends are busy for the weekend. Ah well.... That child needs to learn to kick back & chill. LOL

Have a Blessed Weekend!!!!!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Chit Chat

It's been a busy, busy week here so far. Started off the week by meeting the surgeon who's going to do my tubal next month, and schedualing the surgery itself. Tuesday Tay had a dental cleaning & found out she's got her first two cavities. But they're just tiny ones barely starting to show up, so the dentist said pain killer won't be necessary, and she's got this mini-sand-blaster that can be used instead of a drill, on minor cavities if they're caught early enough. And plastic fillings. Not those metal ones. So, that's all fairly good news, right?!?!

I was SOOOO happy to see Taylor Hicks win AI last night!!! Katharine McPhee is ok, but she really didn't seem to grow at all. Her last performances were really safe. I couldn't believe on Tuesday night how she redid two songs that had been real successes for her, without attempting to find a new song that might be as big as success. Taylor took risks all the way through, sometimes looked a bit of a dork, but always had fun and kicked @$$ on stage. Scott & I had picked Chris & Taylor as finalists right from the start, but after seeing Chris & Elliot get booted off when they did, I'm rather convinced that the show IS fixed, towards the end. Not necessarily as to EXACTLY who wins, but that the votes are scewed as to allow only certain types, for the year, into the finals. Once it appears, in the last 5 or 6 episodes, that a certain type is going to make it to the finals, the producers look back at the past finalists and say "oh, we just had a rocker in the top 2 last year, we can't allow Chris to get there this year". And as for Elliot & Taylor, I really think that it did come down to the two of them for votes, but I don't believe in any way that Katharine was a real threat. That the threat, in fact, was that Elliot & Taylor both have this bluesy, jazzy vibe, and 2 contestants so close in nature couldn't be allowed to compete in the finals. So, they booted the one with the slightly lower number of votes: Elliot. God, does that guy have an incredible attitude, or what!?!?!? Toward the end, Scott & I added Elliot to our list of who we'd like to see in the finals: Chris, Taylor, and Elliot. But back to the fixing of votes; I really think that had Kelly Pickler been "good enough" to make it to the top 5 or 6, she wouldn't have made it any further due to Carrie winning last year. Can't have 2 country crooners winning (or in the finals) 2 years in a row. I think that Mandisa and Paris were booted (or would have been booted, in Mandisa's case) for similar reasons, because Fantasia was winner 2 years ago. If voting was COMPLETELY left up to the public, and the same group of people are watching year after year, then we would have similar winners year after year, and the Producers of the show just don't seem to want that to happen. So ultimately they take a lot of the votes & scew them, to give the finals more "pop". Anyway, that's my theory. There's no other way to explain why Paris & Chris were booted, but Katharine wasn't.

The grass is finally growing nicely in the front yard, but unfortunately only in the hydroseeded area. We've got grass growing in the non-hydroseeded area, but not much at all. It's still mostly dead brown grass from last year, with clumps of green popping up here and there. The weather has been fantastic, though. Monday was drizzly, but Tuesday and yesterday were sunny and warm, and actually hit about 75. Had a patron in at work asking me the other day what the weather is like in the summer. This is his first summer here, and he didn't believe me when I said that YES, it does get up to the 90's during the summer. Not constantly (hopefully!), but 85 to 95 is certainly not UNheard of here, in the summer. Kinda odd when you consider that -45 to -55 is not UNheard of here in the winter, that's like a potential (somewhat likely) 140 degrees difference, from January to July. Wierd. Hopefully we'll get a bit of a drizzly night here again tonight or tomorrow (though the forcast doesn't look like it, really). That's the nicest way to spend summer, 2 or 3 days of nice, a day of drizzle, 2 or 3 days of nice, a great evening shower. And so on. Keeps the ground moist, without ruining nice summery days for the kids.

Not been doing much crafting as my shoulder's been bugging the heck out of me. I need to get Scott to give me another shoulder rub. I hadn't intended to crochet at all for a week after the last shoulder rub he gave me last Thursday, but one of my coworkers was attempting to start a crocheted square for a baby afghan, and what had started out as a 20 stitch-long square, was turning out to be a pretty perfect triangle. She didn't realize she was decreasing both beginning and ending of the row. So Tuesday I stuck around after work for a bit and helped her start her square over. It was kinda hard explaining to her, though. The way she holds her tension in her left hand, with her yarn woven in and out of all of her fingers, her general looseness of stitch, and the hard time she was having finding the correct angle to form the new stitch on her base chain....... *shaking head* Thank Goddess that little baby-afghan squares are good for this kind of learning. On the other hand, she's got some BEAUTIFUL little squares she's knit, some with ribbing, some with unique stitchery, and I can't figure out HOW she manages that. I knit continental style (it's easier for me, as the yarn tension is held in a very similar manner to crocheting), but just barely manage to make a knit-stitch scarf. And I can increase thanks to Carol Duval's episode about knit dishcloths, but I can't decrease. So all I've made is scarves and a shawl, with a second shawl on the circulars now. This same coworker has offered to teach me how to purl, and hopefully I'll learn how to do ribbing, as I'd love a ribbed scarf for winter. My middle sis made a beautiful one in this lovely raspberry & cream verigated. I'd love to try it in a cream & green color scheme.

Not much more chit-chat for today. I've gotta go get my roast thrown together with the veggies in the slow cooker, and finish my breakfast before I head out for work.

Have a Blessed Day!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

And so it begins......

Well, see that little teapot for one on the top shelf there, that's my first garage sale find of the year. 1 buck, never been used, and just the cutest paint job. I didn't know what I'd do with it, until I walked in the door, but I knew that at 1 dollar, I wanted it. This is my "bookshelf" in my living room, above my rocking chair, and I've been looking for something to place on top of this little stack of books. As you can tell, from the bottom shelf here, I'm also a collector of lighthouses. LOVE lighthouses. My main collection lines the tops of my kitchen cabinets, but these three candleholders hold a spot of honor, next to my daughter's picture, on this shelf. The Matryoshka dolls represent my Great-grandmother Ruth, my Grandma Naomi, my Mom Kris, Myself, and my Daugher Tay.

I really need to get the rest of my living room cleaned up so I can get a couple of good pics taken, and posted. We've done some redecorating in the past year, with a new entertainment center, new furniture arrangements, new artwork & souvineers to display. Maybe now that school has ended for the year I'll be able to get rid of all the school papers and junk mail, only to have only half of it reappear the following day. It's been a never ending battle, for 3 years now, with the school papers. Ever 2 or 3 days a new pile of papers comes home, and I'm stuck as for how long to hold onto it for. LOL During the summer it's so much easier not to have that dilema.

Just a note, this is only one of my 3 bookshelves, most of my enormous collection of books resides in my bedroom, on my ceiling height & 5-food long bookshelf, though my crafting books do reside on the very bottom of the 6-foot tall bookshelf I've got pictured above. But mostly it's 3 shelves in between of a mish-mash of collectables: lighthouses, a bowl of crystals & my Matryoshkas, race cars & wolves for DH, and one or two owl figurines.

Have a Blessed Day.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Plans & Changes

Well, here is the picture of the 3 net bags I've so far made for myself for grocery shopping. Now, I just need to stash them in my car, so that I'm not forgetting them when I head to the grocery store (or, more likely, make an unplanned stop @ the store, then not have them). I really do think I prefer the larger shoulder straps, like on the green one. It's perfect for holding in your hand, or carrying over your shoulder. The cream bag has a longer strap that makes it a great shoulder bag, but most of us don't carry our groceries over our shoulders. The blue bag was my first try, and I like it well enough, but I don't like the drawstrings. They're hard on the hands when it's heavy, and it's kinda cumbersome to get into. The cream and green bags were done free-form, without following a pattern, but I found the pattern for the blue one online. Don't remember where, not really important to me as I won't be making that kind of bag again.

Today is Tay's last day as a second grader. Wow!!!!!! I look at her and she's so big, all the sudden. I still picture her so much of the time, in my mind, as a chubby, active preschooler. She's now only about 8 inches shorter than I am, such an adolescent look to her oftentimes. I wonder where the time went, often. Then again, I sometimes wonder why it's not going faster, so she can get through the "all adults are stupid" phase sooner. *wry smile*

I called my medical insurance company today, to make sure that I don't have to fill out any paperwork before my meeting with the surgeon on Monday. According to the lady who I talked to, providing my hospital visit remains an outpatient event, all plans are go. So.... Monday morning I'm seeing an internist surgeon for a preliminary surgical appointment. 2 to 3 weeks following, I'll be seeing him again, to have my tubal ligation. I'm excited to be having it done, because it means I can go off birth control without any concern over having an unwanted child. But I'm kinda scared, too. I REALLY don't like needles, so I'm a bit scared about the IV that I know I'll need for surgery (hoping they'll knock me out with laughing gas on the operating table, before trying to put an IV in me, otherwise IV's tend to be very traumatic events for me). I'm a bit scared about the stitches: the last time I had stitches (that didn't dissolve) I was 3 years old, had just been mauled by a cat, and it HURT getting those stitches pulled out. I'm kinda scared about how my body will react to going off birth control hormones after almost 9 years ON these hormones. Will it take months (possibly years) to flush these hormones from my body, as some people have suggested it did, when they went off the hormones??? I picked up some "moon cycle" tea from Yogi Tea. I like their chai tea, and their green tea, so I thought I'd give their moon cycle tea a try to get things restarted after I stop on the hormones.

Plans & changes, plans & changes. It's a part of life, I suppose, but that doesn't mean I can't be ambivilent, either.

Oh, and the grass in the hydroseeded areas of the front yard is coming up fabulously. We've had about 3 days of gray skies & drizzly rain. (Nothing compared to my friends out on the East coast, I'm both grateful & concerned to say.) I think DH needs to get out & rake the older parts of the lawn, though, because the new grass is having a hard time peeking up through the brown, dead grass from last year. Thinking that it may not be a bad idea to burn off the old grass, this fall, providing we have a mild fire season & we're not dealing with fire bans.

Have a Blessed Day.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Still no grass to be seen.....

Well, this was going to be a picture of my birch tree in the front yard, but I couldn't get it to flip right side up. So, instead you get to see how UNgreen my front yard is. And how little of it is actually usable at this point. That's the neighbour's motorhome to the left of our house, and our dog Puck, to the right. The trees are really starting to turn green, though. We had some nice showers yesterday that really prompted the leaves to open. I went into work, and all the trees were kinda covered in this green mist, I came out and all the trees now have fully open leaves. It's fantastic, and it's amazing how quickly the trees can go from bare to full-out green. Love it!!!! Especially after such a long, cold, white & gray winter.

Those are metal stakes bordering the tree as we wanted to have some nice, tall supports for the scrawny thing, till the roots took hold & gave it some support, after we transplanted it last summer. But now we're thinking of leaving them in for a couple more years till the tree has time to gain some girth around the trunk. As it is, a nice strong wind will snap that thing in half. The funny bit about this tree, also, is that it was transplanted from FIL's property where it was tightly packed in with dozens of other birch, poplar & spruce saplings. Only one side of the tree actually has branches, the other side was backed up to all the other trees, tightly packed in only inches apart, and so it didn't have the room to develope branches. We're really hoping that now that this little guy has room to stretch, he'll shoot out some nice hefty branches on the other side, so he doesn't look all lopsided as he grows. I refer to the tree as a he, because he so badly reminds me of a young teenage boy who's such a tall, scrawny thing, and looks somewhat out of place, but will flesh out quickly now that he's got room to grow. Plenty of water & sunlight should have our guy out there bulking out quickly. And he's not going to be the short-stubby birches that grow in this neighbourhood otherwise, because we transplanted him when he already had a great deal of height, now he just needs the width.

Have a Blessed Day.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Well, so much for not ranting.....

Ok, it's not a major rant, and I'm not pissed at my hubby this time. I guess I'm not seriously pissed at all, just kinda irked.

Well, MIL called this morning to ask what our plans are for this afternoon. I told her that, as usual, I'm working. She goes "oh, what time do you get off?" I told her, that as usual, I'll get off at 5:15 and be out of town by 5:45 (and that's actually being overly generous for "heavy" traffic, should actually only take me 20 minutes to get out of town, at 57 mph). She said "Ok, well, tell Scott & Taylor to be here at 5, so we can eat when supper is ready, and you can just eat whenever you get here." So, evidently we're invited over for Mother's Day, along with SIL and her boys, but they won't bother to wait for me, if supper is done before I get there. Supper can't be pushed back by even 30 minutes because I have to work. Forget the fact that 2 weeks ago was older nephew's 4 year birthday party, and his own mom & dad were 1 hour late, and everybody waited, and waited, and waited for them to show up, then nothing was said (b-day party was at MIL's house because SIL & the dad are too lazy to bother to throw either of their son's parties themselves) because we "wouldn't want to hurt SIL's feelings". But, if I actually have to work on a "holiday", I'm reminded of how inconvenient it is for everybody else, and that nobody's going to wait around for me to get home from work. *sigh* Gotta love MIL. (FIL, as much as butt-head as he tries to be, actually would wait, knowing him. Might grumble a bit just to be a butt-head, but he'd wait, for Mother's day. But MIL & SIL just can't be inconvenienced by having to wait an extra half-hour for their food so that I can eat with the rest of the family...... Oh no.... Just wouldn't be seemly. DH may push for them to wait, though. I'm hoping. He's been doing better lately.)

Then, top it off, MIL get's here to pick Tay up for church almost 20 minutes late. MIL's church starts at 10:30, she tells Tay she'll be here by 10:15, but doesn't show up till 10:47. This has happened 3 weeks in a row now. This is the first Sunday I forget to run a brush through Tay's hair until MIL pulls up. Then MIL yells at ME about probably not being able to get a decent parking space because it took me 1 minute to brush through Tay's hair. Forget the fact that MIL was running over 15 minutes late for church WHEN SHE PULLED UP, nope..... Just can't accept responsibility for finding a crappy parking space.... Gotta blame it on Kati needing one more minute to brush Tay's hair. I know where SIL get's her catty/bitchy attitude from: MIL. The difference is that SIL is catty/bitchy ALL THE TIME, MIL's c/b attitude comes & goes. Rather passive-aggressive, that woman.

Ah, well. So, as soon as I got up this morning, Tay came & gave me a big hug & told me Happy Mother's Day. She gave me a plant & a card she made at school (well, she GREW the plant at school, anyway) on Friday. The card contained "coupons" for chores "so that you won't have to do them, Mommy." AWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!! Too sweet!!!!!!!

Anyway, so that's my Mother's Day post. I hope all you other Mama's have a fantastic day, uncorrupted by passive-aggressiveness, and that your children actually choose today to be as thoroughly sweet to you as they all should be year-round. *wishful thinking, going on*


Saturday, May 13, 2006

Trying this again.....

Well, been inspired to try again, but I'm not promising anything. I'll try to make this blog less about rants, and maybe more about what I do with my life. LOL

So, this is what I did today. Two loaves of Sourdough bread that actually turned out bread-like, instead of brick-like. Unfortunately it seems that the sourdough is mostly for flavor, not so much for leavening, which kinda leaves me scratching my head and wondering how the origional "sourdoughs" did it. I mean, my sourdough makes a mean navajo fry bread, some yummy rolls, but bricks for loaves. To get actual edible loaves of bread I've still got to use regular old yeast. *sigh* But at least the bread tastes yummy. Scott's already sliced off a chunk an inch thick, and I'm realizing that this probably won't last the week. LOL

Besides that, just been washing laundry, trying to catch up, and wishing our back yard was something other than dirt hole, so I could hang laundry out to dry, instead of running the drier constantly. But, thanks to my up-coming surgery this summer, it looks like improving the back yard will probably have to wait till next summer (or the next one, or maybe the one after that). Heck, for all the work we did getting our front yard established, then it was torn out for the road & plumbing upgrades last summer, it's completely brown & dead so far this year. May 13th, and you'd think we'd have some green grass showing, but nope..... Not a blade to be found. It's all brown. If it doesn't come up, though, we get to have it hydroseeded by the city, due to their agreement last summer that all yards would be returned to at least their pre-existing condition. That means green & verdant!!!! Which we are not, right now. So, I don't know if I should keep my fingers crossed for the current lawn to come up, or for it to shrivel & die so we get it hydroseeded for free. Kinda leaning toward the current lawn coming up, though, because re-seeding it would mean keeping completely off of it for a couple of months. And that's just sucky, to have to stay off of our own yard.

So, next maybe I'll have to take some pics of the net bags I've made myself for grocery shopping. But, that's another post for another day. I'll sign off for now.

Have a blessed day!