Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Early Mornings SUCK!

I've gotta say, I'm not looking forward to tomorrow. I've gotten called for Jury Duty for May. And not just REGULAR Jury Duty, but GRAND Jury Duty. Which, could be rather interesting as it'd be my job (and the 17 others picked with me, if I get picked) to decide if there's enough evidence to take a case to court. On the other hand, I'm a night owl. I've always been a night owl. I HATE, HATE, HATE being up before 8 in the morning (and even that's pushing it!), and tomorrow I've got to be up at 6:30 (at the latest) so that I can be downtown at the courthouse by 7:45 to sit in a big, cold room waiting to find out of MY name has been one of those drawn from the hat to come back at 7:45 EVERY Wed. for the month and listen to the evidence available for these cases. *sigh*

Not only that, but I hate going into the court house because I'm never sure what I can take with me. I mean, I know knives are not allowed, but that's hard as I ALWAYS have a pocket knife with me. Sometimes my mini-gerber as well. Those'll have to be left in my car when I go in. I can take a crochet project, as long as the hook isn't so small it can be used as a weapon, but I can't take scissors (same reason I can't have a knife) even though they're my little embroidery scissors. So, I've got to remember to trade my scissors for a pair of nail clippers (which ARE allowed) for cutting my yarn. I don't know if we get a lunch or not, though I do remember at least one 15 minute break when I had regular JD a couple of years ago. So, what do I want to take with me to eat???? Probably a bagel with cream cheese and a baggy of chips or something. *sigh* And I've gotta pick out a good long book to take with me. I REFUSE to get stuck somewhere without a book. It's just pathetic on the rare occasion I've let that happen. I mean... ME, without a book! *rolling eyes* Just shouldn't happen. I should know better than that. But, what book??? What do I feel like reading right now??? And if it's an author I've never read before will I get 1 chapter in and decide I hate the book, then be stuck without something to read after all??? *sigh* Oh the decisions to make.

Oh, and I took tomorrow off of work. So even if I do get picked for JD, I won't have to go on to work after getting let out of JD. DH said he thinks that JD gets let out by 2 in the afternoon, which would still leave me with 4 hours of regular work to do. That's a long freaking day: up at 6:30, to town by 7:45, only to have to go on to work till 6 pm, then home to make dinner and get the kiddo squared away with school work & brushing teeth before I can take a shower and drag my sleepy @$$ to bed. Of course, except for the "up at 6:30 and into town by 7:45" part, that's what today's looking like. I'm just heating up a couple of can's of Dinty Moore chicken & dumplings, and a can of creamed corn for dinner tonight. Nothing major, because it needs to be fast. And hopefully in for a shower & to bed not long after. I'd like to be in bed by 10 PM tonight. Now, we'll see if that actually happens, and if it does happen, if I'm even tired enough at 10 pm to actually sleep. I'm a night owl.... right now I'm sleepy & wish I could crawl back into bed, but by the time most people are ready for bed by about 10, I'm chillin' with a good book or watching TV and not quite tired enough to sleep yet. Of course, by 11:30, I'm tired enough to sleep, but that means I don't get enough as I've got to be up most mornings @ 7:45 to get the kiddo ready for school. *sigh* Never ending cycle of sleeplessness. I think, for every one good night's sleep I DO get, I get 20 more nights without enough sleep. So, I'm rather far behind on getting enough rest. By the time the kiddo's 18, I'll likely be a living, breathing zombie.

So, whatever else goes on, I probably won't be on tomorrow. Not at all, likely. I hope everybody else gets to sleep till a sane time of morning, and has a fabulous day.

Have a Blessed Day!


Em said...

Wow...GRAND jury duty. Might need more than one book! LOL

Thanks for the Beltane greeting! It is a beautiful day here and we'll work in the garden some this afternoon. A special family dinner last night. And some private meditation and ritual time this evening. I hope your holiday is wonderful!

peppylady said...

My hubby got the chance to serve on grand jury.
The good news was nothing came of it and what I seen here that the odds are in your favor that you won't even leave your home.

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Happy May Day!

While I am with you on the hatred for early mornings I know firsthand how important juries are (grand or otherwise).

You are giving someone a chance to receive justice (or for someone to prove their innocence) and that is no small thing.

Autumn said...

I've never been called for Jury duty. I think it would be interesting, but I would want to blog about the case and that would be a NO NO ha ha.

Connie Peterson said...

I am on the list to be called to jury duty for 4 months - and these are the busiest months of the year for demonstrating!! I was supposed to go in tomorrow but got called and told that the case had been postponed. This is county and I don't know if being called is being on the jury or a chance of selection. But I will take a book when I am called - doubt if knitting needles (even wooden ones) would be allowed.

I was on jury duty twice in South Dakota - once I was excused so I could go to my grandmother's funeral and the other was a week long B*O*R*I*N*G trial and we had to release someone we KNEW was guilty but there was no real evidence.... lousy!

So, good luck on YOUR jury duty and I hope I am not called again!