Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Thanks and Wristlet's

First off, talked to Mom last night. She said surgery was a little more rough than it was supposed to be. Apparently the tissue from her stomach that was going to be used to provide the sling for her bladder was too scarrified from her c-sections (both my younger sisters were c-sections) and from her other tummy tuck too, I would imagine. So they had to take some skin from further up her belly, which resulted also in the surgeon having to reposition her belly-button again (after it was re-constructed after her tummy-tuck. (This wasn't a tummy-tuck, but the external results are as if she were having one. The surgery was to provide support for a weak bladder. She has previously had a tummy-tuck for the purpose of getting rid of the excess skin from her weight loss, after her gastric-bypass was successful.)

Anyway, so the extra work took about an hour longer than was hoped, and will PROBABLY result in a longer recovery time as well. So, while she's mending, please pray that she mends quickly, as she doesn't have very much leave time accrued thanks to some job-changes that took place just prior to this surgery. It could mean that she's without leave-pay for a week or more.

Thanks for the prayers and positive thoughts that have been sent her way for a safe, successful surgery and healing. I know Mom appreciates the prayers she receives.


Tori, "wristlet's" at I meant them, are little knittled (or crocheted, I hope I can find a crochet pattern) fingerless gloves to cover the hand & up the fore-arms a bit. They would allow for using my hands much more comfortably with typing, and with crocheting and knitting on other things while wearing. I can't wear true gloves while crocheting or typing (or really, reading or any such thing that requires being able to feel the surface with your fingertips) because gloves dull my ability to feel the yarn or book pages or even the computer keys in order to type reasonably accurately.


Wound up staying home from work today. Within a half hour or so of waking up, I started getting a head-ache. Nasty bugger, too! I thought maybe it was dehydration, so I started drinking some water. That didn't help as it does when it's just a dehydration headache. I took some extra-strength tylenol. That didn't help at ALL (as it would if it was just a tension headache). In fact, after taking the tylenol, the headache quickly went full-blown migrain and became the worst migrain I've had in years. I had the whole nine yards: sensativity to light (rare for me), sensativity to sound (rare for me), sensativity to movement (the most common aspect), stabbing pain in one temple (migrains tend to be asymetrical where as tension headaches are more symetrical). Totally sucked.

And wouldn't you know it, for like the first half hour, the kiddo was sure as could be that I was doing it just to stay home and annoy her. *snort* Can we say "self-centered?!?!?!" As if I'd purposefully go through that kinda pain just to make sure she's not home alone for the day. *rolling eyes* The boss was ok about it, when I let her know I wouldn't be in, but what's she gonna say, ya know??? (Besides, I'm one of at least 3 in our department who gets knocked out with migrains on a semi-regular basis. And I don't get them nearly as often as the other two I know of. So, she can't single me out for nastiness over this. Not that I think she would anyway. If there's one thing I know the boss doesn't get pissy about, it's when people are honestly, truly sick or in pain. She's a decently nice boss, in that aspect.)

Anyway, set up the humidifier in my bedroom with some peppermint oil dribbled into the water; rubbed a mix of peppermint oil and sweet almond oil (several drops sweet almond, 1 drop peppermint) into my temples (both sides for good measure) and the back of my neck; took a vicodin for pain; darkened my bedroom and lay in bed quietly listening to some Enya on my Ipod and reading a novel. Jenny decided today would be a good day to stay close to her Mama (me), so she got up on the bed with me for what is probably the first time in her life. She's not a cuddler, but she was laying there keeping an eye on me and getting me to scratch her head now and again. Tay also finally cooled down, did her best to help make me comfortable, then finished up her schoolwork before playing on the computer till I got up at 3:30. (Oh, and I did wind up taking a nap, which certainly helped.)

So, I'm now up, feeling much better. Still not as really rested as I'd like. (Why is it I can never seem to catch up on sleep? Lately, I can't even sleep in because my bladder is rather insistent rather consistently right about 8:15 that it must have relief or there'll be trouble.) But, the migrain is gone.

So, that's my day so far. *chuckle* Whole lotta nothin'. Really didn't start this post to talk about my migrain, but to say thanks for the P&PT for my Mom and to tell Tori what wristlet's are (at least, in the way I mentioned them last post).

Have a Blessed Day!


Tori_z said...

Hope your Mom recovers quickly. *Hugs to her*

Oh OK... Is that what their proper name is? We just call them "fingerless gloves"... Yeah, I know, not very original. I was going to have a go at knitting a pair of those for my Mam in time for Winter. Just need to find a knitting pattern for them in braille, which is proving quite difficult. They seem to think people only want mittens (like the kinds you make for babies and toddlers).

Anyway... Glad your migrane has eased off.

Connie Peterson said...

We used to have a furnace that would go out a lot. Discovered that the pilot light thingie was bad and if the wind was in the wrong direction, the pilot light would go out. We got a new thingie and it was fixed. (Lots of help, aren't I?)

Wristlets are very popular in my "set." Joy has a bunch, the grand-girls have some, my sister is working on her third pair, Jody has made some and I might make some when I finish my socks. I have some fingerless gloves that Joy made - they are more complicated ... and nice, as well.

They are very nice to have!!