Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Wow!!!! It's been a while.....

So, I figured I'd better keep my hand in, and update this.

I've changed jobs 3 times in the last 9 months, first left the NP library for Waldenbooks, left Waldenbooks at the end of April for Ben Franklins, and left Ben's this past Friday for the main library in town. I hope to be here at my current job for a very, very long time. As in, long enough to go from lowly circ. page, to library assistant. And possibly wind up back at NP library as a library assistant sometime in the future. That is my ideal.

Tay's as ornery as ever, but she did pass first grade. From what I can tell, the teacher she's been assigned is the one for Second/Third (she loops with the kids) that takes the harder to handle children. Seeing as I know of 4 other children who were known to be somewhat off-beat characters who have been placed in this woman's class.... The fact that she loops with her class (giving them consistancy for 2 of the more formative years of education), and the fact that for the past 2 years she's had a class with no more than 20 kids (I don't know how big her class was before that, as Tay didn't attend school before then). Unfortunately one of her hard-to-handle classmates is a little neighbour girl who likes to cause problems for the other children in the neighbourhood, Tay included. So... I'm going to have to bring our concerns about her to the Teacher's attention before school starts. Not saying my child's an angel at all, but both girls are horrid liers and Tay knows she's easily caught, so she doesn't tend to lie when it matters, where as this other child still tries it, and is easily caught at it because she's so horrid at lying. LOL

It's been a busy summer, what with the job changes (finally have a position that will consistently allow me 2 days off in a row, Sunday and Monday), Tay playing baseball (first night of play-offs tonight, I hope our team can keep our hand in), and all the camping and fishing DH likes to do.

Sebastian (our husky-chow mix dog) died on May 10th of unknown reasons. I came home from work and when he didn't come out of his doghouse to greet me (he didn't always, but generally), I went over to peek my head in and tease him about being a lazy boy. He didn't move, didn't appear to be breathing, and I finally realized he was gone. As he was only 7 years old, it certainly wasn't old-age that killed him. There was no visible sickness or disease. All we can figure is that he had a sudden heart-attack or similar, like any slightly pudgy middle-aged man is capable of having. That was certainly a traumatic experience for the whole family, but it's been handled well. We still get sad missing him, but we are also able to remember the good times we had with him. Jenny (our samoyed puppy) seemed lost for a couple of weeks (she's 8 months old now, and as big as Bashy ever was), and really had a hard time with being left alone. She'd even freak if Tay left without me (went somewhere with Scott or my dad, for example), spending hours worrying about Taylor. I think she thought that if one of us left (as Bashy had "left" when I put him outside for the day, that morning) we might not come back. She seems to be past that now, though. Routine will do that for an animal.

Anyway, gotta get ready for work. Blessings. --Kati


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