Sunday, March 27, 2005

Argh!!!!!! Snow!!!!!

Well, wouldn't you know it. For all that I was going on yesterday about how lovely (and early) of a break-up/spring we were having, I wake up THIS morning and find that it's snowing. Still nice (just under 30 F), but snowing. And thick, too. Unfortunately it will make the roads very slick today, as well. *sigh* I mean, I'm not suprised..... This IS Alaska after all, but I was soooooooooo hoping for a steady warm-up to spring.

Anyway, gotta get off the pc and get dressed. Taking Tay to church for the first time in over 6 months. Mainly because it's Easter (and Tay's got a new easter outfit) and my dad has been nagging about when we're going to start going back to church (wouldn't at all, if I didn't have to listen to his nagging!). So, I figure we can show up for Easter, maybe every few weeks (couple of months), but I'm NOT going back on a regular basis. I'm so sick of the whole "holier than thou", "the world is coming to an end because everybody else has been BAD", and "women are the support of the church, but men are the leaders" acts.

Would you believe that the last time I went, they spent the entire time "praying" over a Psalm, and going into great depth over their individual righteousness-es (each person who prayed went on and on and on about how God has blessed THEM, and how good THEY are and all), and actively blasting and decrying other denominations (namely, Catholics, JVHS witnesses, Mormons, even Lutherans and Episcopalians) for their idolatry and satan-inspired worship practices/beliefs. When this young kid (ok, maybe 18 or 19 years old) who was visiting with a couple of friends (who are regular attenders) stood up and "prayed" that God remind "everyone" not to be like the Pharasees and stand praying outloud and being selfrighteous, the deacons actually YELLED at the kid to sit down, that he wasn't welcome to pray. *shaking head* I kinda ranted to my dad about it, after church, trying to get across to him how wrong it was, that scene in church that morning (and NOT the actions of the kid bringing up the hypocrisy), but Dad just commented on how that kid was probably a Mormon and going to Hell anyway, and that's why he felt the need to make a scene. *shaking head* Not the kind of church I want my child raised in, tell you what. Heck, the only church around here that I'd like to try out is the UU one. Try explaining THAT to my dad, though, without getting disowned. LOL

Goddess, that ended up being longer an explination of my feelings and a rant than I thought it would.

YEEEOUCH!!!!!! Just got my toes run over by a hyper puppy. Gotta go.


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Michelle said...


I keep thinking that if I ever go back to church it'll either be a UU or some other such liberal church (maybe a liberal UCC). But I like my Sunday morning ritual too much to ruin it with church - up at about 8 and soon thereafter at my favorite coffee shop with some lovely fresh roasted brew, an absolutely delicious scone, and a bit of Plato. I'll take that over Jesus worship any day. :o)