Sunday, July 09, 2006

Busy, Busy, Busy.....

Hope everybody had a great 4th!!!! Actually spent some non-painful time around my SIL. Since she had her 2 boys, she's spent so much of the time being freakishly mean and angry at the world, and spends a lot of the time taking that anger out on Tay and myself. It got to the point where I'd send Tay outside whenever SIL was around (or drag her inside with me if SIL was outside) the inlaws at the same time we were, and I'd burry my nose in a book and ignore her. Well, anyway, evidently their father (SIL's on-again, off-again currently-ex) took them up to his parents cabin for the weekend, giving the SIL some time alone, and it really seemed to help. She's still as self centered as ever, but in a much more fun way..... Like she was before she had her kids. She and Tay spent a couple of hours trying to one-up each other with standing on their heads, walking on their hands, and trying to do cartwheels. And SIL and MIL were joking around and making me laugh (which still kinda hurts). It's amazing to realize that when she's not letting life stress her out severely, or high as a kite on crack, she can still manage to be a fairly decent person to be around. Unfortunately, past experience has taught me not to expect it to last, and to be wary that the next time we see her she'll probably be rude, and hurtful, acting like an oversize toddler who's not getting her way. Ah, well.... It's nice while it lasts. And it does help me see some good in her, to remember for the dry spells in between.

Anyway, got to go back to work, finally, on Wed. Then Thursday was cut short due to the power being out thanks to a major thunder & lightning storm the night before blowing the transformer that provides the electricity for the library. I only got 3 of my regular 6 hours in on Thursday. And Friday is only a 4 hour day for me, anyway. So, it was a nice, short week in which to start back to work. Tomorrow (Monday) I'll start back to my regular schedual. I've got 2 percaset saved for Monday and Tuesday nights if I need them. *grin*

Other than that it's been the usual busyness. I've got a scarf finished that I need to take a picture of. It's one I started on thick bamboo knitting needles, but only got a bit done before I got bored with it. Finally took it apart and restarted it on my Knifty Knitter. Took me all of 2 days, that way. Anyway, whenever I get around to replacing the batteries in my camera (I know, should be easily done, but I don't know where DH stashed the spare batteries), I'll get a pic. of it. Tay looked at it and asked how many scarves I need. LOL I told her that this is only my..... I don't know, 7th or 8th scarf. But then, not all of my scarves are knitted (or crocheted), some of them are fabric, a few of them are purely for appearances, and all but 3 are purchased. I figure that's not bad. And scarves are are so easy to accessorize with, esp. in winter when one needs something around one's neck to keep warm with anyway.

Well, gotta go change before heading up to Tay's hockey practice. I did finally get myself a seat cushion crocheted, as well. Those bleachers are metal and D*MN cold!!!!!! And hard. They keep the building set at about 40 degrees, year 'round. I don't like the feel of cold, hard bleachers under my fat, white butt, while I sit and watch my child skate. *wink*

Have a blessed day!

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