Saturday, June 24, 2006

Some pictures to show off.....

Well, just thought I'd show off a couple of pictures. The first is Tay in her goalie gear at practice last Sunday. She now owns all the necessary pads, proper skates & helmet, etc to play goalie. And she's good! Would you believe she's not even 9 yet?!?!?! Look at the size of that kid!!!!! LOL

Anyway, the second pic is not so great (WHY won't my blog show my improved pics?!?!? I trim them and adjust the color, and my blog keeps showing the origional versions), but it's a pic of the flowers I was sent/brought while I was in hospital this past wekk. The 3 yellow roses are from the inlaws. The big bouquet with the pink rose & balloon in the back is from my mom. The single carnation & babies breath is from DH & DD. The white basket of carnations & orchids is from my Sis, her fiance & my niece. And the miniature roses in the front (very hard to see, but you can kinda make it out there on the left) is from my dad. Hoping to have DH take those to Hawk's Farm & Garden and get them repotted for me, so I can keep them permanantly in my living room. And find out how to take care of them. Because I haven't a clue. LOL The yellow pot of pansies toward the back left of the pic is actually a pot of fakes I put together for myself last spring when I was working at Ben Franklin Crafts. LOL I love all my pretty flowers, but honestly I do prefer fakes because they NEVER fade & die. A little dusting, and the fakes always look spiffy & and in full bloom. Ah, well.

So, there you are. Something not so depressing as yesterday's post.

Have a Blessed Day!

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