Friday, November 30, 2007

Another Beautiful Sunrise

  • And, this picture doesn't NEARLY portray the beauty of our sunrise this morning. The sun rose at approximately 9:34 this morning. Anyway, the sky directly above the house opposite of us that looks white/clear, was a beautiful burnished golden color. Just incredible. As you looked higher above the house the gold color turned to a golden-pink and then to an almost fuchia pink before going purple then blue. Just incredible. But it's COLD out this morning!!!! Our thermometer out back reads: (just a minute, I'll run & check) 7 or 8 deg. above zero at approximately 9:53 am. *sigh* It was freaking freezing when I let the dogs out this morning. It dropped to about zero last night, from what I could tell. Our high temp predictions for today are looking to be between 15 and 25 deg. above zero, but I highly doubt it'll go as high as 25.
  • Dad and I are going to go into town in a while to get some new shelves cut for my kitchen cabinets. I've got really tall cabinets, but each segment of cabinet is divided only in half. That means there's a LOT of wasted space as I have very few things that actually NEED that much head-room in my cabinets. Also unfortunately, we live in a modular so none of the pre-cut cabinetry will fit our cabinets. We'll have to get the shelves custom cut for depth & length. But, Dad still thinks it shouldn't be more than about $25 for the 4 cabinets we're having new shelves cut for. I guess he priced out things at Home Depot (or was it Lowes?) the other day and said that the board itself is about $23 dollars, then a couple more dollars for the cutting-work in their "lumber shop"..... And I'll get to come home & tomorrow put in my new cabinet shelves and rearrange my cabinets. And fit in all those utensils & accessories that are currently floating around my kitchen without homes.
  • Dad's going to take DD out for dinner tonight, and then she'll spend the night at his place so that DH and I can go out for dinner ourselves. Our reservations are for 8 pm at the Turtle Club. I'm thinking, escargot for appetizer, prawns (for me, prime rib for DH) for entree, and creme brulee for dessert. *grin*
  • **********
  • Tori, the most memorable piece of advice I got when I married DH came from this older woman at the church I went to. To paraphrase, she told me that the honeymoon was NOT going to last long, and that I wouldn't even always LOVE DH. In fact, there were very likely going to be times that what I feel for him comes awfully close to hate, and the trick was to get on past these points and not let those moments push you into divorce. She said that in the decades that she and her hubby had been married (and, they still ARE!), there were hours, days, MONTHS that she couldn't stand him. But they've toughed it out and are still married. And I think that's too often the problem a lot of folks our age have, they have a couple of bad months, so they decide that means they'll NEVER love each other again and go ahead & split up and get divorced. And we expect too much perfection from each other. We want it all GIVEN to us, and when it doesn't happen that easily then it must not be meant to be. In reality it takes a lot of hard work & effort. A lot of tears & struggling. And that's EVERYBODY'S marriage. You're right, I've never truly heard anybody say that their marriage is perfect and they've never fought. And the one or two women who I've seen profess that on their blogs....... I just kinda wonder when the other shoe is going to drop & their hubbies take off. Or when the wife is going to have a nervous breakdown from bottling things up for so long. Or if she's a doormat who won't stand up for herself...... Because even "good christian women" who's marriages are 30, 40, 50 years long have said that no marriage is without it's disagreements & struggles. No marriage is that perfect, because no 2 people are that perfect.
  • I've gotta say, the older woman who gave me that piece of advice wasn't wrong. There have been times (even documented on my blog here) where what I felt for DH came awfully close to hate. But, we're past that for now and on to the "love" again. *grin*
  • BarefootG: my dress cost all of $69 from the JC Penney's catalog. It's ivory, instead of pure white because I figured it wouldn't be entirely appropriate for me to wear true white with a child in tow. *wink* Besides, pure white doesn't look good on me. Ivory suits my skin-tone better. *BWG* And my shoes were $10 on sale at AAfees (the army/air-force "department" store).
  • Anyway, THANKS ALL for the anniversary wishes. I need to finish this post up, gulp down my coffee, get my butt dressed & head on over to Dad's to meet up with him & head into town.
  • Have a Blessed Day!


Tori_Z said...

I think that was a fantastic bit of advice to get on your wedding day. Shame nobody was around to warn me of that the day I got married. On the contrary, the first time I felt like that people tried to tell me I'd be better off divorcing him if that was how I felt. That's why I never mention the times when I feel that way on my blog. The first time we hadn't even been married a year, and we got passed it, but wouldn't have if I'd listened to the advice I was given. I'm glad I didn't listen though, because I learned through experience that there's no such thing as a perfect marriage, and that a marriage only works if you can rough it through those days, weeks and months when things are about as far away from being perfect as they could be.

Robin said...

I can't believe you remember the cost of your dress and shoes...I'm impressed!

Have a wonderful (romantic?) anniversary dinner!

MarmiteToasty said...

Sorry I aint been around to read for a week, just hospital stuff.... so tomorrow I will make a cuppa tea and sit back and have a long scroll back and read :)


Celticspirit said...

From reading what your temps are must have a huge heating bill! I won't complain about our electic again. Also, I do understand about the love/hate thing. We all have our ups and downs and I think the more challenging times are a way for a relationship to grow and become stronger.

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

What a lovely pic, even if the temp is not. Brrr!

That was some great advice you got from that lady