Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Some pics to share.....

  1. (Blasted Blogger!!! It keeps running my paragraphs together. So, I'm using some bullitpoints to try to seperate my paragraphs instead, since Blogger's not cooperating & posting this the way I MEANT it to be posted. (Nicely spaced, no weirdness.)
  2. First, a picture of my most pathetic puppy-girl as she looked at me so longingly a little bit ago. Just for reiteration's sake... This is Jenny. (Puck is in on the couch, minding his own business and grateful that he's not getting kicked off the furniture by me the way DH does.)
  3. Can you tell she's absolutely starved for attention, as she pushes her way out from under the computer desk???? I mean, she doesn't want much..... JUST my undivided attention, is all. *sigh* Yes, I gave that pathetic mug some snuggles before going & taking this next pic.
  4. This one is primarily for the benefit of my mom & middle sis. These are a few (a very few) of the ornaments we had on our Christmas tree when I was a kid & teenager. My baby sis, K. decided a few years ago that she didn't like all the hand-made & varying ornaments that Mom had collected over the years, including many wooden ones from Germany. And unfortunately most of the German-made ornaments have broken. There are only 4 left. But, K. was going to toss the lot of them in favor of a bunch of cheap, plastic & ribbon gold & red balls & bows from K-mart & clear lights. Dad saved the box or ornamentsuntil I'd had a chance to look through & pick out any I may want to keep. I think Mom may have as well. Shelli, I don't think, did get to keep any, though Dad set aside any ornaments that had her name or birth-year on them. Anyway, Shelli is staying in AZ for Christmas this year, and Mom is staying in Hawaii, and I know that Shelli's tree looks awfully sad, decorated with only a strand of gold plastic beads & a couple of gold & red ball ornaments. So I told Shelli that if she wants a few of the ornaments we had as kids, I'd be willing to send them to her.
  5. Shelli, here is the pic. Let me know which ones you want, if you do indeed want any. (The only one NOT pictured here, which was on our tree & doesn't have my name or birthday on it is the craftsman toolbox ornament, which I didn't figure you or Mom would want anyway.) Mom, same goes. If there are a couple of the ornaments you'd like, let me know & I'll send them on down your way. I suspect, though, that you may have some that you salvaged before K. tossed the rest. But, there you are. Just let me know. Love ya!
  6. I've always loved those little light-up ornaments set in the box-top. The couple of house-shaped ones were absolutely fun, as a child, to peer into when all lit up. A little glimpse into another world. And the sugar-plum-fairy ballerina ornament.... *sigh* What little girl's dreams are made of, ya know..... Dad got me a couple of light-up lighthouse ornaments for Christmas in the last few years that I now love as well. Though, they do not have little vignettes inside to gaze at, the way the few above do. But, they DO light up, and they ARE lighthouses, so that kinda makes up for the lack of tiny vignette.
  7. As I mentioned to Barefoot Gardner the other day, I loved to get up a few minutes early on a christmasy morning, pad out to the family-room where we had our tree, plug in the extension cord so that the lights were lit & sometimes softly blinking (and, if blinking, Dad's train ornament would buzzz-stop-buzzz-stop-buzzz-stop-buzzz-stop for a few moments till disconnected from the light socket) and I'd lay there softly waking up while gazing at the tree lights while wrapped in an afghan & laying on the couch. If I can get away with it (read: do not have dogs frantically herding me to the back door for their early-morning potty-breaks), I still do this on occasion. BUT, we don't set up our tree the day after thanksgiving, the way we did in my parent's home. I'm hoping my hubby will bring the tree in from the shed in the next day or so. That way I can get it set up & decorated this weekend.
  8. We have a little 3 foot-tall table-top model that sits on top of our coffee table. We DID have a 5 foot floor model (the only tree I've ever been able to reach the top of!) but we decorated ourselves right out of a spot to put that the year after we first got it. I think the hubby put the box with that tree down in the crawlspace in hopes that someday we will re-decorate the house, leaving enough room for us to set that tree up again. *grin* But, our little table-top pre-lit tree is great, too. I just wish it had multi-colored lights instead of the plain, clear lights. I grew up with multi-colored flashing lights on the tree, and somehow it always seems so much more magical when the lights are yellow & green & blue & red and blinking slowly than when they're just pinpoints of clear light.
  9. Ok. Enough for now. Must get my 20 minutes of exercise done this morning before getting ready for work.
  10. Have a Blessed Day!


whimsicalnbrainpan said...

It all sounds beautiful!

Jenny is a cutie. :-)

Kris said...

Hi Kati!
I do have some of the ornaments here... no tree... but do have some ornaments *smiles*
Love ya bunches!
- Mom

Tori_Z said...

It all sounds lovely! The first thing I do each morning after the Christmas decorations are up is go turn on the lights. Gotta love that bit of quite time just enjoying the lights without anyone wanting you to do something!

I never get just plain clear lights. Gotta have coloured ones, or ones in nice shapes.

We can't have actual ornaments on our tree, because my cats think they are special toys for them. So, we have a fibre optic tree that changes colours. I do have a few tree ornaments though. I hang them on other stuff where the cats can't reach them so easily. LOL!

Celticspirit said...

Those are some pretty ornaments! You are not the only one who has been having trouble with Blogger. I also have been and so have a few other people I know. Hang in there.

Slip said...

My wife collects snowmen and it takes her two days to set them all up! I got back from three days at the hill farm deer hunting and came back to her inside winter wonderland! The cats think the snowmen are the bomb.