Monday, April 14, 2008

Some Pictures From This Morning

So, this is the ubiquitous pic of the house and yard, now packed with snow again. We woke this morning to at LEAST 3 inches, and it hasn't quit snowing yet.

What is unfortunate is that you can't see how heavy it's snowing in that pic. (Oh, wait!!!! Click on the pic and you can get some idea of the thickness of the snow!!!) By the time I got back into the house, my glasses were impossible to see out of, not because of the fogged lenses (which, they weren't) but because of all the water. I needed a pair of personal-size windshield wipers. The snow is supposed to let up sometime about 6 this evening. *shrug* We'll see.

And, as far as I'm concerned, the guy from the AFB wasn't wrong!

Next pic. My poor mutts are so bored. There's little or nothing for them to do lately, for which I feel horrible. Of course, Puck's been making his own fun by escaping his kennel and taking off for parts unknown. But, poor Jenny's been cooped up and she knows it, and I know it, and I feel badly about it. But at the same time I just haven't felt well enough to take her out to play fetch, not that the weather's cooperative anyway. Needless to say, they're getting lots of lovin' while they're cooped up inside.

These next two pics are of the afghan I just finished. It's hard to see, but it's a double-crochet ripple-stitch afghan done with camoflouge yarn, edged with 5 rounds of single crochet.

This afghan is, potentially, for the younger nephew. I haven't yet decided for sure, though. But I sure don't have anybody else in mind to receive it.

This is just a close-up of one corner, so hopefully the stitching is a little more visable. I think it'll make a nice blanket for a little boy. He can pretend it's a hunting blind, or a camping tent, or camoflouge while he hides under the bed from his older bro.... *wink* I just hope older bro doesn't go cutting any holes in it. Tay told me that the older nephew is purposefully destructive of anything he can get his hands on, around their house. (This, after she spent several hours over there yesterday for the younger nephew's 4th birthday party and got to see the two boys in their natural habitat. *wry smile*)

Ok. I think that pretty well covers it for now. I've gotta get offline and get heading to work early. That snow's gonna make it a **tch to drive to town. And evidently some of the stop-lights in town have been out so far this morning. So, leaving early is just smart driving practice.

Have a Blessed Day!!


whimsical brainpan said...

They're talking about snow here tonight and it sleeted some today. I wish spring would decide to stay already.

That is a beautiful afghan Kati!

Greg C said...

Better to stay inside with all that snow outside. I am not a cold weather person. :)

Tori_z said...

Well, at least you were warned about the snow this time, :)

Some kids are destructive like that. It can be stopped, but only if the parent(s) take the time to do so.

That's the thing with Winter. No matter where you are, the poor pups end up cooped up and not getting all their usual fun time. Mainly because of weather, but I think people are just naturally more pre-occupied or end up keeping busy more in Winter. It's like the short days and long nights make us think we need to do more. Then the long days of Summer arrive, and we seem to have more time and less obligations. At least, that's how it seems to me.

Ashley Ladd said...

How beautiful - the snow and the blanket. I'm in South Florida and we thought it was cold tonight in the 50s.

Sian said...

That is some blanket! And so imaginative of you to think of a camoflage theme.He is going to have a lot of fun with that