Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Boy.... Summer Went Quickly This Year!!!

What a difference a couple of days makes..... Well, this first pic is taken from my front door looking back across the street to where I was standing when I took the pic of my house the other day. This was yesterday (Monday) morning, about 11 am. This morning looks little different, just more snow. We've had maybe 2 inches, and it's enough that it's staying. The temperatures have also dropped to the teens & twenties, instead of 40's & 50's as they were last week. *sigh* I just keep telling myself "It IS still April in Alaska!" That kinda helps, keeping in mind that this sort of thing could happen even into the first week of NEXT month.

Just a couple more pics of the back deck, pretty much the same thing I showed in the two pics from this weekend, just now re-covered in snow. *sigh* Scott swept off the deck a couple of times, we're just trying to keep the hard-pack from reforming.

I guess, technically we could put some of our freezer-stuffs back in that cooler, since the weather has dropped again. *shrug* Oh well.... It's too much work to do so, and I don't feel like it today.

Toasty, I have to chuckle about your comments of "nudie in the back garden"..... It is definitely my intention of getting a fence built between the back of OUR yard, and our neighbour's yard-line. I don't have any intention of sunbathing nude, but even so, I'd love the privacy. And, I think that with my garden plans, a bit more privacy may be a good idea. My neighbours don't all need to know what I've got going on in my back yard. And, if it comes to the point of wanting to keep a couple of rabbits for meat, then I could do it without them (or the city) nosing around about me keeping "farm animals" in my back yard. That's supposedly a no-no in our neighbourhood.

I woke up feeling crappy this morning. I think I may have caught whatever was making Tay puke, last week. Suffice it to say, I'm not going in to work.

DIRK: I have to chuckle that you think I've got foodstuffs to feed everybody, just because I bought seeds. Not so, dude!!! *wink* Just because I HAVE the seeds, doesn't mean they're all going to be planted, MUCH less, grow!!! I'm quite a "trial & error" type gardener, and to date my plantings have illustrated that fact beautifully. Which means, we may NOT get anything to show for our efforts this year. *wry smile*

I DID go next door with a loaf of banana bread for my neighbour and appealed to him for his wisdom & expertise. He said that with one little 2-pound bag of seed potatoes, bought from a local farm & garden store (the one closest to my home, that I drive past every day going to & from work), they got over 4 milk-crates worth of eatting potatoes. I asked if it'd be possible to possibly get just 2 or 3 of those little potatoes from him, as I was not looking to plant a whole lot of them myself. (Growing them vertically instead of horizontally, I'll need less seed potato.) He said that may be an option. *grin* I'm guessing more gifts of fresh-baked bread & cookies will result in receiving a couple of seed potatoes from him. *wink*

In talking to one of my coworkers yesterday, she suggested that I pick up some chicken or rabbit-wire and simply build 2 or 3 round-wire "barrels" to grow the potatoes in, as well as my compost bins, since Scott doesn't seem to inclined to help me build actual wooden bins. That's not a bad idea. And, with a decent pair of wire snips & my Dad's help, I could probably build the damned things myself, without the hubby at all.


Last but not least, I've got an appointment on Thursday morning for a physical. It's been 2 years since I've even been in to see the Dr. for my annual "woman's" type exam, and the past week of concerns have prompted me to go ahead & make an appointment to have not only THAT exam done, but also a general physical. I haven't had a physical since Tay was born. *sigh*

I know that's not a good idea, given all the scary problems that can crop up when one is unawares, but with my fear of needles, I've been very, very reluctant to put myself in a position where a blood-test is part & parcel of the check-up. However, as the hubby said, if I don't get checked over now & find what's going wrong, matters could get MUCH worse. And that's something to be more scared of than a blood-test. (Though, I'm going to beg & plead for nitrious oxide before they try sticking me. And I'm going to tell them that under no conditions do I want them to dig for my veins, that they need to use a larger needle because it actually hurts less than a butterfly needle, and that my laying down is an absolute requirement for getting this done. *wry smile*) Ok. Enough needle talk. It's making me even more queasy than I already am this morning.

I think that pretty well covers it anyway.

Have a Blessed Day!


Fr. Peter Doodes said...

Hi Kati,

I have begun to realise just how lucky I am here in SE England. Two days ago I was out in the garden with the camera. Why (?) because we HAD snow! For the first time this year, and perhaps the last, it snowed...

As far as growing potatoes is concerned, you can use 'Growbags', (compost filled bags) and put the seed potatoes down in them, just keep them moist.

I hope all goes well for the tests, you are still in my prayers.



barefoot gardener said...

Doesn't it just stink that winter doesn't seem to want to let go?

Good luck at the doctor, girlie. I will be thinking of you....

whimsical brainpan said...

Sending you warm thoughs and wishing your thumb turns green.

I hope everything goes well on Thursday. You'll be in my thoughts.

Robin said...

You know, my list of people needing good vibes is getting rather long. I need an orchestra.

You're right up there with Mel. You don't say what's got you worried...but, worried is worried. I'm your good vibes Mama.


Robin said...

Also, if you haven't already...I think you might enjoy my friend, Colin...... colinsky@blogspot.com. Let me know.

Robin said...

One of my first blogging friends was a man named Colin. I think you would like him. Colinsky.blogspot.com.

Let me know what you think.

It pays to go thru his archives...maybe a year and a half ago...when he was at the beach.


Tori_z said...

Seems like winter doesn't want to let go anywhere this year.

Good luck at the doctor on Thursday. Hope they get to the bottom of the problem without too much hastle and needles. I also hope when they figure out what the issue is that it's something easy to fix.

Celticspirit said...

Ahhh more snow. Before you know it that snow will just be a memory and you'll be planting seeds and digging in your garden.

Good luck with your physical. Sending you good vibes that all goes well.

Slip said...

Good luck with them taters Kati! All our snow is gone here and at my flat farm, but on the hill farm there is a bit left. Hope you feel better, so nice of your girl to share with you.Warm weather will help. Nothing better then a good spring tune-up so enjoy your doctor visit.

Connie Peterson said...

I would rather have a blood test than an IV anyday. I have had more than my share in the last five years!!! The people with the blood tests take one poke and it's over ... the ones with the IVs take three or four pokes and there I am with bruises and sore arms for days, weeks!!!

Good luck with your tests - I hope it's ONE poke and it's over!! Let us know the results.

whimsical brainpan said...

You have an award at my place.

peppylady said...

It snowed here this morning but I have a few flowers blooming.
The county to the south of us have snow and people who I talk to have about 2 feet in there yard.

Greg C said...

I was feeling a little faint myself just reading this. I hate needles too. Snow in April and May...Looks like I won't be moving to Alaska.