Monday, September 08, 2008

Ahhhh, What a Monday....

So, in an attempt to catch whatever dog it is that's been peeing on my back deck every morning, I was up at 7:30 to sit out in the cold, half-light of morning, waiting. I DID catch a dog, not sure if it's the one that's been peeing on the deck. (Actually, pretty sure which dog it IS, but have yet to be able to prove it.) Anyway, the dog that I caught is a stray. Really sweet big bear of a Golden Retriever mix. He's been wandering the neighbourhood for about a week now, very under-fed, un-cared for look to him. I coaxed him into OUR dog's kennel (the big, outside one) and set him up with food, water and a ratty old blanket to lay on. (He'd seemingly rather lay on the ground than the old blanket, though.) THEN I called Animal control and asked that they send out an officer to collect the dog, since I have no way of transporting him to town myself.

They told me it'd be this afternoon before six, at the soonest, tomorrow morning in all likelyhood. *sigh* Jenny and Puck are considerably less than pleased to smell this strange dog on Tay and I, and to be unable to use THEIR kennel. But, I can't have them mixing with this dog as he's got at least one infection going on (in his left eye). I don't want them catching anything he might have. (And yes, Tay and I are scrubbing our hands after petting on the dog.) He's a sweet dog, though. He's been dubbed "Bear" by the neighbourhood kids. I hope they don't all hate me eternally for calling the pound to pick him up. Thing is, winter's coming on and it's not doing this poor beast ANY good to keep him in the neighbourhood (various neighbours have been putting food out for him), but not cleaned up and officially adopted.

The Animal Control folks can take him and assess whether cleaning him up will do any good and increase his adoptability, or if the infection(s) are such that he's better off put to sleep. Either way, poor "Bear" will be better off than running the town all winter and either freezing to death or getting hit by a vehical. (Or mauled by a wolf, if they move in close again this winter.)

So, that's my good deed for the day, I suppose.

And, as yet, no puddle of dog piss on my back deck.


My neck is feeling better. I got through yesterday with only Advil and Extra Strength Tylenol. Then right before I went to bed, I took a valium and a vicodin to allow my neck the night to loosen up. I'm hoping the Advil and Tylenol will suffice for today.

Scott's off hunting moose (saw a big one this morning, but it was too dark to safely get a shot off, he said), so that leaves Tay home alone all day long. The MIL is going to pick Tay up after work and take her to THEIR house for supper, then I'll pick Tay up from there on my way home from work this evening. That'll at least mean Tay has a few hours with company and a decent warm meal for supper.


I DO want to say, considering my previous thoughts on Palin: Bear in mind that these are MY opinions of her. When I say that I speak as an Alaskan on my feelings for Palin, I don't mean that I speak for ALL Alaskans regarding EVERYBODY's feelings for Palin. My opinions are MY opinions, they are certainly NOT indicative of the feelings of ALL Alaskans for Palin. (Some may agree completely, some may disagree completely, some may agree on parts and disagree on others. You know the saying: "Opinions are like @$$holes, everybody has one.")

(Kind of a funny aside: There is evidently some new little media flap regarding a past disagreement between Palin and a former library director of the library for the town where Palin was previously mayor. Evidently that same former director now works at MY library. We have NOT been given any information as to the details as to what happened. I do not know ANYTHING except the name of the person who is that former library director. I will say that I DO like this person very well. This person is a GOOD person. I find it rather funny, and I am personally curious. I also will NOT be asking this person for details myself, as it really isn't any of my business. But it's rather ironic how small a place Alaska feels like sometimes. The fact this person I now work with had disagreements on a professional level with the woman who is the VP candidate for the GOP...... Alaska may be BIG in territory, but it is very small when it comes to interactions with other Alaskans.)

Ok. Gotta get a move on and head off to that very library for my day's work.

Have a Blessed Day!


Tori_z said...

The local kids probably wont be too happy for a bit, but you did the right thing for "Bear"... Even spending the rest of his life in the pound would be better than roughing it over Winter (especially up there). And anything's gotta be better than being mauled by Wolves!

whimsical brainpan said...

I think you are doing the right thing by calling animal control.

Sorry to hear about your neck. I hope it gets better.

You are better than I am. Curiosity would compell me to ask.

Slip said...

Hope your neck is feeling better. Too bad about "Bear", but you are doing the right thing. UMMMM moose steaks!