Monday, September 22, 2008

Ahhhh, You all are such dears!!!

Thank you for the loving support the other day!!!!

Sian: as for the dress-making, I've made myself a couple of long (a-line) skirts, but that's pretty well the limit of my sewing skills. (And, those were when I was about 25 pounds heavier, so they no longer fit, thank the gods!) Also, even though it's funn to dress up and wear a dress or skirt & blouse on occasion, my job requires a LOT of kneeling and crawling around on the floor and such. In skirts it's either entirely out of the question (would shred the skirt or bottom of the dress) or terribly uncomfortable (scratchy carpets on bare knees). I'll wear a skirt to work every so often, but mainly on short, summery days. Couldn't do it on a regular, every-day basis. I wish I had the skill, nonetheless. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to make myself some lovely dresses. But even with the skill, it wouldn't work out well for work.

Slip: Yeah, I've tried telling Scott that Tay doesn't need him to be her best friend, she needs him to be her Dad. And he insists that he's always felt like his dad was HIS best friend, and he wants Tay to feel that way about him. Knowing Al (the FIL) though, I HIGHLY doubt he went through Scott's childhood regarding Scott as a best friend, or even desired to be Scott's best friend at that point. They ARE very close now, but I doubt they were as close then as Scott likes to imagine. Not how Scott sees it, though. *sigh* Maybe saying something to Al would help. It often does (ironically, seeing how often Al and I disagree on things), when Scott won't listen to me. And I think in this case Al would agree that while he and Scott are good friends now, it wasn't always the case that Al put friendship first with his son.

RE: Buying jeans. Well...... I found a couple pair to order online. I was searching for petite jeans in plus sizes (actually, using JUST that info in the search-engine) and came across this place that sizes your jeans by your "right fit". Literally Anyway, you type in your waist and hip measurements, and they tell you if you're a "yellow", a "red", or a "blue". I'm a blue (really curvey through the waist & hip). Then, dependent on your actual inches, they size you "1p, 1, 1T, 2p, 2, 2T, 3p, 3, 3T, 4p, 4, 4T, etc, etc." I wind up being a "3p" according to their measuring techniques. They've got 3 companies that carry pants measured and fitted according to this technique: Catherine's, Lane Bryant, and Fashion Bug. I found a pair of jeans from Fashion Bug that look like something I'd enjoy wearing, so I ordered 2 pair in MY size! Now to wait till the get here! (Shipping is supposed to take 5 to 8 days.)

Furthermore, my Mom read the last post and so sweetly sent me a GC to Lane Bryant for pants. I was just searching Lane Bryant's clothing selection, and found a pair of cords that I'd like, but even though the page says they carry this style in petite, I cannot find a place to ORDER the pair in petite size. So, I've emailed them with that question. Waiting for an answer back before I put in an order for more pants.

Anyway, THANK YOU for the love on the last post!!!! Maybe for those of my lady-friends who also have problems finding pants that fit, that will also help YOU! I'll let ya know if the pants fit as well as they're supposed to, when they arrive!


Gotta grab something to eat really quick before work. Then I get to go see what kind of nastiness Liz is cooking up this week. I hope she's chilled out, but I doubt it. I went in yesterday and found her yet again, in on her off day, VACCUMING of all things! (We've GOT a janitorial service that comes in daily and takes care of all that. I don't know WHY Liz insists that she go over it all again. And why Boss Lady allows her all this extra OT, and to do tasks that are thoroughly outside Liz's job description.) And I overheard her mention MY name and something about my perfume making her sick, to one of the Circ assistants. *rolling eyes* We'll see. I'll tell you what, if she keeps it up I'm going to tell Boss Lady that she's harassing me, because that's what it'll amount to. And if Liz thinks she can drive me off by being a rotten soul, she's wrong.

Have a Blessed Day!


Celticspirit said...

Hey Kati, I really feel for you on the clothing problem and I can relate also. My stuff and most of my clothes are still in NM and we don't have the money yet to go get it all but hopefully we will soon.
Anyhow when Russell and I first got together, I was probably a size 10 but I had a lot of muscle tone cause I'd been working out a lot at the time. Anyhow I quit working out but due to working a lot, I got down to a size 6. It was the best I'd felt in years! My weight has slowly crept up and now I'm a size 12! And believe me, it's a struggle just to get into that size's really not comfortable at all. But no way I'm I going to buy a bigger size. I'm going to get down to a smaller size, I have no doubt about it.
I hope the pants that you ordered work for you. I just might go check out that website you posted about. It sounds great. Thanks for that info. Lots of hugs to ya.

peppylady said...

Thank you for the link to right fit.
Buying pants for me can be a royal pain at times.

Connie Peterson said...

I wrote a comment yesterday, but it burped and didn't register.

I am glad that you have found pants that fit. I hope this solves some of your problems. I will be thinking of you and hoping that your emotional problems can be solved, as well.