Saturday, November 22, 2008

August Rush!

If you haven't seen this movie yet, SEE IT!!!!

I just finished watching it finally. I've wanted to see it for months, simply because Jonathan Rhys Meyers is incredibly awesome. And Keri Russell is a fabulous actress...... But WOW. This movie totally supercedes EITHER of them as actors.

I have NEVER, EVER seen a movie that made me cry, the entire way through..... And not for sadness, but for the beauty that is expressed. The child who portrays Evan Taylor/August Rush is completely beautiful. The story is of love and loss and finding it all again and KNOWING what you've found.
RENT IT, BORROW IT. WATCH IT!!!!! I cannot stress how beautiful this movie was. WATCH IT!


Kris said...

That was/is a *really* good movie... And one that makes kleenix a requirement to watch.

Love ya!
- Mom

Connie Peterson said...

I will put it on my netflix list. Thanks for recommending it.

LadyStyx said...

Been meaning to see it. Glad to see someone recommend it.

Ameratis said...

I loved this movie!

Kelli said...

I saw the last half of the movie on tv the other day and really enjoyed it!

If you liked that movie, you would love "P.S. I Love You." I think I cried during the whole friggin movie from start to finish.....