Friday, November 21, 2008

What a Load of BS!!!

OMG, so check out this article on Yahoo news: Bush's Last Rule-making Hurrah! He's bound and determined to screw over our country before he leaves office, evidently. Here's more information on the rules and regs that GW Bush is pushing through in his final days in office: ProPublica Midnight Regulations.

And, probably the worst aspect of this is that the next president has a nearly impossible time repealing any regulations that the out-going president pushes through as a Midnight Rule. *shaking head* So, even when Obama takes office, he won't be able to repeal some of the monumentally F***ED UP regulations that Bush is putting forth (or, repealing, in some cases).

Gods..... May I just say that I am SOOOOOO happy that Bush is finally being thrown out of office, and that McCain didn't get INto office in his place.

As it is, I'm having a very hard time not wishing ill on Bush. I know that he'll get his Karmic @$$-kicking at some point, or a throw-down before the throne of God, if that's how you choose to view it, but man..... Part of me is hoping that some idiot decides to make Bush's last days in office THAT much shorter; keep him from pushing forth any MORE regulations than he already has.

(I know, I know, I know..... "An It Harm None" and "Do Unto Others" and all those other words of wisdom, but please, don't tell me you don't occasionally have similar thoughts about people you can't stand.)

GAH! This just pisses me off so bad I wanna play darts with a pin-up of his head! (And, I'm not a darts type of girl, seeing how badly my aim sucks. I'm likely to put pin-holes everywhere BUT where I'm aiming.)

Anyway, just had to share.


Robin said...

"He's bound and determined to screw over our country before he leaves office..."

Kati, he's already done that.

Hope all is well with you.....

Connie Peterson said...

So what's the deal? He gets millions and trillions of dollars from the special interest groups that are wanting these deals? Doesn't he care ANYTHING about America? Where is he going to live where he is safe? South America, maybe?

I agree "an ye harm none" is hard to follow (or swallow) when it comes to jerks like this!!!!

Connie Peterson said...

PS - I don't want a PIN-UP of his head .... the real thing would be much better!

peppylady said...

I heard Dubya was burning the midnight oil and doing his evil deeds.

I hope and pray that the war monger don't have Israel bomb Iran.
That will cause major problems with the world economy.
He just the same as those Muslim radicals but a Christian.

I'll get off my soap box and coffee is on.

Kelli said...

LMAO I know what you mean! I saw this article and was like WTF????? Is he really trying to piss us off more than he already has????

Here's a clincher as well; we will be paying for his "retirement" for as long as he lives.........BS for sure!