Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Gah!!!! It's Freaking Cold!!!!

So, the temperature has dropped. Monday night when I left work, the temp was -36. Yesterday morning the temp was -46. Today it's forcast to get down to -49 or -50 for tonight's low. The forcasters are calling for some -60 temps a bit further north of us in the Yukon river valley. And they're calling for at least another week of these temps before they break for a bit. YUCK!

Of course, all this cold weather means ice fog on the drive to work. That means what LITTLE moisture is in the air, freezes. It hangs in the air as pea-soup type fog. But, instead of feeling moist and muffling sound, it clarifies sound and feels bitter cold. It burns, almost. Pity the soul who needs to go out in this without being properly dressed. Of course, those properly dressed are known to do things that seem normal to them, but idiotic to others. One of my coworkers walked several miles (she doesn't own a car) from her apartment to Walmart yesterday, and back. Even _I_ find that stupid. But I know she knows what she's doing, and she bundles well even just to walk the couple of blocks to work, or to leave the building to empty the book drops. And this time of year, I know she tries to get everything done during the earlier part of the day, to avoid being out at night as the temps are dropping even further. So, I guess it's not TOO stupid.

That, I guess, is why I think it's going to be nearly impossible for Alaskans to TRULY go no-vehical. Really, how many moms are going to drag their kids the minimum of a mile (usually more) to the grocery store on the back of a bike or a sled at -40 or -50??? And our public transportation around here sucks, so that doesn't exactly help matters. Ahhhh, anyway.

Ok, I've gotta get to work early this morning. Just wanted to give y'all some idea what our weather looks like these last couple of days. You can also go view the Arctic Cam here: Arctic Cam (This is a few blocks from where I work. Right by the Human Resources Dept. for the borough.)

Here's somebody's "Squirrel Cam" from here in North Pole, it looks like: Squirrel Cam

This one is "up the hill" at the University: Climate Research Cam

Here are some cameras (you have to click on the various place-names on the left hand side) from the air in various places around Alaska: FAA Weather Cams

Ok. Off to get ready for work.

Have a Blessed Day!


sammy_bunny said...

No matter how cold it gets here I can always count on you making me feel warmer! LOL

Tori_z said...


The public transport sucks here too. We don't have such an issue with cold weather but I can't see Wales giving up its vehicles either... Between the rubbish public transport, all the mountains, and all the rural places that are miles away from anything more than a little corner shop, a post office and a pub or two.... Well, you get the idea!

LadyStyx said...

Wow! Those cams were a really great share..thanks!. Brrr on those temps though. I like the cold and snow....but not that much!

Shortpath said...


Just found your blog and I so agree this cold weather is just the pits. It is minus 47 at my house in North Pole and the wife is off for Chinese takeout!

The worst part for me is that ice fog, I hate it so much. Especially the idiots who think since it is light out during mid day they do not need to turn on their headlights. Any time I cross the Richardson Highway I have shudders thinking what it would be like to get T-boned by one of these numb skulls.

Should not complain too much though, been here since 64 so I do like a lot more than I dislike.

Happy New Year to you and yours.


Celticspirit said...

All I can say is this....I will never again complain about the 10 degree cold weather here again!

Em said...

That is too damned cold! Move somewhere yourself!!! LOL

whimsical brainpan said...

Neat cams!

And for heaven's sake keep bundled up and stay warm.

Happy New Year!

Sian said...

I would like to think that I will never moan about the chill here in Wales ever again... I know that I won't - my hands are chapped to bits from the wind. But honestly Kati, how on earth do you cope with temperatures like that? I find it mind boggling.

Happy New Year to you and your family anyway. Hurry up with Spring already!

peppylady said...

We haven't got cold as you have but our coldest was 15- but it could of been colder because of the wind chill.
We have cold wind right out of the North.

Have a great 09 and the coffee is on.

Connie Peterson said...

BRRRRRRRRRRRRR! It's warming up here to +6 d. Do you ever see that in the winter? It is uncanny how dark it is at 8:00 at your place. I know, in my head, that your area has so much darkness, but it helps remind me when I see that cam!!! I will keep watching it to see if you ever DO get sun today!!

Stay warm!!!

whimsical brainpan said...

Are you okay or did you turn into an icicle?