Sunday, January 25, 2009

Birthdays, and other Events of a Week...

So the week started off with the MIL's birthday. She turned 60. We called, hoping to go over and give her the birthday card we got her, but she wasn't home. We DID go over Monday evening, just for a bit.

We had a LOT of hockey last weekend, as well. It was the "MLK weekend tournament" 1 game on Saturday, lost. 2 games on Sunday, lost. Monday, we had practice in the evening. Tuesday I had to return to work. Spent Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday dealing with a return of the work-stressors.

Thursday was also my birthday. The "big" 30. I don't feel any older. That's fine. Some days I feel MUCH older, regardless of my actual years. *wry smile* Scott and Tay each got me a card, Tay's was funny, Scott's was sweet. Scott also got me the first season of Stargate: SG1 on DVD. *grin* I LOVE that show!

Friday, we had the first REAL appointment with Tay's therapist. She's pretty cool, and though Tay was very nervous about going and talking to this "complete stranger", she felt much better about seeing L. AFTER the appointment. We're going to take Tay in every other Friday, at 1, to meet with L. Eventually, as things hopefully improve, we'll reduce the frequency. Having Tay see L. regularly will also put into motion the behavioral side of getting Tay enrolled in the "YESS" school. That is the school (essentially a public school) run by the Family Centered Services of AK program there on their "campus". It's for kids who have some major behavioral issues, as well as educational issues, that don't allow them to "fit in" to the traditional public school environment. Tay's behavioral issues aren't so major in and of themselves as to allow for her admittence, but possibly, along with her educational issues (which I really need to set up some appointments for this week), will be sufficent to get her admitted. They'd pick her up via bus in the morning, and she'd have breakfast at the school, she'd do the schooling, have lunch at the school as well, then some likelyhood of after-school activities including regular appointments with L. Then the bus would bring her home in the evening. There's a part of me that feels that handing her over to the school this much of the time may be wrong, but I also realize that what we're going through right now isn't exactly "right" either. When it comes to the point where an entire household "hates" each other on a regular basis because of some depression issues, and school troubles, then help is needed. And if that means handing my daughter over to a smaller specialty "public" school a little more often, knowing that they can help her work through her behavioral issues AND school issues, then so be it.

Friday night, we went out to dinner for my birthday. We went to Lavelle's Bistro. It's downtown by the courthouse, on the ground floor of the Merriot's Springhill Suites hotel. DAMN! That was GOOD food! Scott had prime rib that was an inch thick and probably roughly 10 inches in diameter, cooked PRECISELY how he likes it best! Also a baked potato, the best ceasar salad he said he's ever tasted, and a shared dish of fried calamari. (He and Tay had never tried calamari, and the one time I tried it as a teen, I found it gross. Evidently it was simply over-cooked and over-flavored that time. This time it was delicious!) I had Alaskan halibut with coconut basmati rice and a mango salsa, and for the "first course" I had fresh-made cream-of-broccoli soup (the soup of the day). Tay had a chef salad for start, and a half-"rack" of roast duck with a raspberry glaze over roast garlic mashed potatoes. All 3 meals also included a yummy mix of LIGHTLY steamed fresh veggies. (Even Scott liked them, and he doesn't usually eat cooked carrots, cauliflower, and broccoli. That's what this was, and it was good!) Scott and I each took a bite of Tay's duck and almost wished we'd ordered that instead of our own meals. Ours were certainly delicious, but that duck...... Dang! Melt in your mouth incredible! Tay and I also each had dessert: the special of the day, Apple Pie creme brulee.

For me, Creme brulee is THE dessert I want most on my birthday. Not birthday cake of ANY sort, not even really cheesecake. I crave creme brulee! I've had some incredible creme brulees, and this one TOPPED the charts! Just...... WOW!

Saturday, yesterday, we had 2 MORE hockey games. Lost both of them. Today, Tay's got another hockey game. We don't expect to win. It's not that Tay's not doing her job in the goal net, but the reality is that she's about the ONLY one on the team who DOES do their job with any consistency. At any given game, one or two other girls may "bring their A game" but, the whole team doesn't come out prepared to kick some butt and take names. Tay, consistently, is the ONLY team-member to play at the level needed for any success. Scott and I have kinda lost count of how many shots she's taken on her in this season, but suffice it to say, yesterday's second game saw over 50 shots on her (we're not sure how MANY over 50, but at least 50) and she saved all but 8. She's got an over all save average of about 92% (give or take 1 percent). That's right up there with NHL goalies save percentages. If she keeps it up, in a couple of years she's going to have college scouts watching her closely for the possibility (likelyhood) of recruiting her for their school's women's hockey team. (Now if we can only get her to keep on top of her schooling as well! Really blow the scouts away in a couple of years!) Anyway, unfortunately because the rest of the team either doesn't have the experience, or doesn't have the heart to play well every time, we have little chance of winning this season. Tay's still hoping for ONE shut-out this season, though. And she's got the skill.

Today, ending a week, is my FIL's birthday. He turns 62. He's officially eligable for Social Security now. *wry smile* I made him a loaf of zucchini bread with the ONLY zucchini to come out of the garden at his place this year. *chuckle* (No, it didn't "keep" all this time, I'd shredded it, labeled it, and frozen it.) That's the sort of thing he likes for his birthdays. He's not a big fan of them. *wry smile*

Anyway. I'd better get off the computer. I've gotta start getting ready for work.

Have a Blessed Day!


Tori_z said...

You were making me hungry with the talk about the meal. Sounds fantastic!

Hope things work out as you hope they will for Tay. Sounds like it'll be the best thing for all of you.

barefoot gardener said...

Well, happy birthday to all up there in the Frozen North!

I think that Tay will benefit a lot from this new school. I understand your concerns, but you are also right in that it isn't healthy for everyone in the house to be so upset at each other all the time. Maybe seeing L and going to this new school will give her a safe place to get some perspective on her behavior and work through some of her anger. I remember the step-evils had the same feelings about going to see therapists. It was all "I am not gonna go. I'm not crazy, YOU are, and I don't wanna go talk to some stupid head-shrinker" at first. Then they started seeing their therapists, and the next thing I knew they were actually looking forward to it!


Celticspirit said...

Happy Happy Birthday Kati! The big 30.....that makes me feel so old. ;)It sounds like you had a wonderful birthday and that restaurant you ate at sounds fantastic. Tay sure does have a well developed palate, I know that none of my kids at that age would have ever ordered duck.

I hope things go well with Tay's counseling sessions and you get the results that you wish for.

Have a wonderful week Kati.

whimsical brainpan said...

A friend told me when I turned 30 that it was like being 20, you just have more confidence. She was right. I wonder about 40 though.

I'm glad Tay likes her therapist. It makes a huge difference. I hope it helps. I also don't think there is anything worng with "handing her over to the school this much of the time". If it helps then it will be worth it. You are a wonderful mom and Tay is lucky to have you.

I'm glad you had a good birthday dinner. A belated Happy Birthday BTW!

My dear and fluffy lord! Do you ever get tired of hockey?

peppylady said...

Happy Birthday and your dinner sound divine.

Coffee is on

Robin said...

Happy Birthday!

Fr. Peter Doodes said...

And a happy birthday from the UK as well.

Don't worry about getting older, this only happens on the outside and you rarely see that.

I often look at the reflection in my shaving mirror and wonder "who is that?"

So FIL only grew ONE Zucchini, didn't you manage rather more birthday girl?