Wednesday, January 14, 2009

NOW I Feel Sorry for Y'all!

Saw THIS article in the news this morning. Ok, now y'all can start whining to me about how cold it is. *chuckle* I'll believe ya.

And, FWIW, on the Great Plains where there's tons & tons of snow..... Part of me feels great sympathy (especially for the snow-plow workers), the other part of me WISHES we were getting that kinda snow fall. If nothing else, 60 inches of snowfall, as Bismark ND reports so far this year, is GREAT insulation for our houses. Keep the windows and doors and walkways shoveled, and let the snow insulate the rest of the house, I'd say. One wonders why an Igloo can be deemed appropriate winter shelter, until one has had the experience of climbing inside one. At which point a person realizes how beautifully insulating snow really is.

Anyway, Connie, Robin, Barefoot and Gina..... Y'all stay warm and bundled. Don't wanna hear any incidence of frost-bite from any of ya! Whim, I know how easily you get cold. Bundle up, sweety!!!! I hope you've got plenty of snuggly blankets to keep ya toasty. And a good supply of tea or cocoa or whatever other is your warm drink of choice.

Also FWIW, the temps here this morning (at 10:30 am) are 20 deg. ABOVE zero. Dang near warm enough to go out without a coat. ALMOST. Not quite but ALMOST. (I DID get a chuckle over the guy in that article in Florida, taking a walk at 40 degrees, geared up as warmly as I do at -40. THAT struck me as funny.)

Blessings. --Kati


barefoot gardener said...

Yup, it's chilly here....I am still going outside to smoke, though, so it can't be too bad!

I keep telling myself that snow is moisture and that the water table is low, so we need it.

I am really REALLY sick of shoveling, though.

Tori_z said...

Wish we had that snow! *pouts*


Hope everyone in the VERY cold and icy and snowy areas is keeping warm and safe!

Celticspirit said...

We are having some wacky weather. One day it will be in the 70's and the next day it will be in the 20's. This happened this past week. Right now it's 21 degrees and it's supposed to get back up into the 60's in a few days.