Saturday, March 26, 2005

Wow!!!! And tomorrow's Easter.......

I'm totally shocked at what a mild spring it appears we're going to have. The temps the last few days have hit 40+, sunny, mostly clear (or, with light, whispy clouds). The snow's melting (and we're not getting fresh inches every few days). Top it off, with Easter tomorrow, it really feels like it's going to be a great spring. I think that if Easter was going to be a couple more weeks away, we would probably have grass in time. Wouldn't that be cool!!!!!! Haven't seen that but once in the 20 years I've lived up here. (Grass and little snow in time for Easter, that is.)

Thankfully the puppy did pretty good sleeping last night, so I'm no longer terribly grumpy. Unfortunately she still insists on NOT becoming housebroken (peed in her kennel while we were eatting dinner last night, then again on the floor in my bedroom a bit later) and it's really making DH and I short tempered with her. I mean, we praise her for going potty OUTSIDE, and swat her for going potty INSIDE, you'd think she'd be getting the idea by now........

Got Tay's report card yesterday, and gotta say that I'm really, really starting to think something's going on in that kid's head that needs working out. Just don't know how to get through to her, the school councelor didn't call her in to talk to her (even though I've asked him to, in person), and we cannot afford (and don't know of any) a good private therapist. I mean, her grades went from mostly S's with a few H's, to mostly N's with a few S's. Even her music teacher said in the report that Tay's been argumentative and non-cooperative during music class. *shaking head* The scene on the home-front hasn't been any better, either. She insists on arguing over EVERY FREAKING THING. I mean, literally. Last Saturday we bought her a new pair of tenny-shoes (wrong spelling, I know, I don't care though), AFTER trying them on her to make sure they fit. She was going to wear them over to the IL's that night, but when we told her to tie them she threw a temper tantrum (yes, 7-1/2 and threw a temper tantrum over being told to tie her own shoes). Then she started complaining about how they hurt her feet, but when we told her to just wear her winter boots instead, she started screaming at us about how she wanted to wear these (uncomfortable, hard to tie, unwanted) tenny-shoes instead. I mean, she didn't want to wear them, but she didn't want to wear her boots, and she didn't want to wear an older pair of shoes. Just screaming at us for the sake of screaming at us. And it's been like that with toothbrushing too. I mean, the kid's got it down to 5 minutes -total brushing time-, and 5 minutes before time to brush she'll say she's going to hurry up and brush her teeth really well so she can _____ (get a story, watch American Idol, play with the puppy, etc), but when actually told that it's time to brush her teeth she'll spend anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes arguing and freaking about having to brush her teeth (and even if it's 7 pm, she'll complain about how she's too tired to brush). *rolling eyes* Really don't know what I'm going to do about her and her attitude, but it needs seriously adjusting and there is a part of me (some times a BIG part) that wishes I could turn her over to somebody else for the duration of her childhood.

I put in for a job at Ben Franklin Crafts as the local store is moving to NP from Fairbanks. With gas prices going up so horribly, I cannot afford to work at the book-store any longer (not to mention the incredible amounts of books I'm always bringing home *grin*). I did also go speak to the manager @ Ben's and introduce myself and let her know in person that I've got sales experience AND I want to work in NP. She said that she'll be getting to resumes this week, so hopefully I'll hear back soon about an interview. I warned DH that working around all that yarn likely means I'll be bringing large quantities of IT home (instead of the books I buy frequently NOW), and he just commented on how much cheaper yarn is than books. *shaking head* Silly, silly man!!!!!!

Heading to church for the first time in over 6 months tomorrow for Easter. *rolling eyes* Ah well, it keeps Dad happy if we show up every now and again, and gives Tay a chance to wear her Easter outfit (like, the one time a year she definitely gets a new dress/skirt-outfit). I'm wondering if I can get away with wearing my triple moon pendant. *grin* Not likely, but I wish.

Anyway, that's enough for now. Gotta go take the puppy outside and get more laundry done. Oh, and a load of dishes too while I'm at it. *sigh*


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