Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Not to say....

That my daughter is NEVER greedy. Oh, no.... She proved quite well this morning that she has a greedy streak as well.

Got home from work last night to find that she'd lost a tooth at school. Her 11th lost tooth, btw. And the first molar, at that. So, into the tooth-fairy pillow it goes (made for me, and passed on to my sisters as each of us needed it, by my Grandma S.) and under her pillow THAT pillow goes. Of course the tooth fairy made her middle of the night visit and left her usual 1 dollar bill, folded up tightly to fit the small pocket, and took the tooth with her in exchange.

So, up DD gets this morning and promptly goes for the toothpillow under her pillow. Pulls out the $1 bill and comes and says "Mama, guess what the tooth fairy left me!!!"

Me: Did she leave you one dollar, as usual???

DD: *slightly miffed* Uh huh!

Me: Ok, what's wrong with that??? Were you expecting more because it was a molar???

DD: *nods* Uh huh!!!!!

ME: Well, dang girl!!!! You've lost 11 teeth so far!!!! What makes you think this tooth was going to be any different than any of the other teeth???

DD: It's bigger!!!

(ROFLMBO!!!!!!!!! And if that were all it took for the tooth fairy to give you more cash for a tooth, I would have gotten 4 grand along with the dentist who took out my wisdom teeth!!!!! And dang could I have found a way to spend it, at 17 years old!!!!!! *wink*)

ME: Kiddo, at this rate the tooth fairy's going to go broke, just on you!!!!! What about all the other kids she's gotta supply money for. You're lucky you get a dollar. I only ever got 50 cents a tooth, when I was losing 'em.

DD: Yeah, that's what Joey's grandma said yesterday, too. *sighs*


My child be greedy?!?!?! Naw, it NEVER happens. *rolling eyes & snickering*

Of course, I do recall conversations over earlier lost teeth with teacher's at my daughter's daycare and at school. One child, just before we changed day-cares this past spring, got $100 for her first tooth. Of course after I gathered my jaw off the floor, I simply commented on how it'd be a feat just to see a 100 dollar bill in our house, much less under the pillow of a child. I mean, at 5 or 6, when most kids lose their first tooth, they still think it's better to get 4 dimes than a 1 dollar bill. What kinda moron parent goes & gives their darling Suzy $100 on her first tooth. Talk about building one's expectations to insurmountable heights. I'm guessing the parents probably aren't going to still be shelling out $100 per tooth when it's numbers, 8, 9, 10, 11, and so on. Of course, they may ruin the secret long before 9, 10, and 11 are reached, as well. I'd rather keep the secret (and the Santa secret) for a while longer, let my daughter experience the magic a while longer, and keep expectations smaller all around. Certainly doesn't hurt Mom & Dad for a kiddo to still believe in Santa when all the more Santa's ever brought was the stocking stuffers. And it doesn't hurt the pocketbook when tooth number 11 nets a child an 11th one-dollar-bill, either.

Just had to share.

Have a Blessed Day!

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