Sunday, September 03, 2006

So.... What have YOU done this weekend?

Well, along with the usual dishes & laundry, making dinner and accidentally breaking the curtain rod in my kitchen window (I'll get to that), I've done quite a bit so far, in my first two days off, of this long weekend.

Yesterday I made cornbread (a piece of which is pictured above), hung my daughter's window-quilt (NO, I did not make this myself, purchased it from Neiman Marcus -I think- 5 or 6 years ago) for the winter, and varnished the hex-sign to hang on the front of my house. Dad brought me that from Lancaster Co. PA a few years back, and it's been gathering dust in my closet before now. DH always insisted he wanted to get the house repainted before I hung it. I'm sick & tired of waiting and finally figured that he was just saying that so that I didn't go and hang this up. Oh freaking well. A couple of small dribbles from the varnish, but otherwise it looks good. And all that is not even including taking Tay to hockey practice, playing with the dogs, starting a box of canned goods (and other essentials) for an emergency, washing windows, finished reading _Alas_Babylon_ (good book, btw), and getting a start on my Samhain exchange gift.

Today I put out most of my autumn decorations, with the exception of a couple that are specifically Samhain/Halloween related. In trying to drape the second of two faux autumn leaf garlands (the first was successfully pinned to my eyelet curtains in my living-room, also pcitured above) atop my kitchen window valance, the bench I was standing on slipped out from under me, dropping me on the sink (not too hard, though I did wind up with my elbow in the dishes soaking in the sink), and I instinctively grabbed for something to keep me from falling, irreperably (sp?) bending the curtian rod. I'd forgotten that DH put some of those felt pads on the bottom of the bench legs, so that it would slide in and out from the table-side more easily. I should have grabbed a couple of rubber gloves from under the sink, and set the bench on them while I climbed. I didn't think about that until AFTER the curtain rod was down. *rolling eyes* I finally just used safety pins over the rod-hooks to hold the garland (instead of simply draping it over , but now I've got to find a new rod for that valance. As it was, I decided the valance could stand a run in the washer with the rest of the laundry I was doing. *sigh* So, now DH will come back from hunting (hopefully with caribou meat for the next year) to find that not only have I gotten a lot done around the house (and still more to do), but to find that I've managed, as usual, to break something as well. *wink*

Last but not least, I had two great reports for Tay on Friday when I went to pick her up from School. Well, actually, one was from her day-care teacher. The woman said Tay is a good girl, very mature & well-spoken. Like conversing with an adult, and she's well behaved. KNOCK ME OVER WITH A FEATHER!!!!! The second was Tay's teacher saying that Tay has been paying attention in class, seems to be doing well with her class work and is understanding most of what is taught, and she's keeping up well with the rest of the class in reading. Just.... WOW!!!!!! Now don't get me wrong, I know Tay's a smart girl, I've always told her so, but she's always had such a hard time keeping up in class (gets distracted easily, for one thing), and she's very physical and frequently forgets that there are physical boundaries that must be recognised between herself and others. So, I've frequently listened to Day-care & School teachers expounding on Tay's bad behavior, but have rarely heard anything glowing about Tay, much less twice in one day. (Though my favorite compliment was last year's teacher commenting on what a born actress Tay is, that she makes a GREAT king -the play she was in- and that she's perfectly imperious!!! Also said she picked up on her lines immediately, and adlibbed quite admirably, to enhance the script.) I must say that I was proud of my little girl. She's growing up, and hopefully finally maturing to acceptable levels of behavior for her age. Not to mention keeping up with her reading!!!!! YEAH!!!!! Now, she still doesn't LOVE to read, but at least she IS reading and is doing well enough that the teacher isn't concerned yet. I'm wondering if she'll still be going to her reading tutor, or not, but we'll find out in the next couple of weeks as the semester really gets going.

Ah well, always must have a little bad with the good (the curtain rod, among all the other things I've accomplished this weekend). So.... You can see _I_ have been busy, what have YOU done this weekend? This coming week will be a short one for me, just Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, before I have Friday & Saturday off again, and then I start into my winter schedual of working Sunday through Thursday. YEAH!!!!!

Have a Blessed Day!


sammy_bunny said...

I was going to be really impressed if you said that you made the quilt. LOL. That's a tough pattern!

Glad your weekend is going well. I don't usually break things when I'm working around the house but I always end up make a huge mess first. I feel the need to spread everything out so I can organize.

Niobium said...

I didn't realize you were blogging Kati. I'm sorry I haven't been by sooner.

I'm jealous of the knitting. I so can't knit.

Kati said...

Hey Nio!! That's ok. Actually, it's not knit. I don't knit very well either. It's crochet. But thanks either way!!!

Tell ya what, you ever get up my way, I'll give you a crochet lesson.