Friday, September 29, 2006


Yep, there's that 4 letter word we all dread. ;) Well, roughly six weeks ago (mid August) when the fire-weed blossomed to the top, and started cottoning out, I told Dh, DD, and Dad we'd have snow before Sept. was over. Sure enough, today, Sept 29th, and it's snowing. Been a rainy, drizzly day all day, and now it's snowing, with snow actually sticking to roof-tops and yards, though melting on the roads as soon as it hits. I don't think this'll be a real sticking-snow, but this is it. The first snow of Winter 2006 for us. *sigh*

Tomorrow's the birthday party, and I can't WAIT till it's over. I've had several people ask me today (MIL, best friend's mom, 2 other friends) what DD wants for her birthday. I'm tempted to tell them to just give her a swift kick to the hind end. ;)

DH & FIL are heading north for moose & caribou hunting next weekend. And DH is out this evening with a good friend who's got a couple of bulls lingering in HIS neighbourhood that he wants DH to take a shot at. This friend already has his bull for the year, as well as a grizz. that charged him 2 days ago on a run South that he'd made. So, he's hoping DH will bag his limit this year. I told DH I don't care if he brings home a big-ass moose, a small-ass moose, so long as he hauls one home. LOL We certainly could do with the meat for the winter.

We decided, yesterday, to go in on a pig with our next-door neighbour. He & his wife (also DD's guardians, should anything happen to DH & I) get one every year, but always have a hell of a time trying to find somebody to split it with. As a couple of empty-nesters, they really don't need a whole pig to themselves (these are 300 lb porkers, evidently), so they go halfsies, and split the cost as well. We decided that at roughly $200 for half a pig, we'd go ahead & do it. That's approx. 2 dollars a pound. Not bad, when you consider the prices we pay at the grocery store are seldom lower than 2.50 a pound. DH & I have been talking about doing this with a cow for a couple of years now. If the moose & caribou hunting didn't go well. And probably best of all, this pig will be locally raised (just south of us in the closest farming community to my little town). And the cow, if we end up doing that as well, will likely be a Black Angus raised right here in town. We won't get the cow (actually 1/4 of a cow) till closer to Christmas, though, if we do decide to do that. But, all in all it'll be a hell of a lot cheaper than purchasing individual steaks and roasts & such from the grocery store. So, for the winter, I'll actually be eatting local!!!!! *grin*

Have a Blessed Day!


Michelle said...

All I can say is....BWAHAHAHAHAHA! :-D

Actually, I would love to see snow right now. Or, really, water in any form (that doesn't come out of a faucet). Or proper trees. But I can't see proper trees in Alaska, so I'll stick to wanting to see water in all of it's lovely states.

I hope the birthday party went well and my darling niece was, well, a darling!

Kati said...

You can see proper trees here!!! Birch trees, but still proper!!! ;) I mean, remember those big-arse birch trees in our front yard (Dad's house)?!?! Maybe not maple & oak, but still proper.

The snow has all melted & it got down to at least 30 deg. last night (It was actually 30 when I got up at 9:15 this morning). So we had a yucky frost last night. Today looks to be partly cloudy & cool. Winter is here. *sigh*

Gotta go post about the party really quickly. Then off to work.