Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Hugs, not bombs......


Wow!!!! That is what the world needs more of!!!

We had a bomb scare here in my town, yesterday, just a few blocks away from my workplace, and in a neighbourhood (1st St. through 4th St. were cordoned off for safety purposes) that DH drives through to and from work every day. A non-descript black backpack with what appeared to be a pipe-bomb inside was found in a parking garage by employees there. The local Army bomb squad was called in and they sand-bagged the backpack then detonated it, to ensure that it didn't go off unexpectedly. Nobody was hurt, and whether it was somebody's idea of a joke or not, it was a terror threat.

It doesn't make me scared, but it makes me incredibly sad that this has touched my town. That this past spring we had a dozen middle school students (from MY middle school, the one my daughter will also go to someday) suspended, and 6 arrested, in a shooting plot that was almost to "go" stage. It makes me sooooo sad. And I am sitting here crying, watching that video and wishing that instead of crazy people standing in a busy place and exploding bombs on their body, wishing there were more crazy-happy people standing in crowded places offering innocent hugs to their fellow human beings.

3 school shootings in 7 days. Innocent little Amish girls dying for one man's anger & pain. People thinking they will best get their point across through violence to another. Would that more of us have the courage to be like THIS man who was brave enough to put himself on the line & give out hugs..... To perfect strangers.

What if all we really need to do to make a difference for the better is hug. Not just your family, but your friends, but your aquaintances, but people you only see in passing, but strangers. Even if you started with family & friends. Who are your family & friends going to hug??? Their family & friends. As we start to hug more often, we grow more comfortable with hugging, and so do those around us. Give it a try. I dare you. I'm going to. I'm not only going to hug my daughter goodbye, anymore, I'm going to hug her friends. I'm going to give my friends hugs when I see them.

Maybe the loving touch, a hug, from a fellow human is the best thing we can do to help heal this world. Maybe instead of shooting glares & guns, holding hands & hugging, giving somebody a warm hand on their shoulder or arm, maybe that's the best thing we really can do for this world.

Have a Blessed Day.

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Connie Peterson said...

Hugs are good .. hugs are great!

I hug my children and grandchildren and friends and relatives and anyone that will let me hug them!

It is so sad that angry people can destroy precious life and not try to get past the anger and fix things for themselves or find help!

Hugging is the way to go!