Saturday, October 21, 2006

What have I been working on???

Well, I can finally post a picture of what I spent a lot of the last month working on. One of my online groups has had a Samhain exchange for the last 3 years in which we make (or purchase) something for our exchange partner's house, based on decorating for Samhain/Halloween. This took a couple of days to crochet (the base of the wall-hanging) then almost a month to cross-stitch (the pumpkin & bat). My first ever cross-stitched project, and I can't say as I really liked it all that much. Oh, it turned out ok (though, not quite as exact as the pattern I used), but it was a pain in the neck to actually stitch. ;) I think I'll stick to crochet!

Going to have to get a pic of my latest project up, next. It's my very first apron! Won't say anything else about it till I get a picture of it. ;)

Other than that, it's been work, work, work. I had Wed. off for Alaska Day. DH & DD were somewhat annoyed, as neither of THEM had the day off. Can't say as I minded! *wink*

DD's got her first hockey game of the season, this afternoon. She has also started practicing with an older group of girls, as well as her own team, and it's really helping her with her goalie skills, even after just 2 practices with them. These older girls are ages 12 to 14, and they are VERY nice toward DD, much more so than DD's own team of 7-10 year olds. DD got hit in the face-mask by a 50 mph hour puck, shot by the coach, at her first practice with these older girls, and they all showed a lot of concern for her. Not that she needed it. She got right back in front of the net & continued doing her thing. She saved over half the shots taken on her, and most of them were glove or blocker saves (ie: blocked them as they came UP at her, not on the ice), not stick and leg-pads. The coach said she's a heck of a lot better than even he suspected, esp. for only 9 years old (and he was her coach last year). So, we'll see how today's game goes. Hopefully she kicks butt! *bwg*

Have a Blessed Day!


Michelle said...

Yay! How did the game go? I bet she was wonderful! And, if there were some stumbles, I hope that, at least, she was having fun!

Hooray for crafty things! I have some knitting that I need to get done. And I want to start painting again. But for now I have 120 undergraduate papers to read. *groan*


Kati said...

Hey Shelli!!!

Well, the game did not go very well, actually. DD was hoping for a shut-out, instead her team got shut-out. DD's team lost 11 to 0. HOWEVER, those 11 goals made on DD??? Well, let's just say that for every 4 shots taken on her, she let 1 through. So, if you multiply 11 goals made by 4, you've got at least 44 shots taken on her. (Yes, I was counting, a bit, though I couldn't tell you the EXACT number of shots taken on DD.) Saving 33 of 44 shots is still pretty damn good!

In comparison, our team got 4, FOUR, shots taken on the other team. The other team had practices, AS A TEAM, all summer long, and they've been playing positions all summer. Our team just started practices AS A TEAM at the end of Sept, and they haven't yet started playing positions. A couple of those girls (2, 3 at most, not including DD) did participate in those Sunday practices all summer, but by no means was the whole team a part of it. So, they're just starting to get accustomed to skating together. All 3 coaches (for our team) seemed to be pretty optimistic about our chances with more practice, and all 3 said DD did a darn good job out there!

So, that's how it went. I had to chuckle, though because K. and little K. showed up, as did Dad. Dad was sitting there with me, right in front of at least 3 other parents of DD's team-mates, going on about how much better the other team was doing, how our girls were really dropping the ball.....

K. saw a couple of people she knew (parents of opposing team members) and kept trying to talk across me & other parents who were watching the game. I realized WHY she goes to so many hockey games. It's not because she so totally enjoys hockey (in fact, she couldn't think of some of the terms, kept calling the periods "innings"). It's her version of "to see & be seen"! She goes to talk. She goes to show off. She was all over the place bragging that the goalie on our team was her niece, until we started losing obviously, then she just focused on catching up with the couple of people she knew (one of whom is a coworker of hers). Another time she's shouting across several people (myself included) to an aquaintance about how she'll be moving in Feb. or March, how she's getting married as soon as her fiancee gets back from Iraq, etc. I finally told her that I was trying to watch the game & please go talk to her friend up top, instead of shouting across those of us who were trying to watch the game. And she kept trying to talk to me about inconsequential stuff, while I'm sitting there rooting on DD & our team. *rolling eyes* What was that park in London called, where all the fancy folk go to stroll, in all the regency romance novels??? I think K. sees hockey games as the Fairbanks version of that. And she obviously considers herself one of the "fine folk" who shows up to see whom else is worth hanging with, and whom else to snub. *wry smile*

Anyway, got a lot of snow last night (it's still coming down), so I've gotta get off & get headed in to work rather early, today. The roads are bound to be nasty, and the snow is still coming down pretty quickly.

TurtleHeart said...

Your cross stitch looks good! I don't have the patience for x-stitch either, I'd rather stick with crochet any day!

Bummer about your daughter's team losing, but sounds like she played one heck of a game.

Kati said...

Hey Turtleheart!!! I'm with you about crochet!!! It's my "first love". Although I've gotten to where I do like being able to sew things. Maybe not the actual process so much as the fact that I can, and the finished project. But, it's something, at least. (And, that is, as long as my sewing machine isn't giving me fits.)