Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Party....

Well, it's over. Thank the Gods. It went fairly well. Only about half of DD's friends showed up, but that was still 10 kids (not to mention a few younger ones that she's not really friends with, but were still on the invite list: cousin & friends of the fam.).

DH went & ordered a half-sheet cake, so we've still got roughly half a cake left. *sigh* Gotta pawn some off on the inlaws & the next-door-neighbours. ;) Tay got a few cd's, a few new toys, and money. My Aunt & Uncle in TX sent her a Dallas Stars jersey, which will ONLY be worn out to special outtings (hockey games, dinner out, but NOT to school, and always over something else so it can be taken off to keep it clean.) And her Heely's. And DAMN was she thrilled with those Heely's. She can't seem to get the hang of them, though. ;) Told her she's gotta ask a couple of her team-mates to show her how to skate on them. LOL It requires lifting the toe & gliding one foot in front of the other. She keeps trying to put her toe down & stumbles. LOL

Almost all the kids took a turn in the batting cages, some of them more than 1 turn (which was fine, DH paid 35 dollars for an hours worth for our exclusive use of the cage). Found out a couple of these kids can hit!!! Dude can they ever!!!! And a couple couldn't. Got a chuckle out of watching DH & his best buddy try. Man.... DH hit maybe 4 balls of 20. His buddy didn't hit a single ball. That was hilarious. The first round, DD hit maybe 12 of her 20, the second round she only missed 2. Her best friend, though, hit about 15 of the 20 in the only round she did. Dang!

Dd wasn't perfect, she was too busy playing air-hockey to want to stop and say goodbye & thank you to her guests as they left. It was more of a quick "thanks" tossed over her shoulder. But she wasn't greedy or ungrateful for the gifts she was given, either. She said a nice, proper thank-you to every one of her friends as she was opening her gifts.

A fairly good birthday party, in all. I did forget the paper towels, but other than that managed to remember everything else that needed to be brought: knife for cutting/serving the cake, candles, lighter, plates & forks, cups, juice, and even a trash bag (which was a good thing as they didn't have a trash bin in the room). Everything, except the remaining cake, got hauled home in the trunk of my car, with plenty of room to spare, so there wasn't nearly an overload of gifts. Thank goodness because an overload of gifts would not fit in my daughter's room. As it is she's got a bin each of Polly Pockets and Bratz dolls that she doesn't play with, and a toy-box & an hammock of stuffed animals that don't get used. But then again, once a kid gets to 9 or 10 years old, anymore, they don't want toys so much as they want things like cds, and boom-boxes and such.

Ok, gotta head to work. But just had to post (for my sister's sake) how the party went.

Have a Blessed Day!


Michelle said...

Yay! Thanks! I had a feeling that the wheelies would be a hit when she mentioned to me that she was saving all of her birthday money to buy some. :-) Now she'll have to start saving for some other fun thing.

A question - do you think she would like my old iPod? That would require that you have an iTunes thing on your computer and have uploaded/downloaded music onto the computer. When I got my laptop, though, I got a free iPod as part of the deal and so don't need my old one. My first thought was that T. might like it. My guess is that it's still got a year or two of life in it. Any thoughts?

Kati said...

Thanks, but no thanks. I mean, I'm sure she'd like it, but she cranks up the tunes on her radio, as it is. I'd hate to see the damage she could do to her ears (and you know she's already had problems with them in the past) if she had an ipod on all the time (which, she would). No.... Too many kids at her age and up (and I see them in at work ALL THE TIME) don't seem to understand about keeping the volume at a level that won't ruin their eardrums.

Actually, as for spending the birthday money, Scott & I gave her a couple of ideas yesterday. I reminded her that at $66, as she has now, she's only a month or so (of allowances) away from being able to afford her own American Girl doll. Heck, at the rate she earns money ($5 a week, allowance) she could have an AG doll before Christmas, before Kiara!!!! ;) She thought that'd be cool. And she's been asking for one of them for over a year. (I'm not terribly inclined to buy her another doll when she doesn't play with the ones she's got now, but if she wants to spend HER money on it, it's a decent way to spend that $$ if she's got to. And she's more likely to appreciate it if it's something SHE bought.)

Scott suggested that if she wants a TV any time soon, she could soon afford one, also if she saves her b-day money & allowances for a little while longer. She could probably even get one with a DVD/VCR built in. A small 17 or 19 inch, but still her own TV. And no, we would NOT be hooking her into the satelite dish system. She needs access to 400 channels like she needs another hole in her head. It'd be for watching DVDS & videos, and playing this new scooby video game (games IN the controller, that's shaped like the Mystery Machine) she goet for her b-day.

So, she's been given a couple of ideas. We'll let her stew on them for a while. But it's her decision. She may see something else totally cool that she wants, ya know!!!

Connie Peterson said...

And happy birthday to your little one, too!!!

What, pray tell, are "heelies" ??? An old grandma, out of touch with reality, needs to know!!

Sounds like a great party, one I am glad I missed ... I like the family ones and bow out of the kiddie ones at Joy's house!!

My grand girls both have American Dolls .. I couldn't resist getting them for the girls - and they play with them almost as much as the Barbies....