Thursday, November 16, 2006

If I could do ANYTHING????

I snagged this from Steph ( ). She asked: if money, ecology, time, and pride were no consideration, what would I do???

I would....
....have a degree in Archaeology, and be on some fascinating hunt for human herstory
....would be able to Irish Step dance a Reference Librarian (Someday!!!! This one IS achievable.)
....speak Gaelic, French and German fluently, and be able to read Egyptian hiroglyphs (sp??)
....share my home with (almost put "own") a cat
....Travel the world (Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England, France, Toledo Spain, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Egypt, India, Thailand, many others, and many places here in the States.....)

I, too, feel like this is an awfully short list. Have all my dreams disappeared??? It seems that I had more, when I was in middle & high school.

I DO speak minimal German & French, but also get them frequently mixed up, which doesn't help matters.

I can't dance to save my life.

With a child & a husband and a job that I DO love, the chances of ever having that degree in Archaeology, and going on fascinating digs, is very slim.

Someday I WILL be a reference librarian, but for now that dream is put on hold while all my time is put into my job (as a library page) and my daughter's dreams (playing hockey in the Olympics).

With my husband's allergies to cats, that dream is unachievable as well.

As for the traveling, I WILL travel some day. DH keeps telling me that I will never be able to afford it. I tell him that come hell or high water, I WILL travel some day and he can darn well stop shooting that dream down!!! And first on my list IS Ireland. Has always been Ireland, and probably WILL always be Ireland.

So, if you had NOTHING holding you back, what would you do?

Have a Blessed Day!


Anonymous said...

Not sure what I'd do.

Michelle said...'s a partial list:

1) I would learn French and German.
2) I'd write my dissertation from a beach on the southern coast of Crete
3) I would become a master potter.
4) I would learn how to paint properly
5) I would go to cullinary school
6) I would learn how to take good pictures, get a great camera, and then take photo safari trips. First trip would be to someplace like Venice or Istambul.
7) I would build my dream house with the absolutely best kitchen ever in that dream house. And then I'd spend much of my time cooking new and interesting things.

Steph said...

fabulous list!

TurtleHeart said...

Great list! We have quite a few dreams in common. :-)