Wednesday, November 08, 2006

It has started.....

Four months ago, yesterday, to the day, I went off my Depo Provera (birth control). And, exactly 4 months to the day, I got my first period. Wow!!!! I'd forgotten how unpleasant those can be. And it was a short (the entire thing in one day!) period, for that matter, and a mild one. Bled only the tiniest amount, had a nasty little back-ache, a bit of queasy-ness, and a LOT of pissy-ness (bone-head patrons at work didn't help that!). But, by the time I went to bed, it was over. I'm guessing I won't be quite so lucky next time. *wry smile* Whenever that next time rolls around. The Dr. told me, prior to having my surgery, that it could take about a year for my body to get back to a normal cycle. (Back??? I don't know that I EVER had a normal cycle!!!) So, for now that means carry-ing a bag-ful of supplies with me to work, every day! I do have one friend who was on the same kind of birth control (for only 6 months, at that) and took a few years to get back to a "normal" cycle, and says now she's got 2 days a month of misery, and it's over till the next month. Not an EASY cycle, but a short "normal" cycle. I think I could handle that. I hope that's the route my body decides to go. Until my cycle reaches "normal", I'll be taking herbal suppliments to encourage my body to a healthy rhythm, drinking herbal "women's health" tea (nasty flavor!). Because I really, really don't like the thought of a year-long PMS-fest. And neither does DH. When he found out that this could take a year or so, he asked FIL (mostly jokingly) if he could move back in. FIL's response was that MIL is going through menopause right now, so maybe the two of them should just take the truck & camper & not come back (mostly seriously!).

I told DH that I'll try to give him plenty of warning and will do my best to not lay into him & DD, but that it would not be a bad idea if he took that warning seriously & gave me plenty of room, help & chocolate, when the warning has been issued. *wink*

Have a Blessed Day!


Connie Peterson said...

I remember those days very well. Unfortunately, most of the time was BPI (before pill invented). Once I got on the pill for a few years, things straightened out and then I wasn't quite so miserable. After I stopped taking the pill, it didn't take me a year, but I got pregnant right away and lost the baby (I am sure it was due to the pill's effects). My menopause was a piece of cake - the gods must have been paying me back for the suffering I did during my early years!

You say you are in the "North Pole" ... what is the nearest city to you or is North Pole a real name for a real place?


Kati said...

Hey Connie!!! Well, pregnancy hopefully won't be an option for me, considering I had my tubes tied (well, one tube tied, the other ovary was completely removed due to a cantelope sized cyst) before I went off my BC. Emailing you about the North Pole Question.