Saturday, November 11, 2006

Lazy dogs.....

Just sitting here, reading through email & browsing the web, and I turned around & see my two mutts laying there behind me, asleep. They both opened their eyes, of course, when they saw the flash, but it was still kinda funny. DH & DD have gone off to watch a hockey game & left me here, home alone, with my mutts, for a quiet night. Ahhhh bliss. Going to get off & do a bit of crocheting, pop in a movie, have a couple more hours of peace to myself.

Oh, and DD's team WON their game today. The final score was 6 to 3, one of our team-members had a hat trick (one person making 3 goals in one game) plus 1!!!!! It was awesome, and all of us proud hockey moms wound up with sore throats from yelling & hooting & screaming encouragement to our daughters. It was fun!!!! And it was a fun game, all in all. A well played game. No penalties. No crying as the kids (ours or theirs) came off ice. They were pretty evenly matched, except for this one little girl (the one with the hat trick) who's one seriously tiny power-house. I mean, the girl is 8 years old, tiny, fast, great with the puck handling. Yep, we were some pretty proud mamas. And it was rather funny, listening to them troop into the locker room, about 4 or 5 of them halp-hazardly singing "We Are The Champions", missing words & out of sync & out of tune, but funny!!!!

Anyway, just had to share a pic of the pups (and please pardon the mess, this is our computer/"storage" room, the catch-all area of our house), and post a quick note about how DD's latest game went.

Have a Blessed Day!


sammy_bunny said...

What cute (and lazy!) dogs. My own lazy dog is usually laying behind me when I'm on the computer too.

Michelle said...

Yay!!! to T. winning her game! Give her a big ol' wet kiss for me!

The doggies look cute. I've had to restrain myself from taking similar pictures of the kitties. Dusty is so adorable. I'll be sitting in my livingroom working on something or watching the telly and Dusty will be zonked out on the couch next to me, dead to the world. I'll get up and move into the office to type something and I'll turn around and she'll have followed me into the office and is now sleeping on a chair I have in there, dead to the world. It's just so sweet that she wants to sleep in the same room that I'm working in and will wake up, follow me, and then zonk out again in the new room. I *heart* my Dusty.

Oh...and Adele? She's become a cat that kneads. In the chest (ahem, breast) area. I mean, she's cute. And I clip her nails. But still. Other bits of me are also squishy...can't she choose ANOTHER place to knead?! I swear to god.