Monday, December 11, 2006

Christmas Shopping....

I try not to go overboard when I do my shopping. I like finding one gift per family member that really fits them. I think I've found that for my mom & middle sis. I'd be sure about my baby sis if it wasn't for her history of being rather uppity. Dad has made it clear that he's trying to clear out the house, so please don't get him anything that isn't reusable or temporary, so he gets a GC (to buy with it what he wants). Sis's fiancee & daughter will also get GCs (fiancee because I don't know him well enough to know what he likes, really; niece for reasons previously mentioned).

For DH, I've got a couple of ideas (an Earnhardt Jr. hat, and either a new Jr. license-plate cover thingy, or the Ron White book _They Call Me Tater Salad_).

For DD, however, I've been hitting a wall. For her, I follow the rule of 4: Something she wants, something she needs, something to wear, and something to read.

The something she wants, this year, will be a Nintendo DS-something-or-other that DH bought for her.

The something she needs.... A good swift kick in the pants! (Ok, not really. I will probably wind up combining this with the something to wear.)

The Something to wear is HOPEFULLY going to be a bathrobe. This is that wall I've been hitting. I cannot seem to find a reasonably priced bathrobe sized for a pre-teen, that doesn't cost horrible amounts in S&H. Oh, I found one lovely ballerina length robe that was priced only 24.99, but they wanted 24.50 in S&H to Alaska. Another pretty, embroidered (with her name) bathrobe, but they wanted $60 dollars for it (only $8 S&H, however). I DID look at a couple of places here in town (big W. and s-e-a-r-s) and didn't see any pre-teen sized bathrobes. They have adult womens (ankle length). They have toddlers. Neither of which would fit my 4-1/2 foot tall daughter. *sigh* If anybody has any online stores they may know about (and I must hurry if I plan to have this for her by Christmas), LET ME KNOW!!!!!!! Please!!!!! I'm begging.

As for the "Something to read", well, that's simple as always. 10 minutes in my local Waldenbooks & I should be able to fill that category.

Oh, and stocking stuffers. Another brick wall. In our house DH & I provide the gifts under the tree & Santa provides the stocking stuffers. What to get a pre-teen for stocking stuffers, when there's really nothing she NEEDS??? She needed chap-stick (actually, Bonne Bell is what she ususally gets), got it at the grocery a couple of weeks ago (because one really doesn't want to have to wait till Christmas morning to get much needed chapstick). Thought about getting her the Kelly Pickler CD for her stocking. Guess what DH picked up yesterday as they were out christmas shopping. And it was already opened & listened to by the time I got home. A handful of crystals. There's an option. But she's got so stinking many crystals (and other rocks) floating around her room as it is..... That child BETTER study geology in college, of all the rocks she collects. Jewelry..... Yeah, like she needs any more! Can't seem to climb over these brick walls, this year.

I have yet to do any Christmas baking. Which I miss. I remember all the cookies & goodies Mom used to make: Pecan Tassies, Mexican Wedding Cakes, Sugar cookies, Spritz, magic cookie bars, fudge, to name just a few. I'm lucky if I can churn out 2 batches of cookies, at all, each year. I want to do more. Really I do. I just don't know where the time goes.

I've got a box of Christmas cards sitting here next to me, and ornaments for an ornament exchange I'm taking part in. And neither are quite ready to be sent out. And for my exchange friends in Canada & Australia, that means they won't get their cards &/or ornaments till after Christmas at this rate. *sigh*

Can I take the next 2 weeks off work & just get all this Christmas stuff out of the way. I enjoy Christmas, I really do, but why does it always seem like it's so stressful???? And for that matter, all the effort that goes into 1 day of celebration, and it's all over. *sigh* It's THIS kind of thing that makes me wish I was a SAHM again. Not because I enjoyed being a SAHM so fantasticly, but because it meant I had TIME. I love my job, but THIS is why I don't work a 40 hour week, even though I've been offered that extra work time. Even with only 30 hours of work a week, I still barely manage to get other things done.

Hope You Have a Blessed Day!


Michelle said...

I can look at Target and see if there are any decent bathrobes and pick one up for her and you can just reimburse me. Although that would take the decision about what it would look like somewhat out of your hands.

About stocking stuffers - how about little crafts projects things? Is she just not too into it? How about hockey/football/baseball cards? She's about the age to start getting into that stuff.

(Speaking of your daughter - I got her this and I very much hope she likes it!)

About baking. saw my big baking (erm...melting and mixing?) project already! I'm going to a Christmas party on Saturday and hope to make sugar cookies for it (or perhaps a bourbon bread pudding. I haven't yet made up my mind)...but that's about it for me this year.

Anonymous said...

you sound busy with the holidays

Kati said...

Hey Shelli! If you wanna look at Target for me, we'd definitely reimburse you. I really don't care exactly what it looks like (though S. was thinking Scooby would be cool). My main concern is that it not be too long for her. All the robes I've seen have either been ankle length on full-grown women, or made for toddlers. Even as tall as T. is, she'd swim in an full-size robe. A women's "ballet length" (knee length) would fit her, probably. Anyway, if you wouldn't mind looking for me... I'll email you. ;) THANK YOU!

Peppy: well, not as busy with Holiday stuff as I'd like. More busy with other stuff. The stuff that happens all the time, all year round.