Monday, May 19, 2008


So, when folks ask WHY I'm always so tired...... I often simply say that it's because I'm a Mom. Recently my dad jumped all over me, telling me that even as a Mom, this doesn't explain why I'm always so tired. That I ought to get myself BACK in to see the Dr and have MORE bloodtests to find out why I'm always so tired. *sigh* And he actually got pissy with me about my insistance that it's more because Tay took 5 years to sleep through the night, and STILL isn't always good about that.

So, now that it's summer, we've told Tay she can stay out till 10 pm, but bedtime during the week is 11 pm. That's just what happened last night, and I went immediately to take my shower and get ready for bed myself. It was 12:15 when I climbed into bed myself. At 12:57, I felt a nudge on my shoulder, and open my eyes to see Tay standing in front of me on the side of the bed. She said she couldn't sleep. So, I followed her back to her room, tucked her BACK in, and told her that if she couldn't sleep maybe she should read for a little bit. Then I went back to bed myself.

1:30, I feel a tap on my shoulder again, pry out my earplug, and the kiddo is saying she can't sleep still. *sigh* Once again, follow her back to her room, tell her that if she can't sleep, AGAIN, she needs to either read for a bit or even pop in a quiet movie and watch it for a while. (She now has a good size TV and a DVD player in her bedroom.) Then I kissed her and went back to bed.

Just as I was dozing back off again, 2:30 now, guess who tapps me on the shoulder again. This time, Scott woke up too and told her to go the hell back to bed and watch a movie or read a book and STOP waking us up because WE have to work in the morning.

Then, of course, in his getting ready for work this morning, Scott was jostling the bed just a bit and making just enough noise that he woke me up a bit. So, after 6:30 what sleeping was done was a fitful tossing and turning.

My alarm clock was set originally for 8:30, I reset it for 9:30 instead. And guess who decided to come wake me up at 9:00 am this morning?!?!

So, when I say I don't get enough sleep because I'm a mom, you understand why I say that.

Have a Blessed Day!


KAYLEE said...

my email addy is

KAYLEE said...

Just wanted to let you know I am thinking about you.........

Sian said...

I know precisely what you mean! :) Sleep deprivation is the worst!

Tori_z said...

My Mam had the same problem with one of my brothers. He was (and still is, to my knowledge) one of those who can be bouncing around full of energy after like 20 minutes of sleep (if that) while the rest of us are exhausted because we could have done with 8 hours or so and he "couldn't sleep" so kept waking us. I think he was around Tey's age when my Mam finally got sick of it and persuaded him (somehow) to at least stay in his room and do something quietly and let the rest of the world get some rest.

You'll have to try and find a way to get that message through to Tey too. Then at least you'll get some sleep, even if she stays awake all night.

But, for the record, if Tey sleeps that little then I know where you're coming from, because I watched my Mam go through it with Carl. I was lucky, I was just his sister so unless he got overly noisy I was able to go back to sleep, Mam however... Well... Some nights she was lucky if she got 8 minutes of sleep, let alone 8 hours! So, yeah, I understand when you say you're so tired because you're a "Mom"


barefoot gardener said...

Boy, that sounds familiar. At least my kid keeps me from sleeping during the day rather than at night (most of the time).

Good luck training Tay to stay in her room after bedtime!

whimsical brainpan said...

I am so sorry. Have you thought about slipping vodka in her drink before bedtime (this is why I am not a mom)?

Celticspirit said...

Can't you just tie her to the bed? That's what my ex Mother In law did to her kids when they were little. I was just joking of course but she really did do this!