Friday, May 02, 2008

Gimme a Freakin' Break!!!!

So, I just got a call from the Dr. about the results of my ultrasound a couple of weeks back. She's been trying to get ahold of me since Monday, but my schedual has had me at work every time she's tried calling. Now finally, she was able to get through. Kinda wish she hadn't, though, because now I'm stressing a bit.

Ok, remember, I had my left ovary removed 2 years ago because it had an accompanying cyst the size of a small cantelope. The right was in good condition without any sign of any cysts.

The results from the ultrasound showed that I now have multiple cysts in the space where my left ovary was, the largest of which is about an inch and a half in diameter. (1.5 inches, or over 3 centimeters) My right ovary (the only one I still retain) has a single smaller cyst attached.

I'm just peeved beyond belief about this!!! I mean.... I'm finally starting to feel healthy. I was worried about an ectopic, but I didn't figure for a moment they'd actually find any cysts.

Now, the Dr wants me to come back in 3 months for another Ultrasound to see what these cysts are doing. If they've grown, or increased in number, I'll be in for more tests to see what's going on.

The only GOOD news is that the radiologist seemed to feel the cysts are benign and not cancerous, otherwise I would've been in for more tests NOW instead of 3 months from now.

But..... I just feel like we can't get a break. It's always, ALWAYS something, it seems.


Scott took my car to the dealership this morning to have it looked at because of the squealing noise it makes. He'd taken it in back in March, and he was told that this is a NORMAL sound for this make of vehical to make. *shaking head* What a load of bull!!! Well, the sound only got worst and more constant. So he took it back in today. Turns out the Serpentine belt was loose and needed to be tightened up. That's what my coworker, CM, suggested when she first heard the sound back in Feb. when I got the car. But nooooo, according to the dealership then, that's a sound that's "Normal" for this car. *snort* Idiots.

Scott told them that if the sound didn't clear up, he was going to bring the car right back in NEXT Friday and they were going to have a look at it again, and he'd keep bringing it back till they fix the problem. We'll see.


Because he took my car, I walked to school with the kiddo and her two friends. It was a nice, sunny, breezy morning. Made for a nice little 15 minute walk. Then when I finished, I walked home, stopping in at the library to say hi to my former coworker and the other librarians before finishing my walk home. It took me about a half-hour to get home, because I stopped in at the lib. for 10 or so and checked the mail. But again, a nice day for it. Man.... I actually had to peel off my jacket, though, as I came into the neighbourhood because it was so warm.

After I got home I spent a bit of time outside watering my flower bed (which has a ton of little green sprouts showing up already. I wonder if I planted my flower seeds to thickly this spring. *grin* Unfortunately my irises at the bottom of the yard hadn't come up. I'd thought that the seeds might be small enough that the snow we got immediately afterwards might soak them into the ground like with the other flower seeds. Not so. Evidently they need to be pressed in and covered over lightly. So, I took more iris seeds out and did just that, then watered even more.

This afternoon the clouds have blown back in so it's semi-overcast, and the wind has picked up a bit. But, it was still nice enough today that I had the windows along the front of the house open from 1 pm (when I got home) till 6. And I haven't yet turned the furnace back on, though I'll do that before I go to bed tonight. But, lately we're keeping it set at about 65 all day & night, instead of 68. With the weather warming up outside, even though we may still need the furnace, we don't need it set quite as warm.

Which is a good thing because we're down to less than 50 gal. in the fuel tank. We're debating whether we should get it refilled NOW (knowing that we'd pay almost $1800 with the price it's at now) or wait till we're more likely to have ALL the money (we've only got just over a grand in savings right now), but prices will likely be higher. *sigh* The nice thing is that with pulling Tay out of daycare, we're actually building up a bit of savings finally. The bad thing is that there always seems to be SOMETHING to come along & take a nice chunk of that savings away from us. (Like the ultrasound. Like filling the fuel tank. Like a vehicular issue. Like Scott needing more dental work.)


Ok. I think that pretty well covers things for now.

Have a Blessed Day!


Robin said...

At least it was a pretty day?

I feel your pain. Truly.

Em said...

Oh Kati, I really hope all the ultrasound stuff turns out benign and they can stop driving you crazy with that stuff.

And the car...god, I hate car crap. Mechanics are never actually helpful.

Connie Peterson said...

I can't believe your plants are up already .. I haven't even STARTED to plant seeds yet!!

Sorry to hear about the cysts ... hope they either go away or sit there and not do anything.

I like your new look on the blog - of course I would --- it's like mine!!! :)


Tori_z said...

I'm sorry to hear about the medical news. *hugs* At least the day was nice and you were able to enjoy some warm weather though, :)

I hope the problem with your car is sorted now and that Scott doesn't have to keep taking it back to have it sorted every week.

whimsical brainpan said...

Oh hon I am so sorry to hear about the cysts. (((HUGS)))

Your co-worker was right, if something makes that kind of noise on a car it usually is a belt.

I'm glad it's is warming up and you can see your plant sprouting.