Sunday, May 25, 2008

Lots & Lots of Pictures

First, the concert pics! Scott took a whole bunch. Not all of them turned out very well, but..... Here the are. I'm just going to post them one after another. Trace Adkins is the big guy holding either a mike or a guitar and standing in front of a mike.

Last but not least, here is a pic of the kiddo enjoying her first REAL concert. She said it was much better than the Daryl Worley concert she saw at the fair a couple of years back. *grin* Scott said he blinded her with the camera. He forgot that it was set on "indoor party" mode with like a dozen flashes before it actually clicks the picture.

Next, my weekly Independence Days Challenge update:
Suffice it to say it was a relatively sucky week here, as far as that goes:
Planted: Nothing
Harvested: Well, yeah, yesterday I DID harvest something finally.
This is dandilion greens. I knew I was making meatloaf for dinner.... What does one usually make with meatloaf but mashed potatoes, of course? And rather than regular ol' mashed potatoes, I've taken a liking to "Colcannon", which is simply potatoes with some greens added to the boiling then mashed together with half & half and butter. Somewhat healthier than JUST potatoes. I decided I'd do dandilion greens instead of the cabbage I usually use. So I went out along the south side of my house and picked handfuls of any clumps of dandilions that weren't already sprouting flowers. I got about 2 cups worth and figured that'd be good enough.
The hubby damned near threw a temper tantrum over the thought of eatting weeds, but finally decided to suck it up and give it a try.
This next pic is my Cooked. It's not a new recipe, but I DID use a new ingredient. This is simply the potatoes for the colcannon before I added the dandilion greens to the pot.
Tended: Well, I think my 5 little pots of seedlings in the kitchen window would qualify. Actually, only 4 pots have seedlings, the 5th seedling hasn't shown up and isn't likely to at this point. The two big ones in front are cucumbers. One's a "Bushy" type, the other is a "Parade". The two little ones in the back on either end are "Stupice" Tomatoes. These are going to be planted here at my house. I know where I'm going to put one of the tomatoes, but not the other yet. I also know where I'm going to put the cucumbers.
Preserve something: Nothing.
Make Preparations: Nada
Managed Reserves: Nope
Work on/Toward local Food System: Sure didn't.
Composted Something (or, reduced waste): Composted, yes. Otherwise reducing waste: Nope. As a matter of fact, it seems like every time I try to reduce waste, by using rags instead of paper towels for example, the kiddo spills something and winds up using half a roll of paper towels to clean it up instead of just grabbing a rag and doing the job properly. *sigh*
Learned a New Skill: No, but I DID learn that Bronchitis often comes with the added side-effect of making one feel that one has been run over by a steam-roller. Ok, so that's information learned, not a skill. *wry smile*
Suffice to to say, because of said bronchitis issue this week, I didn't get a hell of a lot done. Hopefully now that the worst of the illness is (hopefully!) over, I can get on with my life. Because summer's too short to waste on being sick.
Besides, we've gotta get the seedlings over at the FIL's house into the ground tomorrow, and there are definitely enough that it's going to take all able hands. I guess none of the peppers ever did come up, but everything else finally did. INCLUDING the eggplant! *grin*

I think this pretty well covers it for the week.
Have a Blessed Day!


Ashley Ladd said...

Looks like you had a fun concert.

I need to get a move on and plant more edible plants beyond just the bananas. I had planted some other fruit trees in the back yard a couple years ago but the dogs ate them - the whole trees. Either ate or somehow killed them.

whimsical brainpan said...

I'm so glad you made it to the concert!

So how did you like the dandelions with the potatoes?

Connie Peterson said...

Finally catching up with you, now. About your bronchitis ... it ain't funny to have, but here'e the kicker. If you are NOT careful, you can actually damage your lungs and end up with breathing problems the rest of your life. Trust me!!! I've had the Big B several times, now, and can actually "bring it on" by not being careful when I have a simple cough. So take it easy and don't do ANYTHING for a long, long time. More than the doctor says - until you are able to feel really well in your chest. Good luck!

Never thought of putting greens in with potatoes. I like mine PLAIN with only butter and milk and maybe some garlic, sometimes.

Blessings --- get well!

barefoot gardener said...

So were the dandelions good? that's what I gotta know.