Saturday, June 21, 2008

LOTS of Photos, Soccer and Otherwise....

So, I HAD typed up a message to go with this, earlier, then uploaded a couple more pics and LOST all the post I'd typed. *sigh* Bear with me please.

So, first couple of pics are of the caterpillar that Tay "adopted". One of Scott's coworkers found the thing at work this past week and Scott brought it home for Tay to check out. She decided to keep it and observe it turn into a butterfly. Does anybody know if fuzzy caterpillars DO turn into butterflies??? Or moths??? What do they turn into??? This guy isn't in your usual silky cocoon, he's now shed his fuzzy skin and rolled into this black casing with yellow stripes. Wierd! And kinda gross looking! I DID tell Tay that as soon as he emerges from the casing, she's got to let him go. We can't keep him in the jar once he developes wings.

The plastic container he's in here isn't the jar he's in usually, but it's the bottom of a washed, empty milk jug. Didn't realize how much caterpillars poop, but that jar needed cleaning like 3 times a day, so I had her put the caterpillar in this jug-bottom while cleaning out the jar and refreshing the leaf-supply.

The jar itself was an old spaghetti-sauce jar that Scott found under the kitchen sink.
So, here are some soccer pics. The first half of the game (these are from last Tuesday), Tay played out. That's her in the purple jersey, the stocky girl. *grin*

I really don't like posting pics of other folk's kids on my blog. It just doesn't seem right. But, with a team sport, it's kinda hard to get action shots without getting other folks kids involved. So, here they are. I did try to make the focus on Tay, though she wasn't the only kid I took pics of during that game. I actually took like 60 pics and got some great action shots of the other girls on our team that I plan on sharing with their parents. But, for now the pics I'm posting are primarily focused (as best I could) on Tay.

Gosh darnit!!! Lost a pic! I hate trying to load pics on this thing lately. It keeps flubbing them up. I can't get them in order, when I've got more than 4 or 5, and I can't get the captions to post next to the pictures like they should be. And evidently I keep erasing pics as well. *sigh*


Next bunch of pics is Tay in the net as goalie for the second half of the same game. No particular order to these pics, but some great action shots.

She looks like she took a ball to the belly in one of these. I have no idea if that's what actually happened.

Ok. That's it for this post. I thought I'd uploaded my couple of pics from the Solstice last night. Evidently they didn't make it into this post. I'll do another one really quick with JUST the pics from the Solstice.


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Tori_z said...

To make sure you don't lose pics and can get the captions where you want them, you need to go in to the "edit html" tab. It's fiddly work though, but pretty simple when you get the hang of it.