Friday, June 20, 2008

A Prayer Request.....

Just a small post to throw this prayer request out there. Night before last we were sitting here watching some TV before bed, and the kiddo ran in and said that a fire engine, an ambulance, and a police car pulled up the next street over. She and I walked far enough down OUR street to see where it wound up, and we know the family who lives there. The son is a friend of Tay's, though there's 2 years seperating them. Of course, there was no way to tell right off what's going on, so we went ahead and headed back into the house to stay out of the way when the ambulance came around. It did about 10 minutes later with it's light's flashing, meaning that whomever was having a problem is now INSIDE the ambulance, still having a problem.

Well, Scott's boss is coach for the same team that this neighbour boy plays baseball on, and the boy's grandma was telling S's boss last night that the ambulance was there to pick up the boy's dad, because the boy's dad has terminal-stage Prostate cancer. Evidently he was having some serious issues. The boy is a very good kid. His family is a close, loving family, though the Mom up & left several years ago because she had drug abuse issues. Looks like she's moved back in, at least temporarily, to support her children as they lose their Dad.

Prayers for the Dad, that his final days not be filled with pain and not with a drugged stupor either. Prayers for the family, that they find peace in the happy memories they have of their dad. Prayers for this little boy, that he doesn't lose his head along with the loss of his Dad, that he doesn't allow this upset to push him into drugs or alcohol or gang-related activities to try to stop the pain.

Thanks, anybody who wants to say a prayer for them, or light a candle, or keep this family in your thoughts & heart.

Blessings. --Kati

(PS: I'll try to remember to take another pic tonight, the Solstice itself. I'll post it, along with some other pics I've taken, tomorrow hopefully.)


KAYLEE said...

OMG SO SAD WILL PraY for him :)

whimsical brainpan said...


Fr. Peter Doodes said...

Dear God, how aweful for the man. Not just the physical pain and knowledge that it is terminal, but the mental anguish for his child.

Thank you for letting us know Kati.

Tori_z said...

Will keep the family in my thoughts.