Monday, June 16, 2008

Lots and lots MORE Pics to Share

Ok..... So the last few days have been busy, I'll be sharing a LOT of pics, but I'm going to break it into two posts to do so, one with the gardening stuff, the other post with all the "extra" pics. *grin* Here goes:

Those hedges upon hedges of wild roses I mentioned last week.... Here is but a small glimpse of the masses of roses one sees as one is out & about right now. TONS! And these pics were only taken in the FIL's back yard, around the garden.

Here's a close-up of one of the roses. Tay found one yesterday with 7 petals, which I've never seen! Our wild-roses only ever have 5 petals, so this 7-petaled flower was definitely unique.


Now for some "family" pictures: Here are a couple of pics of the "Fathers" on "Father's Day".

That's my hubby in the back, the FIL in the center, and the newest Daddy (SIL's fiancee) in the front. It's funny, too, because they were standing tallest to shortest, with the shortest in the front. Thing is, they're all only about 1 inch apart, between them, with D. being the shortest at 5'10", FIL in the middle at 5'11" and Scott the tallest at 6 foot.

Another pic. I thought it was funny how FIL and D. are standing in almost the same stance, but Scott has his hands tucked in his pockets.

Scott caught this one of my SIL riding Tay's bike. Tay was inside pouting, and SIL was trying to coax her out of the house by riding Tay's bike and teasing Tay about it.

Last but not least, for this post, here's a pic caught just as we were getting ready to leave, with Tay holding her newest cousin, Brooklynn. She likes to hold the baby at least once during every visit.

Ok. That's it for this post. I'm going to try to get the gardening pics uploaded now, but there are a lot of them. Sorry I don't have time to really write a whole bunch today.



Sian said...

If I am correct those roses will yield a whole shed load of hips in the autumn. Rose hip syrup is full of vit C and it is tasty too. I can send you a recipe if you like.

barefoot gardener said...

Cute pic of Tay and the baby!