Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ahhhhh, Justice!

Ted Stevens Convicted!

Now, though, it appears he's going to appeal the judgement and won't be pulling out of the race, at least yet. *shaking head* So, not only is he now a convicted felon, but he's going to waste MORE tax dollars by appealing the judgement. (Yes, I know that's his legal RIGHT, but that doesn't MAKE it right that he's choosing to do so.)

And, rather than gracefully backing out of the race BEFORE the conviction came about, and throwing his support behind another candidate (who wasn't being tried on bribery & fraud counts) and wishing them the best, and giving somebody else an honest chance at becoming Senator for our state, he's done the opposite. He's NOT backed out, driven all other candidates out of the running, and says that even though he's now a convicted felon, he's going to continue to run and "serve" as Senator for our state.

What an Ass!

God, I hope Mark Begich wins this one. Even Scott, though he's pissed that he can't vote republican on this one, said he's not going to vote for Steven's now, but will probably vote indepenedent instead. *shrug* Fine by me. There are probably a lot of other republican voters who will be voting independent this time around BECAUSE of this, and as a result, that makes Mark Begich's chances of getting the senatorial seat even better.

I hope the sentancing winds up with him receiving the fullest sentance in the harshest conditions a judge can give the man.

Have a Blessed Day!


KAYLEE said...

oh jeez and i miss you hun :)

Slip said...

Politics in Alaska are under the spotlight. Sure hope we send your governor back to ya!

Fr. Peter Doodes said...


How the world has changed. Here I am in the UK reading the Anchorage Daily News (on-line edition) because what happens there effects us here.

It's tragic when anyone in a high position takes advantage of it in this or any other way, but tragic for Alaska as a state that rather than accept a court's verdict they carry on in this way.

If Stevens truely believed that he was innocent, but wanted to do the best for his state, you would think that he would withdraw from the election and fight the verdict, surely?

MarmiteToasty said...

oh my oh my........ Ive refound you...... I lost the link to this joint when me old computer crashed, I lost loads of stuff..... and now Ive found you again :)

I can see I have much catching up to do, so I had better bung the kettle on and make a cuppa tea :)


Tori_z said...

I've given you an award...

DirkStar said...

Give the old geezer a break,huh.

He's old and harmless...

Now if all the other Republicans were just like him.

Wait, they are!