Friday, October 10, 2008

Wow.... And The Weekend is ALREADY Almost Half Over...

Yeah, so schooling, schooling and MORE schooling, that's what I've been up to. We've had one day of non-fighting school-time, for every 4 days we have WITH fighting over the assigned lessons. *sigh* Scott's seriously ready to put Tay back in public school for the next semester, but I'm not willing to give up. I know that it'd just make matters worse in the long run, and I'm hoping that by the time we've got one semester under our belts, Tay's grasped that I'm going to fight with her EVERY DAY if I have to in order to get to make sure she actually learns something.


We woke up this morning to melting snow and lots of warm winds. REALLY windy. The kind of windy that caused problems for the last year with our old vehical sheds. No problems with them, this time. The winds though have melted all the snow we got over the last 2 weeks. YEAH!!! It's supposed to be like this tomorrow as well. Possibly with some rain as well, though, which makes me a bit nervous. Now if I can only find the time tomorrow to get out into my compost bin and take care of the final adding and turning over that I DIDN'T get done before the first snows fell. And I need to rake those leaves in my front yard and pile them on my strawberries, now that I've got a bit of a reprieve.


My boss is back to being a bitch. Early on this week she told me to stop sending cracking DVD's for reinforcement, that it doesn't help anyway. Ok. Fair enough. Last I'd been told was to go ahead and give them to one of the Karen's for this sticker on the back that would reinforce the disk where it was starting to crack. (They crack badly around the hole in the center, eventually it causes cracks across the face of the disk. We were putting these circular stickers on the disk, to reinforce over the cracks but still leaving that hole open in the center to place in DVD cases.) Anyway, Boss Lady wasn't in any way rude about it then, just informative that it'd been decided that this sticker didn't help anyway. *shrug* Ok, whatever. (What chaps me about THAT is that, when I asked if we were going to be doing anything ELSE to attempt to keep the disks from cracking, she said that she didn't think it was possible so *shrug* "oh well". These DVDs cost the library quite a bit of money, and therefore cost us taxpayers quite a bit of money. When a DVD cracks, it becomes unusable. Wouldn't it be in EVERYBODY'S best interest to attempt to find a way to reinforce them so that they stay usable longer?!?! Her attitude was such that it doesn't really matter, why should she care.)

Well anyway, yesterday (Thursday) I came across a DVD that was cracking badly across the face, and as Boss Lady was standing right there, I asked her if I should check it in and give it to Karen, or should I NOT check it in so that the patron might be charged for it. (Sometimes it's obvious mishandling, and in the past that has resulted in the patron being charged the cost of the disk. I don't make the final decision, but by NOT checking it in until Karen's ready, that allows HER to make the final decision, which is HER job.)

Boss Lady asked if I check every DVD for cracks. (I've gotten my ass chewed in the past, on one DVD I missed catching that was cracked, early on in my employment here, so I'm very careful to check each disk over.) I responded that I look at it IN the case, and if it appears it may be cracked, I take it OUT of the case to see how badly it's cracked, but yeah..... I check every DVD because that's the ONLY way to catch cracked DVDs. She got snippy and said that I shouldn't be doing that (SINCE WHEN?!?!) and it's a waste of time, and not to bother any more. Boss Lady feels that if a patron finds a DVD that's so badly cracked it's unusable, they'll notify us, and that I shouldn't be bothering with checking them over as they get turned in.

WTF?!?! So we're NO LONGER supposed to check our materials over to make sure that they're in satisfactory condition before shelving?!?!?! What kinda library runs that way?!?!?! Flipping rediculous!

Then she proceeded to get all snippy and uptight about making sure that EVERYBODY knows how to properly sticker a new case for DVD's. I just cannot figure that woman out. She doesn't seem to give a rat's ass about how we do our job in SO many aspects. Liz hasn't shelved a cart of books in WEEKS, for example. Keiko is so flipping blind that she takes 10 minutes to check out 5 books to a patron. Ellen is so lazy that she doesn't bother to do ANY of her job, even though Boss Lady has taken all but Ellen's shelving duties away. And yet, we get lectured about the PROPER way to place stickers in DVD cases?!?!

Anyway, I'm at the point right now that if it wasn't for the fact that I would NEVER get the Lib. Assistant position out HERE if I quit my job in town, I'd go ahead and quit. But, like I said, I'd NEVER get the North Pole position I want if I quit at the town library. Besides, I'd be giving up insurance as well. And I don't want to work anyplace BUT a library...... *sigh* Damned rock & a hard place situation. CM and I kinda keep each others spirits up (or at least, share the morbid humor in the situation) at work, as she's facing very similar feelings toward our boss and the hypocracy going on at work. (As I said last week "the hypocracy is astounding" has become a mantra of sorts. With the new addition of "Kati, go to your happy place!!!" or "CM, go to your happy place" when things start getting frustrating to the point the other of us can see the steam emerging from ears. *wry smile* I'm glad at least that I've got one coworker who "gets it".)


Another book to mention, I'm currently reading _How to Cook a Wolf" by MFK Fisher. It's a cookbook, but more than that, it's a fabulously written treatise on frugal cooking and caring for the art of eatting during financially stressed (WW2, when it was written) times. Might be of interest to others. The author's sense of humor is wonderfully dry. I have yet to try any of her recipes, so I can't comment. But the recipes are sprinkled in among her discussion of how to make the best of a food situation in which one feels as if "the wolf is breathing heavily outside the door."


Last but not least, I got my Ipod the other day. *grin* I'm now spending quite a bit of time uploading tunes onto it. I got a 4th gen, Ipod nano with 2000 song capacity. It's a lovely green. *grin*

Ok. I've gotta get off-line and watch some recorded TV shows and destress for a bit.

Have a Blessed Day!


Slip said...

Damned if you do! Damned of you don't!

peppylady said...

What week it sounds like.

Coffee is on

Grammy said...

I would suggest to look through some of the positive energy books at the library. They may have good ideals to add to your work environment. Some times when people are acting grrrr. They have problems at home they bring to work. But do not share them so they are assumed to be a mean person. Look deeper and learn to enjoy your job. Don't let any negativity take away from what you love to do. By coming to work happy and showing others how by example you can create a positive work environment.
Have a blessed day.
and let no one take it from you.

Tori_z said...

Just keep at it and eventually Tey will accept you in your new role of teacher as well as parent. I'm not going to say there wont be any arguments, but I'm sure things will calm down some soon... Just be patient, and try not to react to the little things if you can help it.