Sunday, October 12, 2008

Well, THAT Weekend Went Quickly!

Thanks for the "love" the other day.

So, I got a lot, and yet not much, done this weekend. Friday, we did schooling and then I went grocery shopping, came home and made Summer Sausage Rueben Sandwiches (a Rachel Ray recipe). Then spent the evening down-loading music from our CDs onto ITunes, while Scott and Tay were at an Ice Dogs game. Oh, and when we woke up on Friday (maybe I mentioned this the other day, I don't remember) the weather was windy as heck and warm enough that the snow we had melted. YEAH!

Yesterday morning started out with me waking up and making some bacon and loading yet more songs onto Itunes from our CDs.

After Tay and Scott got home from hockey practice (third practice of the season), we all went outside and did some yard work. The weather was sunny and warm and autumnal again, all the sudden. I got the leaves raked up in my front yard, and piled over my strawberry plants. Hopefully that blanket of leaves underneath the blanket of snow will keep my strawberry plants safe for the winter. I'm hoping that they survive and thrive next spring.

I also tried to get my compost bin raked out so that I could add the finished compost to my planter bed. No such luck. All the rain and water this autumn had water-logged the "stuff" in the bin, and the cold weather had frozen it solid. I had to have Scott help me crack all the frozen mass of composting "stuff" into more managable pieces, which I then tore up even more with my gloves on my hands. I decided to NOT dry to mix any of the clumps (of still partially frozen, sodden newspaper and leaves and grass and decaying veggies) into my planter bed, but to mix them back with some of the other stuff I'd piled to the side, and some of the left-over leaves from the front yard, and leave it for the winter. I'd hoped to get BACK out today and "thoughtfully" rake our neighbour's yard as well, and add their leaves to my bin.

No such luck!!! We woke up to lots and lots of snow this morning. We've probably got 3 inches, already. And it's coming down thick and furious. So, the bit of turning over and mixing I did yesterday is going to have to suffice.

Anyway, as it started getting on toward 6 pm last night, I quit with the outside chores (planning on getting out and doing more this morning, which has NOT come to pass) and came inside. Again, Scott and Tay went to an Ice Dogs game, while I stayed home downloading more tunes for my Ipod.

I must've scanned over 60 different CDs and loaded over 600 songs onto my Ipod. I've got capacity for 2000 songs, and I've got a list of CDs to find from work as well. And I bought 10 new songs from the ITunes store, that I didn't have a way to get otherwise. I'm loving my mix, though. I've got everything from Enya and Clannad, to Santana and Cirque du Soleil, some Garth Brooks and Martina McBride, to Matchbox 20 and a couple of Backstreet Boys (snagged from Tay's mix). I've got lots of celtic, a good bit of country, a nice bit of pop, some jazz, a lot of techno-dance, a couple of hard-rock (no metal yet, though, but plans for some!)..... I love having such a diverse mix at my fingertips. Much nicer than a radio station which plays the same songs over and over and over, ad nauseum.

I think my mix is going to be mainly pop and celtic, but I hope to have a good bit of classical and some oldies (think, Frank Sinatra) as well as the rest, when all is said and done. Now to figure out how to make playlists. *grin*


Ok. I think that pretty well covers it for today. I've gotta visit a few of y'all, and say HI, and then get heading to work. Need to give myself plenty of time for the driving with all that snow this morning.

Have a Blessed Day!


Connie Peterson said...

Brrrr! It's 76 and cloudy and windy here. Supposed to rain tonight, though.

Stay warm! And good luck with your homeschooling! Stick with it, gal!

Kris said...

Hey Kati;
If I remember, I'll send you the large 6? 12? set of Celtic music that I picked up in Ireland when we were there. I can send a bunch to you in one of those flat rate boxes as long as you promise to send them back! B, W & I are just waking up here in Wausau, and will probably be on the road in about an hour or so headed to Green Bay. Love ya!
- Mom

Tori_z said...

Glad you were able to do some work in the yard, even if you weren't able to do all you wanted to do.

And, I'm also glad you're enjoying your Ipod. My Dad just got an ipod and is loving it. The problem is getting it away from him so you can get his attention. LMAO!

Wendy said...

You won! Come check out your book :).

Angelina said...

I know it must seem stupid to hear this from people who don't live in constant snow for months out of the year, but I envy you the snow.

We'll maybe get an inch or two for the whole year. I love where I live but I know if I ever moved again it would be to go even farther north where there's more snow!

Kaylee said...

I came to say hi!!!!!!

whimsical brainpan said...

Snow already? Wow!

I'm glad you are enjpying your Ipod. :-)