Sunday, May 14, 2006

Well, so much for not ranting.....

Ok, it's not a major rant, and I'm not pissed at my hubby this time. I guess I'm not seriously pissed at all, just kinda irked.

Well, MIL called this morning to ask what our plans are for this afternoon. I told her that, as usual, I'm working. She goes "oh, what time do you get off?" I told her, that as usual, I'll get off at 5:15 and be out of town by 5:45 (and that's actually being overly generous for "heavy" traffic, should actually only take me 20 minutes to get out of town, at 57 mph). She said "Ok, well, tell Scott & Taylor to be here at 5, so we can eat when supper is ready, and you can just eat whenever you get here." So, evidently we're invited over for Mother's Day, along with SIL and her boys, but they won't bother to wait for me, if supper is done before I get there. Supper can't be pushed back by even 30 minutes because I have to work. Forget the fact that 2 weeks ago was older nephew's 4 year birthday party, and his own mom & dad were 1 hour late, and everybody waited, and waited, and waited for them to show up, then nothing was said (b-day party was at MIL's house because SIL & the dad are too lazy to bother to throw either of their son's parties themselves) because we "wouldn't want to hurt SIL's feelings". But, if I actually have to work on a "holiday", I'm reminded of how inconvenient it is for everybody else, and that nobody's going to wait around for me to get home from work. *sigh* Gotta love MIL. (FIL, as much as butt-head as he tries to be, actually would wait, knowing him. Might grumble a bit just to be a butt-head, but he'd wait, for Mother's day. But MIL & SIL just can't be inconvenienced by having to wait an extra half-hour for their food so that I can eat with the rest of the family...... Oh no.... Just wouldn't be seemly. DH may push for them to wait, though. I'm hoping. He's been doing better lately.)

Then, top it off, MIL get's here to pick Tay up for church almost 20 minutes late. MIL's church starts at 10:30, she tells Tay she'll be here by 10:15, but doesn't show up till 10:47. This has happened 3 weeks in a row now. This is the first Sunday I forget to run a brush through Tay's hair until MIL pulls up. Then MIL yells at ME about probably not being able to get a decent parking space because it took me 1 minute to brush through Tay's hair. Forget the fact that MIL was running over 15 minutes late for church WHEN SHE PULLED UP, nope..... Just can't accept responsibility for finding a crappy parking space.... Gotta blame it on Kati needing one more minute to brush Tay's hair. I know where SIL get's her catty/bitchy attitude from: MIL. The difference is that SIL is catty/bitchy ALL THE TIME, MIL's c/b attitude comes & goes. Rather passive-aggressive, that woman.

Ah, well. So, as soon as I got up this morning, Tay came & gave me a big hug & told me Happy Mother's Day. She gave me a plant & a card she made at school (well, she GREW the plant at school, anyway) on Friday. The card contained "coupons" for chores "so that you won't have to do them, Mommy." AWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!! Too sweet!!!!!!!

Anyway, so that's my Mother's Day post. I hope all you other Mama's have a fantastic day, uncorrupted by passive-aggressiveness, and that your children actually choose today to be as thoroughly sweet to you as they all should be year-round. *wishful thinking, going on*


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Kati said...

Evidently FIL & DH pushed to wait till I got there, to make dinner. FIL threw the steaks on the grill as I was pulling up, and it was 6:30 before we ate. And what a yummy dinner it was: beef steaks, shrimp w/ cocktail sauce, home-made pasta-shrimp salad, corn on the cob, regular salad, and cheesecake for dessert. And even without the garlic bread that FIL had planned on, but got too busy to remember to throw in the oven. LOL

SIL was actually fairly decent, except for a small part while she was bitching about how my hubby broke her couch as he was moving it (it's a recliner-couch & had to be disassembled in order to move it, she claims he broke it, just because it didn't get put back together properly once back in her apartement. Never mind it spent a winter in the inlaws garage, and a summer with her boys jumping on it like a trampoline, while in the garage). I left the house, so I wouldn't have to listen to SIL blaming DH for bothering to do a good deed & help her move when she was desperate for help. He said, after hearing her comments, that he won't be helping her move again. She can hire somebody next time.

Other than that, dinner was well. MIL did cry when we gave her the Revamped photo-albums DH & I spent the last couple of weeks working on. Her old ones were literally falling apart at the seams, with all the pictures falling out. We went through, sorted them by age of the kids (DH & SIL, then each of them as adults with their familys), and put the now organized pictures into new photo albums. As I predicted weeks in advance, MIL cried & said she can't think of any, more perfect gift than that. Which did, of course, make SIL a bit grumpy. Kinda peevish that she didn't think of doing this first, from what I could tell. She took a walk, that time. LOL