Friday, May 19, 2006

Plans & Changes

Well, here is the picture of the 3 net bags I've so far made for myself for grocery shopping. Now, I just need to stash them in my car, so that I'm not forgetting them when I head to the grocery store (or, more likely, make an unplanned stop @ the store, then not have them). I really do think I prefer the larger shoulder straps, like on the green one. It's perfect for holding in your hand, or carrying over your shoulder. The cream bag has a longer strap that makes it a great shoulder bag, but most of us don't carry our groceries over our shoulders. The blue bag was my first try, and I like it well enough, but I don't like the drawstrings. They're hard on the hands when it's heavy, and it's kinda cumbersome to get into. The cream and green bags were done free-form, without following a pattern, but I found the pattern for the blue one online. Don't remember where, not really important to me as I won't be making that kind of bag again.

Today is Tay's last day as a second grader. Wow!!!!!! I look at her and she's so big, all the sudden. I still picture her so much of the time, in my mind, as a chubby, active preschooler. She's now only about 8 inches shorter than I am, such an adolescent look to her oftentimes. I wonder where the time went, often. Then again, I sometimes wonder why it's not going faster, so she can get through the "all adults are stupid" phase sooner. *wry smile*

I called my medical insurance company today, to make sure that I don't have to fill out any paperwork before my meeting with the surgeon on Monday. According to the lady who I talked to, providing my hospital visit remains an outpatient event, all plans are go. So.... Monday morning I'm seeing an internist surgeon for a preliminary surgical appointment. 2 to 3 weeks following, I'll be seeing him again, to have my tubal ligation. I'm excited to be having it done, because it means I can go off birth control without any concern over having an unwanted child. But I'm kinda scared, too. I REALLY don't like needles, so I'm a bit scared about the IV that I know I'll need for surgery (hoping they'll knock me out with laughing gas on the operating table, before trying to put an IV in me, otherwise IV's tend to be very traumatic events for me). I'm a bit scared about the stitches: the last time I had stitches (that didn't dissolve) I was 3 years old, had just been mauled by a cat, and it HURT getting those stitches pulled out. I'm kinda scared about how my body will react to going off birth control hormones after almost 9 years ON these hormones. Will it take months (possibly years) to flush these hormones from my body, as some people have suggested it did, when they went off the hormones??? I picked up some "moon cycle" tea from Yogi Tea. I like their chai tea, and their green tea, so I thought I'd give their moon cycle tea a try to get things restarted after I stop on the hormones.

Plans & changes, plans & changes. It's a part of life, I suppose, but that doesn't mean I can't be ambivilent, either.

Oh, and the grass in the hydroseeded areas of the front yard is coming up fabulously. We've had about 3 days of gray skies & drizzly rain. (Nothing compared to my friends out on the East coast, I'm both grateful & concerned to say.) I think DH needs to get out & rake the older parts of the lawn, though, because the new grass is having a hard time peeking up through the brown, dead grass from last year. Thinking that it may not be a bad idea to burn off the old grass, this fall, providing we have a mild fire season & we're not dealing with fire bans.

Have a Blessed Day.

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