Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Still no grass to be seen.....

Well, this was going to be a picture of my birch tree in the front yard, but I couldn't get it to flip right side up. So, instead you get to see how UNgreen my front yard is. And how little of it is actually usable at this point. That's the neighbour's motorhome to the left of our house, and our dog Puck, to the right. The trees are really starting to turn green, though. We had some nice showers yesterday that really prompted the leaves to open. I went into work, and all the trees were kinda covered in this green mist, I came out and all the trees now have fully open leaves. It's fantastic, and it's amazing how quickly the trees can go from bare to full-out green. Love it!!!! Especially after such a long, cold, white & gray winter.

Those are metal stakes bordering the tree as we wanted to have some nice, tall supports for the scrawny thing, till the roots took hold & gave it some support, after we transplanted it last summer. But now we're thinking of leaving them in for a couple more years till the tree has time to gain some girth around the trunk. As it is, a nice strong wind will snap that thing in half. The funny bit about this tree, also, is that it was transplanted from FIL's property where it was tightly packed in with dozens of other birch, poplar & spruce saplings. Only one side of the tree actually has branches, the other side was backed up to all the other trees, tightly packed in only inches apart, and so it didn't have the room to develope branches. We're really hoping that now that this little guy has room to stretch, he'll shoot out some nice hefty branches on the other side, so he doesn't look all lopsided as he grows. I refer to the tree as a he, because he so badly reminds me of a young teenage boy who's such a tall, scrawny thing, and looks somewhat out of place, but will flesh out quickly now that he's got room to grow. Plenty of water & sunlight should have our guy out there bulking out quickly. And he's not going to be the short-stubby birches that grow in this neighbourhood otherwise, because we transplanted him when he already had a great deal of height, now he just needs the width.

Have a Blessed Day.

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