Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!!!

Hope everybody's having a good Easter today! Got up at nine and got started on the coffee & maple sausages, tossed a flat of Sweet Hawaiian Rolls in to heat up in the oven, and then made DH and DD some eggs (I can't eat fried or scrambled eggs, just hardboiled). The DH is kinda grumpy as he fell asleep on the couch last night watching TV and didn't wander in to bed till 6 this morning. Then DD woke up at 9:30 and we all sat down & had breakfast, some of us more awake then others. *grin*

DD is pretty well pleased with her Easter goodies. I made her a crocheted cotton net swim bag in a verigated blue color aptly titled "Swimming Pool", and tucked the goodies inside. She got some American Girl -Molly- books and a mini Emily doll, and a Pet Vet Nintendo DS game. DH figured as she talks frequently about wanting to be a vet when she grows up (if the professional hockey career doesn't pan out, of course) that the Pet Vet game would be one she'd appreciate. She's gone over to her best friend's house to retrieve her DS, where she forgot it when she FINALLY came home last night at 10 pm. *rolling eyes*

The DH is grumbling that there's no Nascar on TV this morning. LOL And I've gotta head to work at 11:45 or so. Later DH & DD will be heading over to the inlaws for an early Easter Sunday supper with them, and then I'll go over after work and have some of the leftovers & hang out with the inlaws for a bit. As active as it seems, it's really looking like a pretty laid-back day. I love working Sundays, as it's generally rather relaxed at work, and it's only a 4-1/2 hour day anyway, so it's like starting the work week very gently. Monday is my only 8 hour work day, so working Sundays (during the winter only) gives me a chance to start out with a calm, easy work-day before the true work-week sets in.

Um, let's see.... Break-up is well & truly here and the yards are mushy snow & mud. The road, thankfully paved, is only slightly wet around our place, but down at the end of the street it's the usual lake. The way the road-construction company worked the drainage means that until the snow melts back a good ways, enough to let the water drain into the ditches properly, we STILL have a lake at the end of the street. Somewhat annoying, as one can't walk through it comfortably and has to make one's way around the block when going for a walk.

I did take the dogs for a nice half-hour long walk yesterday, around the loop we live on and up to the far back of the subdivision and back, checking the mail on my way back into my part of the neighbourhood. It was incredibly sunny yesterday, so nice. Today it's a bit cloudy & overcast. But, it's already up to 50 degrees. We'll probably reach 55 or 60 today. Loving it!!!!

Ok, Have a Blessed Day!!!!!


whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Happy Easter!

heather said...

The world is definately ending when North Pole Alaska is 20 degrees warmer than Ohio.

There's a vet videogame. What do you do? Shoot at fleas with guns while running away from ear mites and avoiding the snapping jaws of mad dogs and swipes of cat claws?


Kati said...

ROFL Heather, no I think it has something to do with earning money at one's job treating animals to buy new equipment and such for outfitting one's vet clinic. I really don't know, though. I just heard DD & DH go back & forth a little bit about it before I headed to work this morning. I'll ask DD and get back to ya, huh??? ;)

As for the temp difference, this COULD be why more Alaskan's aren't concerned about global warming, huh??? We see how it BENEFITS us!!!! *wink* Seriously, it's kind of a joke for us at times, like "dang, if this is global warming, bring it ON!" when we have a nice 20 degree day in winter, or when our temps are nicer than the temps in some of the "lower 48" states. Not to say that we don't see the NOT so good parts, the melting tundra & permafrost, the weirded out birds & insects, etc..... But sometimes we do joke about it, seeing as some of the effects of global warming haven't been too bad, superficially.