Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A Small-minded town.....

Full of small-minded people. That's what kind of town I live in. This morning, the total is thus far at 56% voting YES for a ballot measure to restrict benefits to legally married couples, and 44% voting NO to a ballot measure restricting benefits to heterosexual married couples. I'm proud to be one of that 44%, but I'm ashamed that my community, Alaskans as a whole, are so closed-minded as to deny people their rightful earnings & benefits based on their sexual choices (and, for heteros, their religious choices, for those who refuse the option of marriage in favor of a long-term civil relationship).

Many people come to Alaska feeling that this state allows for more individuality than do many other states, and yet we see that we are no less small-minded, as a state, than many, many other states. It's sad.

It really confirms in my mind who I will NOT be voting for in the next set of elections for state senate & legislature. I won't be voting for those who would like to deny rights to others, based on their own moral compass.

Have a Blessed Day!


Anonymous said...

Awwwwwwww ((((((Katie))))))), I'm so sorry to hear about the vote. Just be proud that you did lend your voice to the side you want to belong too. Don't give up, it may take awhile but things have a way of changing. 10 years ago, most Canadians had never heard of the "green party". The last census, they were tied with the N.D.P! It's a long road but things do change!

Keep your hopes up

Brightest blessings


whimsicalnbrainpan said...

That sucks Kati!

But at least you stood up for what is right and recognized others rights. You go girl!

And like you said, at least you know who not to vote for in the next election.

peppylady said...

I live in a small community. The town of Bonners Ferry has less then 2,500 people and county which is Boundary got less then 11,000 in it.

I'd considered my self a liberal and every time I vote on anything I know a least 10 people is voting me out.

So one my national candidates I vote for and off party. I've voted for Ralph Nader before.

But my voice needs to be heard and good for you for letting your voice to heard.

Em said...

Sorry the vote went the way it did. But as more of us refuse to elect officials who support that vote, eventually things will change.

Kati said...

Em, I know.... Eventually things will change. But the thing about this vote is, now the state senate is going to push even harder for this unconstitutional amendment to the state consitution, denying benefits to unmarried couples. And our state already has a pretty tight amentment on the books stating that a marriage consists of 1 man and 1 woman, no exceptions. It's going to be harder to overturn an amendment that's already on the books, than it would have been to deny the amendment in the first place. *sigh*

Anyway, thanks for all the support. It's good to know that ALMOST half of our state (those that voted, anyway) see this as a rediculous issue and know what's right. That may be the minority, but it's not a WEAK minority, it's a STRONG minority, and we won't be in the minority for long, I'm sure.