Tuesday, June 19, 2007

1 long weekend, no pics....

Well, the party Friday night went about as well as could be expected, considering DH and I were the only 2 that didn't get completely hammered. In fact, I was the one who came closer to being hammered, but I stopped when I realized how quickly that one drink was going to my head. LOL Yes, one drink. And no it wasn't vodka! It was a can of somethink called Sparks. Kinda had an orange crush flavor, minus the carbonation. It was about the size of one of those "Rock Star" energy drink cans (tall & skinny). Anyway, the alcohol content was about 7%, which is considerably higher than the 4 or 5% wine-coolers than I usually drink. LOL And my limit has always been one. I've yet to ever have a hang-over, but I do get drunk very quickly.

So, anyway, we got there late and the Best Man (Bruce) wasn't there. Neither were Dt & Cindy, or Steve or Jack. And it was pouring rain. Fortunately Tony thinks about that kind of thing well in advance and he'd erected a huge tarp awning over the cement pad for his future garage, and had the grill tucked under it along with a bunch of outdoor chairs & a table. All the ladies (that were there) were inside getting drinks made & pot-stickers & egg-rolls fried. I was promptly directed to let the guys get to grilling (shish-kabobs) and go hang out with the ladies. Ok, fine! *rolling eyes*

Of course we all wound up outside standing around the grill chatting & laughing and Bruce & Steve finally got their with more shish-kabobs ready for the grill, and chicken drumsticks with this kick-ass marinade that Megan (Bruce's wife) made. It was like a tomato-based marinade that was both sweet & spicy, and I never did get her recipe. Anyway, then Dt & Cindy showed up, and finally Jack. DH and I haven't seen Jack in ages. It was good to see him, but he's looking rough. His brother died this past winter in Iraq, and it really hit him hard.

Well, as is the norm around these folks, the longer we were there, the more drunk everybody got. I got only about half-way through that can of sparks before I realized how drunk I was getting, so I sat it down till the food was done & I could fill my stomach with something other than alcohol. DH of course stopped at his normal 2. And he stopped fairly early on so that he'd be good to drive when we finally left. By the time the shish-kabobs & drumsticks started coming off the grill, the rain had stopped and Tony & Casey's siblings showed up with all the kids in tow for just a bit. They only stayed for a while, though, as it was evident that most everybody who'd already been present was thoroughly intent on getting completely drunk and T&C are smart enough to not want their little ones to see them that way. So the sibs left with the kids, and the party resumed, but moved on out to the fire-pit at the other end of the yard.

Then Casey announced that she had fixin's for smores, if anybody wanted them. Which Megan and I were completely amped about, of course. LOL So, Megan and Jack and I went and cut some willow sticks for roasting marshmallows, but no sooner did we get the first one cut & peeled than Steve took it. The second one, Dt absconded with. Bruce took the third. And NONE of them had roasted marshmallows or smores on THEIR minds. I swear to god, all 3 of these guys is pushing 30 (well, Bruce is actually 35, but point being...) and when you get them as drunk as they were.... They were no better than un-controlled 5 year old boys chasing each other around the yard with sticks. They started cracking each other along the backs of the legs, the butt, and up onto their backs with those dang switches. And of course Steve insisted on mooning the rest of us so that we could see the marks where Bruce broke his switch over Steve's back-side. That was a view I could have lived without! *rolling eyes* It's funny, because supposedly these 3 are like the best of friends..... Wouldn't know it the way they were beating the crap out of each other with those sticks. Then again, maybe it WAS obvious, because as much as it hurt when Bruce broke that switch on Steve's backside, Steve didn't retaliate by cold-clocking Bruce like he probably would have to somebody he WASN'T best buds with. *sigh* Over-grown boys. Even Tony got in on the retaliatory swatting, a bit. DH was wise enough to stay on the other side of the fire-pit, though.

And I had to chuckle because DT (trashed as he was) commented about swatting me with one of the switches. I told him that if he so much as tried, I'd kill him. That not even DH gets to swat me, I sure as hell wasn't going to let DT do it. *shaking head* Morons.

DH and I finally left, stopped by Blockbuster on our way home for some movies, then came home & watered the yards here and at next-door-neighbour J's house. DD went with J&T fishing this weekend so that we could go to the party child-free, so we were watering their lawn for them while they were gone. Anyway, turns out that AFTER we left, Casey got so rip-roaring drunk that she was standing on the benches surrounding the fire-pit, singing at the top of her lungs (and very badly, from what I gather). About 1:30 she staggered into the house to use the bathroom, only to come back out without pants. At which point Tony decided it was time to end the party & everybody better go on home.

Ahhh, I'm so glad I know better than to make that kind of idiot of myself.


Saturday we didn't get up till about 10:20 (after not going to bed till about 3 am after watching a couple of movies), then had to immediately get going to the wedding. We got there and found that some of the smaller details had been forgotten. Like candles, a communion goblet, and materials for said communion. (I've never heard of having communion during a protestant wedding ceremony!) So Tony handed DH a $100 bill and asked us to run to Ben Franklin's & the grocery store & pick up a bottle of wine & some candles & some wine glasses for communion. We did. Got back and handed the preacher the glasses (bride & groom champaigne glasses were all we could find) and wine and got chewed out (by the preacher) that it was supposed to be a GOBLET, just 1 of them, and GRAPE JUICE not wine. *rolling eyes* We were just doing as we were told by the GROOM, buddy!!! So, there went Tony's $100. Granted it was his money, but I'm sure he could have used it for their up-coming honeymoon, instead of wasting it on wine & glasses that will never get used (and likely got tossed by the preacher). Oh well.

The reception was 2 hours after the ceremony, in town at Pioneer Park (formerly known as AlaskaLand, for Mom & Shelli) in the civic center. It was incredibly boring, and DH managed to piss me off. Not 2 days before the wedding he'd been griping at DD & I about how we always seem to dress rather casually, that he wished we'd be more careful in our dress & appearances. But I've never been a person to be terribly concerned with outward appearances. He's known that for 10-1/2 years. I don't know why he's just griping about it now. So, Saturday I dressed up for the wedding in a nice new skirt, and a pretty, low-cut top. (I DO dress up when called for, but normally I try to stick to things that I'm not too concerned about staining or getting dirty). Did my hair up in a pretty, complimentary hair pin, put in earrings & all.... The only thing I DIDN'T put on was make-up because I wind up looking worse than if I don't wear it. Esp. if I wear mascara. I cry so easily that I'm always causing my mascara to run (even if it's waterproof!). So, I was dressed up nicely, not wrinkled. Not covered in dog hair. And NOT ONCE did DH tell me how nice I looked. (MUCH LESS that I looked pretty!) In fact, he almost completely ignored me for the duration of the wedding & the reception. *rolling eyes* It was only when we left the reception & started walking around AlaskaLand that he so much as put his hand on my back, or held my hand. Jerk.

Is it any wonder that I don't dress up more frequently when he doesn't bother to compliment me when I DO???? And NO, I didn't tell him that this ticked me off. If I tell him and he compliments me next time, how would I know if he's complimenting me just because he thinks I want to hear it, or because he truly means it. I can't tell you how long it's been since he's told me he thinks I look pretty in something. It's literally been years. And yet he's got NO problem griping when I'm looking grungy & working in the yard. *rolling eyes*



Another late night Saturday, then got woken up on Sunday morning at 9 am by two of our neighbour's dogs. B&W (across the street from us) have 5 mutts. Wendy tends to rescue these pound dogs, and she's always got more than she can truly handle. They're poorly behaved and they bark non-stop. They've ruined the blinds & curtains & screens in her window, and I dread to think what they've probably done to the inside of her house. And Sunday morning she'd put two of the yapping-est of them outside, together. *sigh* So 9 am, and I'm awake listening to these dumb-ass dogs bark, non-stop!!!!! REALLY makes me wish I had the courage to do a little BB-gun sniping!

I eventually went over to Dad's to give him his Father's Day card and just say hi for a bit. Then headed back to NP. I had to stop in to Ben Franklin's & get the info needed for my job applications (which still aren't completely filled out, and their due tomorrow by 5 pm!). Then a bit of grocery shopping. Finally home. I made a couple of loaves of golden-egg-bread with minced, dried onions & some dill. Turned out very good!!!! And tastes delicious with a ham&swiss sandwich! And we had burgers for dinner. Watched a couple of episodes of our newest favorite TV show (Dead Zone). DD got home from fishing in time for dinner. Turns out that on Saturday she caught 3 good size grayling. DD outfished everybody else that was up there that day. (It was DD, J&T, and their daughter Jamie & her boyfriend Chad.)

Then back to the beginning of a brand-new work-week. *sigh*

So, there's my update. And no.... Still no pictures taken. Sorry. But, by the time I DO get them taken I'll probably be able to get some pics of the seedlings coming up in my flower-beds as well!!!! All 5 of the sunflower seeds I planted (WAY TOO CLOSE TO EACH OTHER!) came up. ROFL Pulled 3 of them out and replanted them farther apart, this morning.

But, now I've gotta get to work.

Have a Blessed Day!


whimsicalnbrainpan said...

That was some party!

Men can be so clueless, and they never truly grow up I think.

Still wishing you luck on the job applications!

Connie Peterson said...

I have to fish just to get Norm to say that I look 'okay' ... he will say 'you aren't wearing THAT are you?' more than anything else. So I say, 'does this look okay?' and he'll say yes or fine or something. Maybe he'd look at me better if I lost 100 pounds?


Kati said...

Connie, that's how I felt on saturday also... "What am I such a fat-ass that you don't even want to stand next to me or tell me I look ok?" I know I shouldn't be thinking those kind of thoughts, but I can hardly help it when the hubby drools over other women, but never ever tells me I look pretty or anything.

Anonymous said...

well from the sounds of it, you looked beautiful dressed up with a skirt, top, earrings and a hairpin!!!! So maybe your DH won't compliment you, but I will :)

Roaring with laughter about the wine glasses/wine when the preacher wanted grape juice and a goblet....tooo funny!

Remember, you are beautiful inside and out....you just need to believe!

Kati said...

Thanks Anonymous. BTW, wanna tell me who you are???