Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I HATE this F***ING CITY!!!!

So, y'all recall all the trouble we had a couple of years back when the city decided to pave the roads & put in new sewer & water lines, and they dug the crap out of my yard, and I'm only JUST starting to get a yard back????

Well, guess what.... They think they're going to try it again.

Only, NOW they want to put a freaking STREET LIGHT in my FRONT YARD!!!! I'm NOT shitting you. They had surveyors come through while I was at work today and placed a orange surveyor stake over 5 feet up from the road, and over 3 feet in from our drive-way (parking spaces), and they think they're going to plant a big-ass street light RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF MY PROPERTY!!!!! Those idiots can think again. I swear I'll plant my lily-white ass on that very spot and not move it all freaking summer, if I have to, to keep those morons from digging up my yard yet again and planting a damned street light there!

Gods.... I'm so pissed I'm shaking! I don't know WHY they don't plant one on the property line between my house & J's. But Nooooooooo. They wanna plant one smack dab in the middle of my yard. Like hell! And why the freak couldn't they have put it in 2 years ago when they were doing the pavement and the sewer lines???? WHY wait 2 years, when we've finally got our yard coming back, to tell us they're going to do this to us again???? F**K THAT! Grrrrr.......

Anyway. Just had to rant. Because this is quite honestly VERY rant-worthy!!!!! We purchased this danged house, and granted we can't do much about the easements, but they're NOT going to co-opt my front yard for their street lights. I won't put up with it.

Hope everybody ELSE had a Blessed Day.


peppylady said...

Let me guess these people are pose to be brainy people with all types of high degrees top of there field.
But the truth is not lick of common sense.

Em said...

You have my sympathy. Dealing with political bureaucracy is dreadful. They decide what they want and they don't care who it impacts or how.

I hope this works out so the lamp can go in a more reasonable location.

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

I'm so sorry Kati! That truly sucks!

Is there any way that you can appeal what they are doing or lodge a grievance of some kind?

Connie Peterson said...

It's terrible that people (government) think they can do anything they want on private property for the "good" of others. I hope that you will be able to change this. Good luck. And you have a RIGHT to be upset.


TurtleHeart said...

I would be *furious*!!! That's just utterly ridiculous.