Friday, June 15, 2007

A thing of beauty....

If you haven't already seen this clip, check it out. Incredible, awesome, beautiful.... All are words to discribe the voice this guy has!


This is going to be a busy weekend. Tomorrow our friends Tony & Casey are getting married. I've long since stopped thinking of them as NOT married. They've been together for about 5 years now. Casey has 2 little girls by a past boy-friend, but Tony has been their dad since the moment he started seeing Casey, and they quickly moved into Tony's house with him. T&C have since had 2 more little girls together. And they're finally tying the knot. Tomorrow will be their wedding & reception.

Tonight they're having a barbeque at their home for their friends & family as sort of an alternative to any batchelor or batchelorette party. Just a bunch of folks getting together for some drinks, some food and some fun. But that means I've gotta head right over after work. *sigh* Not even time to change clothes.

Sunday will be Father's day, of course. I know we're not going to be doing anything for Father's day, as we just don't have the money. DH has to go shell out some of that non-existent $$ on a nice pair of black slacks & a nice white shirt for T&C's wedding. DH is an usher in this one. We've got another wedding to go to next month for Chris & Jennifer on the 7th, and then my reunion on the 21st. So, he'll get some good use out of the slacks & white shirt, even if he doesn't use them till next summer when he officiates for DT (his initial's & pronounced "deet") & Cindy's wedding. It's funny seeing all our friends just now getting married, when DH & I will be celebrating our 10th anniversary in Nov. It feels like we're saying "FINALLY" to all these people, but in reality we got married rather young. I was 18, and DH was 23. (Of course, DD was also 2 months old at the time, which felt like putting the cart before the horse to a LOT of people.)


Still no flowers in the flowerbeds. *sigh* I'm hoping they come up in the next couple of days. I really want my flowers!!! But my sugar-snaps are doing good. They're getting quite big already. I'll have to take a pic of them to post on Sunday, if I remember.

Hoping to get over to the FIL's place to weed & look over the garden, on Sunday, as well. I haven't seen it since a couple of days after we put it in. I'd like to see how our veggies are doing. I'm hoping that with all the rain we've been getting that they're getting big by now.

We woke up to rain againt his morning, but it's partly cloudy & dry for now. It's enough rain to keep the ground moist, but without being so much as to drown the plants. I like it like that. I hope it keeps on like that through the rest of the summer.


I still haven't finished the afghan, but I'm maybe 1/3 of the way done with it. I need to work on it more than I am (didn't work on it at all yesterday). Of course we still haven't heard from M&B about the baby. I don't think B was due with the baby until a couple of weeks from now, but seeing as it's her 4th (and by then the babies come pretty quickly), and it's safe any time after 38 weeks.... They were kind-of expecting her to have the baby by now. I'll try to get a pic of the afghan taken & posted along with my sugar-snaps on Sunday, as well.


I'm going to apply for 2 different positions coming open at work. One is in Regional. Which means that I must have a very good grasp of the materials available to us in our library & through our programs. I would be partly responsible (partly because there's one other person who works in regional) for getting materials out to folks who live in the bush. Trappers, home-steaders, folks in the villages, kids who are home-schooling from their parent's cabin out in the (literal) middle of nowhere. There have been scholarships to Harvard awarded to some of these homesteading kids. There are Rhodes scholars who come from cabins out in the bush. And if I were to obtain this position in Regional, I must be prepared to help these folks get the best education possible. The woman who would be my boss said that it also means having a good sense of what somebody is looking for, without them having to give me a title. Like trappers who only have room in their packs for 1 book, so it's got to be a very, very GOOD book if they're going to spend 3 months pouring over it while they're working their traplines. We'll see if it's something I've got the capabilities for! This one is listed as full-time, but seems to have hours closer to part-time. I would also have to spend 2 nights a month at the circulation desk (mentioned a little better below). The pay for this one is $17.04 per hour with benefits the same as I've got now.

The other position is in aquisitions. IE: purchasing books for our collections. I DO think I'd be good at this job. And I've got experience as a book-seller as well. So that may give me a bit of a benefit for dealing with grumpy salespeople. UNFORTUNATELY the requirements for this position include 1 year library experience (I'm coming up on 5 years) and 1 year office experience (none!) or a recent associate's degree (nope!). I'm hoping the fact that I'm good with people (it includes a little time each month helping out at the circ desk, and one must be good with people for that) and that I have sales experience weighs in my favor. Unfortunately I've got no experience (newer than 11 years old, anyway) with the programs they specify, like Word Processor and Excell. And I'm not very good with a 10-key, though I'm sure I could pick it back up rather quickly if I had some practice. I hope it really comes down to the ability to learn quickly and be upbeat & positive about it. Because I KNOW I'd do well at it, I just need a chance to learn. The pay for this job is listed as 15.56 per hour, with 40 hours a week, and the same benefits as I've got now.

Anyway, so today I've got to get over to Ben Franklin's & get some information about address & phone number so that I can fill in the appropriate boxes on the library-job apps with my experience at Ben's.


Well, I think that's it for now. As I said, I'll try to get pics taken of my flowerbeds (lacking in flowers), my sugar-snaps, and the baby-afghan posted on Sunday.

Have a Blessed Day!


Kris said...

Good luck on the job apps! See my blog about job stuff on my end... Sounds like you WILL be busy... btw, not that it matters... but Sunday is also our 2nd 30th. (June 18th).

Okay... gotta scoot!
Gotta blog on MY blog!

Love ya!
- Mom

TurtleHeart said...

Good luck with the job applications, Kati! Keep us posted how things go.

(That video was great; he does have a beautiful voice.)

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Wow! That guy was awesome!

I hope your weekend went well (it did sound like a very busy one).

Best of luck with the job applications!

Connie Peterson said...

Wow, that voice is awesome!! And coming from a mouth with a gap in the teeth!

Good luck on your job applications! Hope you get just the RIGHT job!

Hope you had fun this weekend.

Bardouble29 said...

Beautiful voice!!

You are a busy woman!!! Keep us posted! I will be thinking about you!

Gardener Greg said...

lovely voice, You are too busy for me, take a seat and relax. Please

Michelle said...

Hey! I saw on the news last night that this guy actually won the entire competition. Yay! for him. You're right, he has an amazing voice. What gets me is that I don't think he realized just how good he was.

Hope your summer hours are going well! :)