Friday, June 29, 2007

It's been a long freaking week....

So I'll start from the top.

Sunday, over at Dad's for lunch. We never did make it to church, but I needed sleep a little more than I needed to hear a sermon. DD ended up in a bad mood because she & the niece had a disagreement over which movie to watch. Resulted in DD throwing a tantrum (she's 9-1/2 and yes, she still throws tantrums) and bitching about how she hates her life and wishes she was never born. *rolling eyes* Yes. It looks like the tendency towards depression is carrying on through a third generation. Lovely.

Monday, I had to head into town early to sign some final papers so we can get a home equity loan to pay off all our bills and do some work around the house. After bills are paid we're going to have enough $$ left over to get: 2 canvas car-ports for our vehicals; a 12x16 deck on the back of the house; a front walkway consisting of crushed white granite; a new mattress for our bed; and hopefully a couple of months rent on a storage space. After signing the paperwork, DH and I went to lunch across the street from the bank before we both headed to work (me to start my day, him to continue). Of course I don't get off till 9:15 on Monday evenings, so it was a late night.

Tuesday was nothing special, my usual 6 hour day at work.

Wednesday, following work, I headed down the street to the Fairbanks Youth Soccer Assoc. soccer fields to watch DD play. It's the first game I've seen her play this season. She was in the goal for the first half of the game, and of the 7 or 8 shots the other team took, DD only let one shot through. Second half, she was playing center and doing a decent job, but the girl playing goalie let all 4 shots taken on her, through. Didn't save a SINGLE shot. *sigh* All in all, our team couldn't keep the ball down on opposing team's side of the field long enough to get a goal at all. Final score, 5-0, our loss. DD was in a nasty mood after this loss, of course. Griping and whining about how she hates soccer and never wants to play again. She'll come around.

After the game, we went to dinner at one of our new favorite resteraunts, this little oriental place called Choice Rib. Come to find out, they were featured in the "new eats" article in the paper that same day, so by the time we got there they were out of soup, chicken, and lemonaid. And running low in other ingredients & items. LOL I was kinda bummed to not get soup or lemonaid, until I found out that it was because they'd been run off their feet by people who didn't know they were there. Sounds like they got a LOT of good business out of that article, and most everybody likes their place. Good. It's a nice little resteraunt. We didn't get home till almost 9:30 Wednesday night.

Yesterday, Thusday, was an early morning as DD had a dentist appointment at 9:30. A cleaning. It went well. The hygenist said that there are NO cavities and her teeth look fantastic. I hope that if DD hears it often enough she'll realize that it's a GOOD thing for me to check her teeth over every night (or every couple of nights, at least). Ran DD back out here to day-care, stopped by the house and watered the dog & my flower-beds, then headed back to town for work. Got off at 6, of course, and came home and made stew. (All I could find in the freezer was stew-meat and burger, and as warm as it was, I made stew for dinner last night.)

This morning I had a dentist appointment (also a cleaning) at 9 am. Wouldn't you know it, I must have been half-asleep when I reset my alarm clock last night because it didn't go off at 7:40 this morning, and actually read as 2:29 am instead. *sigh* Got up and used the bathroom and when I flushed the toilet overflowed as I was trying to plunge it. *BIG sigh* Threw a towel down on it to sop things up a bit, once I finished unplugging it, finished getting dressed, and woke up DD. Made her a PB&J sandwich & gave her a baggy of raisins for breakfast. Made her lunch sandwich and ran her over to the daycare before I could even head into town for MY appointment. And it's at least a half-hour trip each way to & from our dentist. I'm seriously considering finding a dentist closer to home, but it seems more trouble than it's worth. Anyway, my teeth don't look nearly as good as DD's (big suprise), and I got the usual chewing out from the hygenist. Then I got home, scrubbed the bathroom floor, tossed the towel & scrub-rags into the wash. Now I'm sitting here eatting some toast & a glass of milk for a bit. Soon I've gotta get back off, go water my plants, and get ready to head into town. I've still gotta swing back by the bank and pick up our check for the loan before I can head to work.

This afternoon, DH is going to be meeting with a guy from DOT about that street light that they're proposing planting in our front yard. Evidently it's not the city at all, but DOT, that plans to put these street-lights up and down our streets. And the guy from DOT insists that the survey-post they put in is IN the ease-way and they're well within their rights to do what they want with that part of our yard. I'm wondering why the freak we're paying taxes on this property if they (the government) can come in and do whatever-the-heck they want with it anyway. Anyway, DH is going to point out how much more sense it would be to put the light-pole on the property line between our place and our neighbour's place, and how it will be out of the way for vehicals (snow plows as well!) and how it won't pull our property values down if placed there, and how it won't keep us up nights with bright lights shining in our rooms. And hopefully DH is also going to call the bank and get them to write an official letter about how this will hurt our property values and mess up the loan we just took out with them. I'm still of the opinion that I'll sit in that very spot on the lawn all summer long, if needs be, to keep them from plowing up my yard for a street-light.

I'm GOING to sleep in tomorrow. And Sunday, and all next week. And next Saturday and Sunday too. DD's daycare is closed next week, so I took the week off except for 4 hours on Monday evening when I've got to go in.

Tomorrow we've got to go pick up the new mattress that we're buying off of one of my coworkers who's got a brand-new (3 years old, but still in it's box) mattress that she's going to give us for $75. Ours is over 15 years old, and is a hand-me-down at that. My coworker had planned to replace the mattresses in the rooms at her B&B, just before they decided to shut the B&B down instead. So she's had this mattress in the downstairs room for about 3 years now, still in it's box, never used. They were cleaning up a couple of weeks ago, and found it. She also had heard me griping about how we needed to find a new mattress for our bed, as ours is so old that it's starting to be painful to sleep on. (Springs poking us in the back!) Anyway, so we're going to pick up the mattress tomorrow. And DH is going to rototill out the walk-way and put in a better walkway of crushed white granite (over a layer of sand, over a layer of gravel). We're also hoping to pick up the materials for that back deck, so DH & FIL can build it NEXT weekend.


In other news.... Looks like our garden over at the inlaw's is about ready to be abandoned. DH said that although a good portion of the plants have come up, they're looking very stunted this year and are nowhere near producing. Any of them. *sigh* So FIL figures that if it's not growing anyway, he's not going to keep watering them. I can see his point, but I SO wanted zucchini and swiss chard this year.

On top of the fact that the garden isn't producing, though. SIL was home with her younger son one day (he's 3) and sent him outside to play and told him to go check out the garden. FIL got home and found that the nephew had gotten out and walked on a lot of the plants & broken some, and crushed others. *sigh* And SIL got pissed when confronted about how she allowed (encouraged, more like) the nephew to go play in the garden. She doesn't seem to think that it should make any difference where the nephew plays, and it's just a garden. *rolling eyes* Just when I'd stopped hating her and started feeling sorry for her instead, she pulls this.

I told DH that I don't figure I'll ever feed SIL from my table, and my food supply. If she has so little regard for the fact that FIL, DH, DD and I worked long & hard to put that garden in, so that we would hopefully have produce to help us get through the winter, that she's unmoved by the fact that she encouraged her child to get out there and do his best to ruin our garden & our food supply...... I told DH that if she's starving, I won't be feeding her. She can starve, and good riddance to her. I won't put my resources in front of somebody so self-centered & disrespectful of me & mine. If (when) TSHTF and she's in need of shelter & food, she won't get it from me. I'll take her sons in, because they're children and they're good kids who haven't yet learned to be as self-centered & disrespectful of all as SIL is. But the SIL will freeze & starve, for all I care. I'm sick & tired of her using & abusing me & mine, and expecting us to welcome her back with open arms when she periodically decides she needs to stop treating us so sh**tily. She only does it in order to get people (us, the family) to let her back in and start caring about her again, then as soon as she's got us back where she wants us, she starts acting the b**ch again, using and abusing till the cycle starts again. (I say us, meaning the family: FIL, DH and MIL. Though it's been a long time since I, personally, have been snowed by her. And really, MIL never actually decides to see what SIL is doing. MIL's completely blinded and thinks that SIL is faultless..... *sigh* For that matter, MIL doesn't see why FIL, DH and I are up in arms over the garden, because as the SIL said, it's "just a garden.")


Let's see.... I haven't heard anything back about either of the two jobs. One of my coworkers (the only other circ-page who applied for them) said she got a call from HR saying that she was the only who met the barest of requirements for the acquisitions position and that they were going to make the position open to the public. She was rather offended that they didn't just call her in for an interview and give her the job if nobody else from "in-house" was qualified. I reminded her that they need to give anybody who might be qualified an option, if there's only one from in-house who is qualified. And I told her that at least she GOT called. I didn't. I'm not heart-broken, but I am a bit bummed. I would have loved to be in a position to be purchasing books for the library's collection. But, as I thought, the fact that I didn't have any office experience ruled me out for that job. Anyway, I'm hoping I do hear back on the regional job. But, nothing yet.


Other than that, the last few days have been almost miserably hot. I know my mom & middle sis (and other folks in warmer climates, and esp. folks thinking of Greece) will think I'm just being whiny, but we've had a few weeks in a row now where the temps have been hitting well into the 80's. I know, that's not really terribly warm when you consider how hot Arizona can get, and how hot Greece has been. But, for us, it's hot. And though we've had days where the forcasters were predicting thunderstorms that would relieve some of the heat & humidity, those thunderstorms seem to go right on around us, not dropping the rain that we need.

Ok. I think that's about it for now.

Have a Blessed Day!


whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Damn woman! I hope you weren't kidding when you said that you were going to rest next week.

Your SIL sounds like a real piece of work.

Still wishing you well on the job front and if I could I'd send a cool breeze your way but I'm fresh out.

Bardouble29 said...

Girl....I am just gonna send you a BIG


Sorry you had a rough one!