Saturday, January 05, 2008

Wins & Losses, and Getting One's Priorities Straight....

So, we've been constantly busy, the last few days, with hockey. DD had 2 games on Thursday, first at 7 am up at the U. Then at 4:30 in the afternoon at the Dipper. The first game, she played "out" and they won 9-1. Second game, DD was goalie, and they lost 7-1. Yesterday (Friday) they had one game, DD played "out" and the final goal was 10-2, in OUR favor. DD had 2 goals and I believe an assist as well.

Today, so far, we've had 1 game, 1 win. This morning, 7 am at the Dipper, we won 5-3. This afternoon, at 2:30, we'll be back at the Dipper for another game. DD will be "out" in this game this afternoon. We're playing a team that hasn't won a single game yet, so either way we're going to the Championship game tomorrow. We'll be playing the Healy Coal Kings, and DD will be in the goal-net tomorrow as well. That's the team we lost to previously.

That was WAY too early a wake-up-call this morning. We were up at 5. After not getting to bed till about 11:30 last night. I also made a crap-load of cookies to take in for the team this morning. I only made 2 batches, but they're my Mom's big oatmeal cookies. I got 5-dozen and 4 palm-sized oatmeal-raisin cookies from those two batches. Only half of which have been eatten thus far. I'm taking them back to this afternoon's game, because I SURE don't want to bring them all home with me tonight!!!! *grin*


Dad'll be coming over for supper tonight. We're having Salmon & some pasta with roasted red pepper sauce that he's bringing over. Then DD & DH are going to the Ice Dog's game. I'll be staying home & catching up on my Stargate Atlantis episodes I've missed. That and some crocheting. *smile* Then to bed. We don't have an early morning tomorrow, but we've been getting up at no-later-than 6 am the past 3 days. So, tomorrow's a bit of a sleep-in. Though, not by enough, for me. I'll be up at 9 so that I can get stuff done before heading to work.
Unfortunately I'm going to miss DD's championship game tomorrow. Rather bummed about that.


DH came home last night after putting in a bit of overtime with the news that one of his bosses told him to get his priorities straight. The guy told him to stop focusing on DD's hockey and start picking up all this extra overtime they've got available, or S. maybe should look for a different job. Said DH needs to get his priorities in order, that Dd's hockey isn't as important as pulling all the extra overtime his boss wants him to take. *shaking head* Same guy who reamed out one of his son's for not going back to Iraq for a third tour of duty, after the son got back in 1 piece from both of his tours over there. And the Boss as much as said that his son is in one piece, so he should be over there serving till he comes back injured or worse. *shaking head* And THIS is the guy who thinks he needs to be giving MY husband priority advice?????

Never mind the fact that without hockey, DD hasn't likely got a SHOT at going to college. We don't have the $$ for college, and she's not likely to ever pull such great grades that she'll get an academic scholarship. Hockey (and soccer, though to a lesser degree) are what are most likely to pay her way through college. But, on top of that, the Boss keeps telling DH that working is more important than one's family commitments. That working is more important that time spent with one's kids. We're not saying DH never pulls over-time, but there's only so much time one can put in before a person needs a break. And if he IS working his 40 hours per week, and pulling in some over-time a couple of nights a week, and he needs a Saturday off to take our kid to do something fun (or, a hockey tournament) and there's somebody who's already said they can cover the overtime, MY hubby shouldn't be getting reamed for not dropping his daughter's hockey in favor of working the hours for the boss.

Just rediculous when a person doesn't seem to get that one should work to live, NOT live to work! Like the cliche goes "Nobody ever lays on their death bed regretting not working more hours." (Not, of course, unless they're a total dead-beat anyway. But that's not quite how that cliche came about. It's obviously in reference to workaholics who abandon their families in favor of their jobs.)

Anyway, just irks the hell out of me, this jerk trying to tell my hubby how to live is life and what the "proper" focus of life should be. No, it SHOULN'T be work! It should be one's family and the things one loves. Work is what one does to provide one with a way to do what one wants. If we're lucky, we love the work we do. But that shouldn't be the sole focus of one's life.


I think that about covers it for this weekend.

Have a Blessed Day!


whimsicalnbrainpan said...

What an asshat!

And what a busy weekend! I'm glad you were able to get some down time.

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

What an asshat!

And what a busy weekend! I'm glad you were able to get some down time.

barefoot gardener said...

You know, I just don't get how people can think like that! I think DH's priorities are in perfect order.

Connie Peterson said...

I had someone once tell me to get MY priorities straight - that happened to be my father, when I chose to go to a daughter's concert, rather than an "important" meeting of an organization that I belonged to only to please my folks. He didn't speak to me for six weeks!!

But the boss COULD fire your guy, couldn't he? Then, if so, his priorites will be right and he can find a job with BETTER bosses!!

Blessings and good luck on the game!

DirkStar said...

I agree with whim. What an ass-hat.

Robin said...

Ass-hat. Great word. Great definition of your husbands boss.

Tori_Z said...

Sounds to me it's your hubby's boss who needs to get his priorities straight, not your hubby. Family should come first. People should work to live, not live to work. Unfortunately too few people care about anything but success and the fame and money that comes with it nowadays. *sigh*