Sunday, August 17, 2008

My Next Interview....

So, I've got another one coming for that Lib. Assist. 3 position out at NPB Lib. this coming Friday. (Aug. 22, 9 am) Anyway, here's the line up:

I'm doing a farming theme. I bought a cow puppet yesterday to start my collection of appropriate accompanying animals for future story-times.

First book: Stink Soup by Jill Esbaum (Very funny!)
Second book: The Cow That Went Oink by Bernard Most (cute!)
Third book: Farmer Duck by Martin Waddell (funny AND cute!)

The first "song" will be "If I were a Farmer", sung to the tune of "Did you ever see a lassie?" (Will be "sung" between first and second books.)

Oh, if I were a farmer, a farmer, a farmer,
oh if I were a farmer, what would I do?

I would milk the cows each morning, each morning, each morning
I would milk the cows each morning, yes that's what I'd do!

(Repeat the "If I were a farmer" bit)

I would feed the baby chickens, feed the chickens, feed the chickens,
I would feed the baby chickens, and that's what I'd do!

(Repeat "Farmer" bit)

I would gather eggs for breakfast, eggs for breakfast, eggs for breakfast
I would gather eggs for breakfast, yes that's what I'd do!

(Farmer bit, again)

I would wave from my tractor, from my tractor, from my tractor
I would wave from my tractor and that's what I'd do!

(Song accompanied by appropriate motions to each subject.)

The second song (to be sung between second and third books) is "Old McDonald"

I assume everybody (or, most everybody) knows how "Old McDonald" is sung, so I won't go into detail, except to say that my "animal line-up" is going to be: duck, cow, pig, dog, and finishing up with horse. I wish I knew how to act out something with this song.

(Another cutesy song I came across is "Take me out to the barnyard" sung to the tune of "Take me out to the ballgame". But..... I wanted to do something I already knew a bit (Old McDonald). So I've got the one new song (If I were a farmer) and the one "old" song (old McDonald).

Anyway. Story time will be finished up with a craft project that includes a cow cut-out, colored and pasted around a toilet paper roll.

Other than the story time, I've got a good bit to do in preparation for this interview. (The storytime, this time, will be the easy part.) I have to research answers to a couple of the questions. I have to work up a business letter as a show & tell. I need to also work up a program flier as a show & tell. And I need to practice all of the above. Esp. the answers to the interview questions. I've interviewed for this position TWICE now, this will be the 3rd time. There is NO reason I shouldn't have some solid answers to these questions this time.

The two questions in particular are:

1) A high school student comes in for materials and books to back up a report on Capital Punishment. How would you help him?

2) You're the only Assistant working, it's evening, very busy. Suddenly you have 3 patrons at the desk at the same time needing help: a child looking for a book; a business man needing a business directory; and a high schooler needing help to make a copy of something. How would you handle this?

Lastly, there are 4 other folks interviewing for this position, to the best of my knowledge. I deduced this through the interviewer's words that she'd set up for interviews next Thursday and next Friday. Thursday is booked (3 slots), Friday's 9 am and 11 am were open. (Meaning the 10 am is booked on Friday.) That is at least 4 other people interviewing. My main advantage at this point is that I've got some heads-up on the questions they'll be asking me. Thus, the studying. *wry smile*

Ok, enough of that for now.


Second in the things to mention: Scott's truck WILL be fixed on Company dime. His boss gave him a hard time, tried to tell Scott that the Co's insurance wouldn't cover it because it's a vehical and only things that don't have another insurance policy covering them ARE covered. (Kinda like our neighbour has had to deal with, with the damage done to his truck thanks to the other lady and her lack of insurance.) Anyway, the bosses were ribbing Scott to see what kinda reaction they'd get out of him. They didn't get much of one, because as Scott said, he's used to getting screwed. *chuckle* They about died laughing when he told them that.

Anyway, they sent him over to the most expensive body & paint shop in town for an estimate. It came out at around $1800. The main boss faxed the estimate (when Scott came back to the shop with it) down to HQ in Utah, in hopes that Scott can get the truck in for work within the next week or two.

So, that's being taken care of! And he's even got alternate transportation as he's renewed the insurance on my old buick, so that he can drive it (when it's got fuel in it and he doesn't have any hauling to do) at least part of the time.


Next: the gardening.

I've got a couple of tomatoes on each of my plants here at home, but they're still really, really green. As are the tomatoes over at the inlaws. (There, but still green, that is.) I don't think we're going to get any more cucumbers off our plants. The nights have been dropping down into below freezing territory, killing the cucumber plants a little more each day. So, those 9 pints of cucumber pickles we've done may well be it for this year.

I've gotten 2 small zucchini off my plants here at home, so far. They both had to be picked small because they developed blossom-end rot. One of them gave me a good one-person portion of zucchini sticks to take to work for lunch. The other was literally just one bite that wasn't bad. I've got another that's a really good size, but I keep hoping it'll get bigger. I want to dehyrdate it. I've also got another 4 that have just bloomed and been pollinated. I hope I get something out of them!

I need to get out and pick more turnips today. I don't think I'll pick quite ALL of them, but I noticed yesterday that I've got several more that are getting enormous. More pictures to be taken, hopefully. Also going to dehydrate those turnips and blanch the greens.

I still haven't done anything with my rhubarb plants this year. I've had a lot of rhubarb to pick, but haven't actually done anything about it. *sigh* REALLY must do that! Also thinking of dehydrating the rhubarb, rather than freezing more baggies of it. Dehydrated takes up considerably less room, and since it all kinda cooks down anyway, might as well do that!

I have been getting some strawberries off my plants. Not very big, but yummy!!! They are about the best tasting strawberries I've ever had. But, they've been so water-logged that they're almost mush. *wry smile* Oh well. They still taste fantastic!

My Sunset Runner Beans are finally blooming! But, I don't know that I'll actually get beans off of them at this point. It looks like it may be too late in the season, seeing how quickly our nights are getting so cold.

That's it for gardening, for now.


On another "front" we've had some funky weather this past week. Thunder storms all week since Wednesday. It thundered a good bit yesterday, but didn't actually rain. Today it looks like we may get the thunder and the rain again. This is the kind of weather we should have been getting in July. And July's steady down-pour of rain and accompanying chilly air temps are what we should be getting THIS month. Like the month's weather-patterns flip-flopped. Wierd! Oh well. At least the warm-ish days are giving my plants a last chance to produce something edible for me!

And the thunder & lightning has been kick-butt fun to watch & listen to.


I did something I probably shouldn't have, yesterday. I've gotten hooked on a series of raunchy vamp-romance novels (found the first book in the series in the book exchange bin at work). Well, I've looked all over town at all the different book stores (all 3 of them!) and the grocery stores, and nobody had the next 3 books in the series (only 4 published so far, a 5th due out in Dec.). So, to heck with it. I went ahead and ordered the next 3 from Amazon, yesterday. *smile* What can I say, I need something raunchy and somewhat pointless to take my mind off the stresses in my life.

I just keep thinking that I shouldn't have ordered any books at all, or at least should have ordered something constructive and informative instead of just romance novels.


Anyway..... I think that pretty well covers it today.

Oh, Scott JUST called and said they're home without ANY caribou (as of yesterday, they hadn't seen any sign of caribou, though don't know about this morning). Evidently I've gotta get over there now and get the cabbage pulled, as some of the bigger ones are starting to split, therefore needing picking and processing NOW. Also, the couple of cucumbers left on the plants over there need to be picked and pickled, as the plants are dead there as well. *sigh* I guess I won't get to my turnips today after all. Ok.

Have a Blessed Day!


barefoot gardener said...

A raunchy vampire romance series? I'm in! Title? Author? Help?!!

Sounds like your garden did pretty good this year! I just can't get over how much shorter your growing season is up there...I suppose that is how folks down south think about "poor me" here in MN, huh?

Good luck with the job interview!

Slip said...

It sure has been a strange year in the gardens here. Tomatoes and peppers, great plants not a lot of fruit. Cukes, a quick harvest then the vines died.Potatoes glorious, as most root crops. Brocholli smallish heads. Cauli looks good. Summer type squashes, small crop, and a lot of culls. Winter style squash bumper crop coming. Garlic best ever, onions same thing.

Pop over and check out my week end.

Tori_z said...

Good luck for the interview... Sounds like a fun line-up. :)

I'm glad the company is agreeing to pay to fix Scott's truck without making too much fuss about it.

Even if your plants don't produce much this year, at least you've had some practice ready for next year. :)

And... As for your books... Sometimes you do deserve to treat yourself you know!

Segwyne said...

When I lived in another town and went to Story Time there with my littles, the librarian used little finger puppets on each finger for the animals as we sang Old MacDonald. Just a thought.

Your garden sounds great. I got a late start on mine and have gotten three pea pods and some lettuce harvested. I have lots of green tomatoes on my two plants, three of which are finally starting to ripen, and I have three cucumbers that need to be picked and pickled.

Good luck on your interview.

Sian said...

Is the vamp novel series Kresley Cole and the Immortals after Dark? If so, you are in for a real treat. I love those books.
If its not, tell us the author and spread a little fun around :o)

Good luck with the interview!

Robin said...

With all you've got going on in your life, I think you deserve some raunchy romance novels.